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Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy 29th!


Today is Juice's 29th birthday. Butterfly and I got him a tool box, his very first. He got it a few weeks ago when I was still able to go to the store and I drug him there to pick it out. Poor guy didn't get to open any presents today, but got a card from my parents with a download for his favorite game. Still, I think he had a good day.

This morning, Juice was working from home for a bit and Butterfly woke up. I went in and quietly reminded her it was Daddy's birthday, and she went staggering out of her room. When she saw him on the computer, she grabbed his hand and said, "Come!" She lead him downstairs, into the kitchen and reached up to the freezer door. (Yes, she can reach the handle!) Juice opened the freezer, and she pointed at the ice cream cake we have in there for him and she said, "Daddy, it's your birthday!" And in a 2 year old's mind, birthday = cake.

They had cake after dinner. I watched. And took pictures. And drank water. I did have one tiny little bite and boy did it taste good! Juice told me after his big piece that it was good and I should have some when I can. Sigh...I miss ice cream.

Happy Birthday Darling! We love you!



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