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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Congrats to Domestic Diva on winning the $45 gift card!  She wants to buy this blanket.  Hope you stay warm and cozy in that!  Email me at safirecat@gmail.com in 48 hours or I will pick a new winner. 


Friday, February 04, 2011

$45 CSN Store Giveaway


Who wants $45 to buy WHATEVER you want?  I know I do!  But I thought you probably would buy something more fun than me (we're out of diapers, again...sigh) so here is $45 to spend on something fun from CSN Stores!

What are CSN Stores?  It's only the place where you can buy everything under the sun.  From adjustable bar stools, to filing cabinets (which we got over the Christmas break) to even flea and tick medication for your dog.  Seriously, they have everything!  Shipping is fast and check out is easy.  Although picking something to get is not!

Giveaway Rules:

This is an easy one.  Just follow this blog.  (You'll see the little widget on the side...click to join those lovely people and enter this giveaway.)

Then come on back and comment to tell me you entered.  You can even tell me what you want to buy with the $45 gift card*.  Easy as pie.

Giveaway will end one week from today, on Friday Feb 11, 2011 at 10pm EST.  (Sorry west-coasters...this girl has got to sleep and I think I've given you plenty of time to enter!)

Good luck and I can't wait to see what you get!

*Giveaway doesn't include shipping costs.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

I hate going out shopping at the store during the holiday season.  It seems that everyone is in a hurry and is not very friendly.  I love to spend my time shopping online instead.

And what am I shopping for?  Well, I won't tell you what I got the kids since they might read this (hahahaha!) but I will tell you what Juice's Christmas is going to be like.  Because frankly, he knows what he's getting.  In fact, he is using one of his presents right now.  What is it you ask?

He wants nice luggage sets for all of his travels.

And what does Juice want in his luggage?  It has to be a carry on size.  It has to have wheels.  And the pull handle has to be tall enough that he can take a full stride without clipping his heel.  It has to have a pocket on the outside to hold his paperwork, and a quick access to his liquids.  He wanted it big enough to fit a week's worth of clothes, and be able to bring home his paraphernalia from conferences.

Not a big request, right?  Right!  And since we got it in September, he's been making good use of his new suitcase.

If you've got someone who is hard to buy for this holiday season, I suggest some luggage!  Always useful.  Just keep in mind Juice's requirements and you too can have a good holiday present.


Monday, October 25, 2010

$45 Giveaway


We got our extra set of kitchen chairs from CSN stores this summer.  They are great.

What would you be looking for?  I am still browsing those dining sets and dreaming of the day when we can get a great one.

Want 45 dollars to buy something fun at CSN stores? Here's your chance! Leave me a comment telling me what you would buy with the 45 dollars if you win.

Giveaway runs until 10pm EST on Halloween! Comment as many times as you would like.
Happy Commenting!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's My Party

Today we went here:
Baltimore from the Water
(Baltimore for those who don't know.)
And rode this:
Seadog Cruise in Baltimore
And we saw this:
Butterfly by fish tank
All because of my birthday!
Presents are a part of a birthday celebration so I thought I'd invite all of you to join the party!  You have a chance to win a $45 gift card from CSN Stores.  They have EVERYTHING.  You can get modern bedding, kitchen chairs (like we did a few weeks ago) or even luggage.  You would have a whole $45 to spend on whatever!
Just leave a comment on here telling me what you would like to get.  (It might also be polite to wish me a happy birthday, seeing as how it IS my birthday today.)
As a bonus entry, you can go vote for my picture at Parenting By Dummies.  I'm a finalist!  Just come back after you vote and comment to let me know how much you love my picture.  Oh, be sure to say that you voted too!
Contest ends one week from today, September 20th.  I will announce the winner on the 21st.  And you can come back and comment (and vote!) once a day until next Monday.
Happy Commenting!
PS- You might come back tomorrow for ANOTHER present.  And the next day for another.  Because I want to give away 3 presents for each decade.  :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breakfast Nooks


We have a weirdly shaped kitchen.  When you walk into the kitchen from our dining room, it's almost like you're walking through a small hallway and then, bam!  The kitchen opens up to the left of you.  On the right, it's filled with things like a refrigerator, a stove and cabinets.  To the front, more cabinets and a sink.  Plus a nice window.  And beyond that, our washer and dryer.  But to your left?  Nothing.  Just a wall.  And a corner.  And a non working phone jack that we hide with the calendars my mom makes us every year.  (LOVE those things.)

Currently in that space is our garbage cans.  But I've often thought of doing something different with that space.  Either putting more cabinets in there or one of these:

Doesn't it look so cute? Now all I need is a really nice sunny window there in my own house (har har har) and it will look stunning. And when I put that in there, I'm going to take apart my dining room and make it into a play room. And while I'm at it, let's put in a new beautiful floor.  One that doesn't have nails sticking up.  And maybe paint the house fun colors.  Sigh...there just seems to be not enough space in this house, or money in my pockets all of a sudden!


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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dining Room Woes

We bought our current dining room table at a garage sale in Utah. Actually, I think my grandma bought it for us as a wedding present. It was $80 and we had to bargain for the fourth chair. When we were first married, it was a lot of table! We used it partly as a shelf and partly as a dining area.

It did not survive the move across the country well. But Juice had a bunch of free time on his hands. So with a little wood glue and some clamps and screws, it was a good table again. Butterfly joined us at the table when she was around 2 years old and didn't want to sit in her high chair any more. She's painted, colored, craft-ed, on that table. So have I!

People would come to visit us and we would always have to pull out our camp chairs to fit everyone around the table. No big deal since then the visitors would leave and we would put away the chairs.

Now that Flower is here for the summer, our table chair situation has become dire. We have 4 chairs.

And four big people that need to use the chairs. And 2 two year olds that WANT to use the chairs.

 Even without Flower this would be a problem.

So we need new chairs! Juice even agreed we need more chairs! I'd like them to match (close approximation) to the ones we have. Honestly what I'd really love is a new dining room set. I have been saving money for one that I intend to buy at the Amish Market before we leave the area for good (no, we are NOT moving right now). I'd like something like this or like this.

But wait! I just found this one which would be ideal. Why? Because the chairs I have already match this one and then I would have extra chairs!

What's one thing that these dining room sets all have in common?  They all have benches. Juice's parents have a big table with benches on either side and I love it. You can cram a bunch of people on the benches and not have to worry about getting extra chairs.

But until I have the money for that, I'll make do with 2 new chairs.


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