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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Question of the Week: Intuition


This week's question of the week at Multiples and More is about intuition.

Do you believe in Mother's/Father's intuition? Give some examples.

I think that what people call intuition is what I call promptings of the Spirit. I think that there is something inside us all that tell us things if we listen hard enough.

That being said, I don't think I listen as hard as I could. But sometimes I get the message. Like this past week with Pirate's surgery. Two weeks before, I had the thought that I really should write down when I saw his hydrocele and what it looked like. It was because of that piece of paper that his doctor went along with his surgery and found a hernia we didn't even know about.

I think sometimes intuition or the Spirit tells you things that you don't exactly want to hear either. When we moved here from Utah, it was a huge leap of faith for us. But it seemed like this was the right place for us to go. Things just fell into place for us to be here. And it fell into place for us to be in this house. But I told Juice that I only wanted this house to be temporary. My time line was to move someplace else when Butterfly turned 5. I didn't want her to go to the local school.

But we could never feel right about moving. I looked into some private schools. I looked into homeschooling. And then, school boundaries changed and we ended up in another school. I still only wanted this to be temporary. But for some reason we need to be here. I'm trying to trust that.


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  1. Too bad you didn't need to be in Vegas ;). Then again the school she's going to will be WAY better than anything we have here!


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