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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utah Day 27- No More Fruit Punch For You


Around 4am this morning, I woke up a little freaked out because neither boy had woken me up.  Wow.  I made sure they were both still living, and tried to get back to sleep.  Once I was right on the cusp of sleep, Butterfly woke up screaming.  She had a bad dream that Grandpa was going to eat all of her/my strawberry shortcake dolls.  Great.  (Like a good sick person I made Juice go see what was wrong.  Or maybe like a good lazy person.  Who knows.)

About 10 minutes later I hear her coughing and then she started screaming for Juice.  He lept up again (he is such a good daddy) and I hear him say, "Oh Baby Girl!"  Uh oh.  I knew instantly what had happened.  She caught my sickness.  And there was puke everywhere.  The sad thing was that she had had fruit punch for dinner and so this puke was red.  All over herself, her bed sheets, and the carpet.  Eww...

I sat with her by the toliet as she continued to empty her stomach and Juice gathered up all the sheets and got out the spot cleaner for the carpet.  By this time the boys are up and screaming.  I quickly put them in the same bassinet (hello play time) and cleaned Butterfly off.  Juice is still messing with the carpet.  Nothing is happening.  Hmm...  I suggest we pull out the carpet cleaner my parents have.  So we find it and can't figure out how to get it going.  Or where the soap is.  By this time Butterfly is jumping up and down on her bed absolutly loving having both of us paying attention to just her.

By now, the carpet cleaner is in pieces and Juice sends me in to wake up my dad to figure the stupid thing out.  He wakes up, helps us out, and we get the red out with some up and out and a bunch of passes with the carpet cleaner.  At least it came out!  I take Butterfly downstairs for some ginger ale and she throws up several more times into a bowl.  Ugh...I hate to throw up.  But she says it's like coughing.  "Only your tummy comes up instead of your lung!"  Funny girl.

By now the boys had had enough and so I had to go feed them back to sleep.  Butterfly finishes her drink and Juice puts her back to bed.  He climbs into bed and is out instantly.  I am up with the boys for another half hour or so getting them into bed and feeling totally ill myself.  6:30am rolls around and I finally fall back asleep.

She woke up at around 9 pretty happy.  I slept another half hour or so with Professor and then decided I needed to get up.  My mom had taken the day off of work to spend some time with just me.  So we went clothes shopping.  I was feeling better.  Not so woosy and crampy.  Mink and Spider joined us because this is one of the few days I have left here.  I left Butterfly at home watching movies (I think she watched 3 and a half today) and the boys came with me.  I got a great new dress and some Christmas orniments for the kids.  We were home an hour later than we expected, but we had a really nice time.

After feeding both of the boys (who were hungry hungry and cross today...I don't think days of being ill and not keeping anything down helped my milk supply), Mink and I were able to go have a girly lunch at our favorite little resturant.  I had half a veggie sandwich and some french onion soup.  I don't normally eat soup but it was very soothing on my stomach.  Mink and I talked up a storm and just enjoyed being together.  I am sad to leave her.

I came home ready for a nap and the boys were very tired.  But both wanted to be held/nursed and I just couldn't do it.  Pirate kept making faces every time he was jostled and unlatched and Professor screamed and wiggled and kicked and made a ruckuus.  I gave up and brought them down to grandparents who were happy to hold them.

Butterfly took a very long nap and woke up moments before I was going to get her up to go out for my birthday dinner with my family.  That's right, my birthday is tomorrow.  I'll be 28.  So tonight we went to a Thai resturant and really enjoyed ourselves.  But by the end the boys were done and screamed all the way home.  I was able to get them both nursing with about 10 pillows and Juice's help.

We started packing after they were done but I got hungry (yay a good sign!) and went down for food.  I then got sucked into a movie with my mom, and now it's very late.  I hope I can sleep a little better tonight.

Tomorrow is our last day here!



  1. Poor B!! And poor parents having to clean up vomit in the middle of the night. I've been there! Happy birthday tomorrow!!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. It suck to be sick while on vacation. Have a fun bday(i'm horrible remembering that kind of thing) and a safe trip back. It's a ton of fun reading about your vacation. Hope Butterfly recovers fully for the plan ride home.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! WOW! What a morning you had!! Isn't it funny how kids can jump up and down on the bed between throwing up!! It made my stomach churn just thinking about it! Glad to hear you're feeling better and hope you had a wonderful birthday- isn't it today- the 13th!!?!? Oh, and happy flying tomorrow! See you soon!

  4. I'm so sorry you've been sick for so many days here, and that's really awful that your daughter caught it! Come visit us next time you're out, and hopefully you won't be sick next time!

    And happy birthday!

  5. Happy happy birthday! Sorry it was overshadowed by a Fruit Punch Incident. I hope you all get to feel better on your way home. Glad I was able to see you while you were here. :)


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