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Monday, July 28, 2008

Ward Party


Each year our bishop has a huge ward party at his kid camp. We swim, we eat, we talk, and the men play stick ball. We all look forward to it every year. This year we had another great time. We got there really early (because I thought it started an hour before it really did...otherwise we would have been an hour late) and Juice and Butterfly swam while I sat with the boys and talked to the ward ladies.

Butterfly came dragging Juice about an hour later and said she was done playing with Daddy, she wanted to play with Mommy. So I went to the pool and sat and chatted with more friends while Butterfly splashed with best friend Vinny. She wanted to play in the big pool so I convinced her to slide down the big slide with me. (My camera battery was dead or I would have a picture...these pictures are from my friend Laura.) So we climbed up 3 layers of webbing and got to the top. I sat her on my lap, told her to be prepared to go under the water and take a big breath and hold it. And down we went! As we hit the water I heard her say, "Ohhh!" as all the air she was holding rushed out. Down in the water we went and she starts to flail. I got her out of the water before I got my head out and she's trying so hard to get to the edge of the pool. She climbed out as fast as she could and I asked if she wanted to do it again. "No!" We played in the kiddie pool the rest of the time.

I think I ate probably 5 hot dogs. The boys were a hit (as always) and Butterfly played some more in the pool with Daddy after dinner. Then the men played stick ball (in which Juice was a goalie and totally blocked the bishop which was the talk of church on Sunday) and Butterfly played in the playground. I sat and fed/held the boys and talked some more. I talked a lot at this thing and it was so much fun!

We are looking forward to next year's party!



  1. Sounds like lots of fun!! Swimming with 3 kids! Wow- you really are super parents.

  2. Anonymous1:19 PM

    what a great pic of the five of you! The story about Butterfly is funny, it'll be interesting to see when she'll be willing to go on a water slide again. :)

  3. Yah thats a funny slide story! Im sad I wasnt there to see it! I showed up an hour late and Lexi cried the ENTIRE time (as you know) but it was fun!!!!! YEY for NEXT YEAR!!!

  4. It's one of those things I look forward to every year. :)

  5. Oh man, I'm sad I missed this one!! Why do all the fun things have to happen in the summer?!?! Hopefully we'll be around next summer so that we can go. Looks like you guys had a great time! That is such a cute picture of your little family! You look awesome!!

  6. Oh my goodness! How long has it been?? TOO LONG! You have twin boys that is so exciting! I am going to take some time tonight and read up on your blog! I am excited to find you!

  7. you go girl! you are sporting a bathing suit mere months after the twins have been born. you remind me of the Hollywood starlets who shed massive amounts of weight within weeks of delivering their babies. You Go Girl!


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