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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Visit, 32 weeks


This morning was my weekly visit with Dr. SA. First off is always my fetal fibronectin test and cervix check. If you remember from last week, my cervix was very very short and they put me on 'restricted activity' to help keep these guys in at least a few more weeks. This week, my cervix is long again (typically doesn't happen but it did this time...lots of prayers, thanks everyone!) at 2.9 or so. I am still on 'restricted activity' though so that this blessing will continue.

Once we are done with that, on to the fun part...the babies! Baby A: he is still head down and totally engaged in my pelvis. The tech said that he is not going anywhere now unless it's out! He still has his heart PACs every 8th beat or so. He is now facing my back and is in the right position for delivery (although he can still turn around and we still have a few more weeks). He is practicing his breathing a lot, and moving great.

Baby B: He is one active baby. He is just fine, looking great. No issues with him. We were able to get a few shots of his face, mostly just him laying on his side with his arm up around his head. So cute! I don't know what it is about my kids and having their hands up near their faces but Butterfly did and so does he. He is also practicing his breathing. Every time the tech would get the wand near his head, he would push back out. Boy is that uncomfortable! She said she can feel him push back and then my stomach contract a little. So not fun for me. But he is very aware of the wand and spends most of the time punching/pushing at it and trying to get at it when we are on his brother. Busy guy!

All in all, a really good report. Nothing terribly new from last time. They will scan for growth next week, and it will be my last fFN test. Apparently after 34 weeks, they don't really care if you are going to go into preterm labor or not. Huh, guess at that point it's not really preterm labor is it? Wow, crazy.

My parents are due to come stay with us in less than a month. Which (I hope) means I'm going to have these guys in about a month. Tomorrow I have my regular OB appointment and we'll talk more about birth at that time. I just can't believe it's getting this close and I've made it this far!



  1. grats on a great appointment :) We're sooooo excited for you.

  2. Yay for the positive appt! Glad everything is looking good. Wow! I can't believe you're so close!! BTW--missed you last night. Hope you got some good much-needed sleep.

  3. !! I love reading good news!

  4. yay! I hope those boys cooperate when it's time.

  5. Splats- have you had any doctor visits lately?

    Laura- I missed you guys at book club! Sorry I didn't come. I apparently slept through it, even though I did lay down just so I could have gone. Was it good?

    Jill and Julia- thanks! I hope so too!


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