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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Almost here!


Sunday is my birthday! I'm excited about it. Not because I have any presents to open this year (fixing the computer was my present, yay working lapple) but because I get to go out to eat. We rarely go out to eat. And even then, even more rarely as a family. We go out on birthdays and I order a lot of food in while Juice is traveling. Other than that, we don't typically eat out.

Since my birthday is on a Sunday this year (and we don't buy anything on Sundays) we're going out on Saturday. (Reminder! The twin sale is this Saturday!) That really works out for me and the twin sale because I imagine I'm going to be pretty tired and not want to cook anything that night.

Here's my dilemma though. I can't decide where to go! So I need your input please!

Chinese food: always a favorite. The kids eat this well and we buy a ton and eat it for several days after. I even take the left over rice and all those little packets of soy sauce and make fried rice.

Mexican food: This place has amazing guacamole. I always end up eating too much here because it is just so good. Bonus, you can order on the internet and go pick it up. Then you skip the horribly long line. (Last time I was there someone had brought their DOG in with them! Ugh!)

Burgers: I know you can basically get burgers at every corner if you want but these burgers are awesome. You can customize them to eat what you want. I always get a chicken sandwich. But the thing I love love love the most is their fries and onion rings. I could eat an entire serving of these things and be happy. You can also order these on the internet and they have about 50 flavors of shakes to get too.

Notice, all these options are for picking up and eating at home. We are getting to the point where going out with all 3 kids is horrible. Someone always wants to walk around the restaurant and Butterfly complains when we don't color with her. She is great at restaurants. I think because we took her so often. The boys are not going to be as great. I'm okay with that.

What would you do?



  1. Happy early birthday!! The last few times I've ordered something other than pizza to eat at home, I've been disappointed because it's been soggy, or wilted or something. I would get the chinese or mexican because they do better as take out, and save the burger and fries/onion rings for when you and Juice get a chance to go out alone! They always taste better right away.

  2. I would go for Mexican food. Chinese second. Happy upcoming Birthday!

  3. Go Mexican! It sounds super yummy (I have other e-friends who talk about that place) and once you fill up you can save the rest for Sunday lunch.


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