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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Not Again


We are sick again. I am not pleased. Butterfly came down with a runny nose a few days ago. She is cranky, not sleeping well, and not her pleasant happy self. I don't mind working with her when she is sick. It's just part of being the mom.

What makes me annoyed is that now I am sick as well. And with the pending birth of the "brudders", I am feeling cranky myself. I don't sleep well anyway because I'm up several times for bathroom trips or just to roll over. But now, I can't even go to sleep because I am so congested. Juice has slipped through so far. That is a big blessing for us because I can't imagine all of us being sick and me being on bed rest and having him be ill as well.

I can pinpoint when we got the cold, and who from. And I'm slightly annoyed at the mom who brought her kid over with an obvious cold (and fever!) and gave us this crud. I'm hoping it's quick and runs through in about 7 days. I just can't imagine feeling like this and having to push 2 babies out.

I am feeling all fuzzy and I better stop now. Let's hope this gets better fast.



  1. Oh you poor thing. If I lived closer I would come over and help, but that is obviously not the case. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. So,let me get this right....Someone knowingly brought their child with a fever to see someone on bedrest???? I'd be more than annoyed. And everyone would know it. Hope you and Butterfly feel better soon!

  3. *hugs and comforts*
    I'm sorry, hun - I was really hoping she just had allergies.

    If they take you off bedrest this week, a bit of exercise (read walking) should help you sleep better and shave a day off your cold.

    Please remind your twins that April 17th is our wedding anniversary :p

    hope you feel better soon

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  5. Yes, sick again. Argh! I am super annoyed that we seem to be getting it, too. We had tons of fun with Butterfly today--I hope she enjoyed the outing! And it has been way too long since we just sat and chatted. That was fun for me!

  6. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I hope you feel better soon! Spring colds are the worst...sometimes they just feel worse than winter colds. Hugs.

  7. just to let it be known ... it wasn't us (for anyone who read comments on your last blog!) since I never got in touch with you and didn't make it over to your house the other day to drop off Vanessa's gift. (Did you get my message?) I know now why I didn't hear back. I was thinking that you might have gone in to deliver the twins already. But this news is worse. Being sick while prego is the pits, add to that tending to a sick child while on bedrest ... you get mother-of-the-year award after you survive all of this!!!

  8. Awwwww!! That is just awful! Let's just hope it is just a small cold and will be gone quickly!

  9. I think its going around again. I think im getting something too. DANG! Im extra sorry for you though. SIck and Pregnant are NOT fun!! To top it off there is NOTHING you can take that actually WORKS either! Plus you have a crabby butterfly! Yikes! Hang in there! You are my idol!

  10. Michelle- Thanks! I wish we lived a little closer too.

    Kelly- I hope we feel better soon too!

    Splats- Do you not want the twins to be born on your anniversary or you do? I hear from Juice you share a day with M...and I share a day with my aunt and uncle. Could be fun!

    Laura- Thank you SO MUCH for the outing with Butterfly. She had a great time and I hope she was good for you. And yes, it's been too long since just you and I sat and chatted. I can't wait to get back into our weekly scrapbooking time!

    Karen- They really are worse than winter colds!

    Jen- I really do intend to call you back soon. Things have just gotten crazy at our house lately. Hope you and your girls aren't sick again!

    Jill- I hate being sick. *sniff* :)

    Lis- Wow, I'm an idol...I feel so...shiny. ;) Hope you feel better soon and I have the YW manual for you.


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