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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Winter Wonderland?

Hey Everyone,

Has anyone noticed that most Christmas songs revolove around some kind of snow or cold weather? The streets are always glistening, kids playing in the snow, snow men, sleigh rides (which you can't have without snow), coats, rosy faces and toasty fires?

Well, I noticed. And I'm noticing right now that's it's 60 degrees here and sunny. It feels like spring outside. It's December! Don't you think we should get some sort of cold weather? A nice frost even? Because we haven't gotten that yet this year. And let me just mention that I think it's weird that we live in an area where birds actually migrate here to spend the winter. It's so weird to see all these birds flying around all the time.

Because of this warm weather, I'm finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit. That could also be because I'm still puking my guts out with my pregnancy. But it's hard when I listen to Christmas music on my way home from work and have the air conditioning blowing. I miss those days of actually having to bundle up in a coat to go outside. I miss wearing sweaters in Decemeber (because I rarely wear them now...too hot!). I miss the snow. I miss knowing that with the snow comes Christmas and parties and lights blinking out from the snow. I miss the warm houses full of people and foyers filled with slushy shoes.

Maybe what I'm really missing is being home for Christmas. I miss being involved in all the parties. I miss getting together with all my family at Nana's house and seeing the kids play and talking to my aunts and uncles. I miss the card games that Juice's family has. I'm just missing Utah right now.

Only 18 more days till we come!

Love you all,
Safire and Juice