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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 Year Old Check Up


Today was the boys 2 year old check up. They were so cute in the exam room waiting for the doctor. They were having hoping races across the room. This is a favorite game of theirs that they figured out on their own together. It's cute.

Pirate's stats: 27.7 lbs (50th %), 36 3/4th inches tall (110%), and 19 1/2 inch head. He shot up big time from last visit. They measured him twice because he is just so big. Long and skinny that one! He's meeting all of his milestones great, except for his speech. What he says:
sisser (sister)

He doesn't say any words together. He's not mimicking any noises that we make. He does a lot of pointing and grunting and a lot of sign language. So. They are sending me back to the county speech place to get re-evaluated. He is also borderline anemic so they need to test his blood at the lab and see if he needs some kind of medication. The doctor said that he probably just needs a daily vitamin with iron in it and he should be fine. His scar from his surgery is healing nicely, and he's one happy healthy little guy. He did not see the inside of that office from his 18 month check to his 2 year check. Awesome!

Professor's stats: 22.2 lbs (off the bottom of the charts), 34 3/4 inches (50%) tall, 19 1/2 inches head. (This is the last time they measure their heads!) Obviously his weight is an issue. He is tiny. It's hard because I give him and Pirate the same foods but Professor will. not. eat. And it's not like I can shove it down his throat (although I've wanted to several times). The doctor said it looks like he is not getting enough calories. So. That means I have to start giving him whole fat everything. Milk, cream, butter, oil, etc. I'm supposed to add MORE of everything whole fat to his regular diet. I mentally shook my head a little when she told me that because I can put food down in front of him. It doesn't mean that he will actually put any in his mouth. And then, it's a guess as to whether or not he will actually swallow. What a pain he is about food. Still, I guess I've got some research ahead of me to figure out some high calorie things for him to eat. And then there's the problem of keeping it away from the others!

He is anemic so we are off to the lab for some serious blood work. I think I have 5 tests they are going to run on him; thyroid, liver function, hemoglobin, and a few more I can't remember. They want to make sure that it really is just a caloric issue and not a body issue. Either way, it's stressing me out ever so slightly.

Everything else is spot on for him. He is our little parrot and says pretty much anything we say now. His cutest phrases are "Where Mommy go?" and "Mommy go away!" I wish I heard them more. He also yells "MINE!" with a vengeance and can be attached to my leg 80% of the day. Still, he's such a sunshine boy that I don't mind (a lot).

So other than the tests, more food, and more Early Intervention, the boys are good! We go back to see them in 6 months (a new change for us...I thought we were free for a year) and they should be great.

They are such cute boys and we all love them so!



  1. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Pictures, pictures, pictures.......

  2. I finally ended up with Pedia-sure. We had to feed it to George for over a year to get her from 3% on weight to nearly 30%. I tried all sorts of other options and she still wouldn't eat them for some odd reason it was a chew and swallow thing she just wouldn't do, but she would drink her "milk" all day long. She would still rather drink than eat. Good luck! I hope you get everything figured out. See you in a month!!

  3. Wow. No wonder I have back problems! Ours were like 35 lbs at their 2 year check up. They are seriously so dense it's hard to pick them up. I feel bad - I've never had bad eaters and my friends who have fed my kids are like - you seriously don't know how nice it is not to stress out about if your kid is getting enough food! Although the older they get the less interest they have in sitting to eat at mealtime. It's a big struggle now - they just keep getting out of their chairs, and playing around. My husband has started putting them in time out if they don't eat. I don't think it's necessarily a good practice, but they're sad to be missing out on everything so it works and they come back and eat. I have no good suggestions on how to get a kid to eat! Does he like dip? My kids will eat anything with ranch dressing or some ketchup.


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