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Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy 29th!


Today is Juice's 29th birthday. Butterfly and I got him a tool box, his very first. He got it a few weeks ago when I was still able to go to the store and I drug him there to pick it out. Poor guy didn't get to open any presents today, but got a card from my parents with a download for his favorite game. Still, I think he had a good day.

This morning, Juice was working from home for a bit and Butterfly woke up. I went in and quietly reminded her it was Daddy's birthday, and she went staggering out of her room. When she saw him on the computer, she grabbed his hand and said, "Come!" She lead him downstairs, into the kitchen and reached up to the freezer door. (Yes, she can reach the handle!) Juice opened the freezer, and she pointed at the ice cream cake we have in there for him and she said, "Daddy, it's your birthday!" And in a 2 year old's mind, birthday = cake.

They had cake after dinner. I watched. And took pictures. And drank water. I did have one tiny little bite and boy did it taste good! Juice told me after his big piece that it was good and I should have some when I can. Sigh...I miss ice cream.

Happy Birthday Darling! We love you!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Professor's Whole Wheat Waffles


I know I promised this a long time ago. But now, here it is! I just made another big batch this morning (okay, Juice made them while I lounged on the couch and entertained Butterfly) and they make the house smell so good. Yum! I love these things. I think I am going to continue to make them for breakfasts after I have the twins. It's cheaper than cereal and probably better for us.

Professor's Whole Wheat Waffles

2 cups whole wheat flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
2 cups buttermilk
1/2 cup cooking oil

Mix together until batter is slightly runny (adding water or more buttermilk as necessary). Make with a waffle iron and enjoy!

Like I said before, these freeze excellently, double beautifully, and are tasty with syrup or jam or even peanut butter. I think one batch makes about 10-12 waffles on my small waffle iron. That is, if you don't spill a bunch out of the sides like I always seem to do. The batter will separate if you leave it in the fridge overnight but it's an easy fix with a fork or a whisk for a few minutes.

Oh, and please note that it uses BOTH baking soda and baking powder. And don't get them mixed up either...yucky. Also, if you find you don't have buttermilk, you can add one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to a cup of regular milk and let it sit for 10 minutes. If you don't have vinegar or lemon juice, a tablespoon of cream of tarter and a cup of milk will make it as well, although it won't be as tart. Regular milk does not do this recipe justice. It needs that buttermilk!



Friday, March 28, 2008

Doctor Visit, 33 weeks


Yesterday was my weekly doctor visit with Dr. SA. Again, there is good news and bad news. And it mostly revolves around my cervix. It has decided to cop out and is now at a 0.4. Which landed me in full time bed rest. At least for the next 2 and a half weeks. I'm allowed to get up for the following: bathroom trips, a 20 minute shower, breakfast and lunch for me and Butterfly and that's pretty much it. I suppose it's good that I'm at least allowed to get up for these things and I'm not totally restricted or in the hospital. I'm also not on any medication which is good. I haven't been having a ton of contractions (not that I noticed contractions with Butterfly either) but my back is very achy in the evening. Dr. SA said that is probably where the dilation of my cervix is coming from. We talked a little about the boys going to the NICU if they were born before 37 weeks, and he said, "if you want these guys to come home from the hospital with you, you better stay down." Okay then. Down I am. So...any ideas to keep myself busy from the couch?

Now onto the babies! Baby A: he is so head down. They could barely measure his head he is so far down in my pelvis. He is measuring about 4 lbs, 5 oz. He needs to grow a little more before he's born. He needs to get bigger, hopefully around 2 more pounds. He still has his heart issues of PAC but not as many as before. Maybe every 10th beat or so, instead of every 8th beat. He keeps getting the hiccoughs and practicing his breathing a lot so that is really good.

Baby B: Sometimes in twins, one gets more of the nutrients. In our case, Baby B is the winner. He is almost a pound heavier at about 5 lbs, 3 oz. Which immediately throws me back into the c-section party. They won't do a vaginal birth if the smaller one is first. Only because if Baby B decides to flip around, they won't be able to deliver him breech because Baby A wouldn't have stretched the area big enough for Baby B to pass through. Now, I suppose if he stays head down, things might be different. He is one active baby, but is just not practicing his breathing like he should be. So he needs to stay inside until he finishes developing.

All good reasons to stay parked here on the couch, or in my bed. One baby to grow bigger, and one baby to develop more.

Of course, I was reminded of the preterm labor signs. Dr. SA said if my back ache gets worse and I can't sleep or get away from it, to call. And I'm suppose to say, "I'm coming in." not "Should I come in or not?" Also, this delivery could happen any day. I need to pack my bag and get all set because we are officially on baby watch. Anything that you guys took to have your babies that you found you couldn't do without?


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa!


On Easter, my grandpa turned 8o years old. The Monday after, they had a huge party for him at a restaurant and everyone got to go. Everyone except me and Juice and Butterfly. And my cousin who is on a mission. All of my aunts and uncles and cousins got to go, along with some of my grandpa's siblings and cousin. Monday night I was thinking of them all night long and wishing I could be there. Granted, growing twins is a big job and since I'm about 30 days away (eek!), there's no way I could get on a plane. There's no way they would let me on a plane. Okay, I have to say that there is no way I would want to get on a plane. But I would have loved to have been there. My mom has sent me a few pictures but it's still not the same as enjoying it in person, you know?

However, my Nana is so thoughtful and sent us some money to go out to dinner that night so that we can celebrate the same night as everyone else. (She also sent money to my cousin on a mission so I hope he and his companion had a good dinner out too!) Since I'm no longer allowed out, we called take out at our favorite restaurant. Juice and Butterfly went to pick it up, and we enjoyed it. Juice got a pot pie, Butterfly shared his potato soup and my crispy strips, I got a salad and some kind of southwest egg roll thing that was very good. We sang happy birthday to Grandpa before we ate and chowed down. Yum!

The next day, the phone rang while Butterfly was taking her nap. She was still awake and I hear her pipe up "Hello Grandpa-Great! Happy Birthday! It's your birthday and we had soup!" So Grandpa-Great, you were thought of all the way out here. We hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Safire (and crew)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend


On Easter Eve, we decided we better use the egg dying kit we got last Easter at the White House Easter Egg Roll. But we started late (I am just so tired lately) and so we decided only to use one tablet. And then we had to cook 2 batches of eggs because the first batch we cooked in our awesome toaster and you have to poke holes in them in order to cook them. And once I did that, I didn't want to dye them. So we had to cook them the 'old fashioned' way of boiling water. Imagine that. Still, we had a great time and each dyed our own egg and ate them the next morning. This is a picture of Butterfly's egg.

Easter morning she was able to go through her easter basket. She had no idea she was getting one and was SO EXCITED to go through it. I got her some little people in plastic eggs, and gave her about 4 small eggs with 4 jelly beans in them each. The pictures are so funny because her mouth is so full of jelly beans that she can't even smile. But she enjoyed them and I got a little sad I can't eat them with her!

Her Easter dress I bought on ebay about 2 years ago with another thing the seller was selling. it's very cute, although really wrinkly. It fits her perfectly (lucky me!) and she loved prancing around with it on. She even got Juice to dance with her in our room so she could twirl and watch the skirt flare out. She looks so sweet in it, and not to mention grown up!

I pulled out my summer maternity dress too and remembered the last time I wore it. It was the Sunday before Butterfly was born. She was 2 days away from making her apperance. My cousin and his wife had come over to visit and we had dinner with them. I remember after they left, I had Juice take a picture of me in my dress to show my mom how much room I had left in it. Well, I put it on this time and wondered where all that extra room went! Here is me with my big belly. And also crazy long hair. I don't know what it is about my hair and pregnancy but it grows so fast and to great lengths. I am planning on getting it cut sometime soon. Hopefully I will be brave enough to cut of 10 inches for Locks of Love. I did that with Butterfly's pregnancy and I think it would be kind of a fun thing to do with every pregnancy. But right now, it's so long it's annoying. Hopefully I can get myself over to a good hair cutting place and have them chop it off this week. That way I won't have to deal with it long when the twins are born.

Our Easter was very low key this year. Notice big belly in the picture and figure out why. :) My mom sent us a bunch of new movies to watch and we were able to talk to my brother and sil and see their new baby Cappy on the web cam. (And bro, if you don't like the name, come up with one yourself on your own blog and update it!!)


Friday, March 21, 2008

OB Visit, 32 Weeks


There are weeks I feel like I am at the doctor's every single day. I have some really cute posts about Butterfly coming up, but for now, this week is devoted to her brothers. (Currently she is under our computer desk in her 'cave' eating an apple and talking to a stuffed cow. 2 years old is fun!)

So, both babies are still head down. No change from yesterday. Both heartbeats are doing well, although the OB could see the PAC's in Baby A's heart. He said that it's something he'll note in the chart to watch when we go into labor.

My blood pressure is good, although creeping up at 130/80. He said he'd be a little more worried if I wasn't at this pressure or around it because of all the fluid I have in my body now. I have not gained any weight in 2 weeks (gotta love the GD). My belly is measuring 37 weeks at 32, almost 33 weeks. So I am growing. He said he's not worried about the weight as long as the babies are still growing well. But if they are not growing well or have significantly dropped off, then we will look at my diet again and possibly put me on some medication that will allow me to eat a little more. But he did say my diet looks very healthy and he's not worried. The babies will take what they need. Dr. SA said at my last appointment "These babies will grow and grow and when they are born, you will be so skinny!" Haha...yeah right guys. Because chocolate and ice cream here I come once they come out! :)

Let's see. Next up was the birth talk. I had a bunch of questions about how this is going to go, since it's going to be so different than Butterfly's birth. I suppose each one is, but this is really different. He said because they are both head down and have stayed there for awhile, coupled with the fact that I've had one vaginal birth before, he'd strongly suggest a vaginal birth. This was before I brought up a c-section. He said there are a lot of doctors that just automatically opt for a c-section with twins but since I have 2 sacs and 2 placentas and previous stretching of Butterfly's birth, I am a good candidate for these guys coming vaginally. I asked him where I would be having these babies, OR or in the birthing rooms? He said that he'd rather do it in the birthing room as there is a little more room in there for everyone that is going to be present. (Him or associated doctor, 2 nurses, a pediatrician for each baby, and 2 nurses for each baby) He did say it's more of a doctor to doctor feeling, though and not every doctor in the practice likes to do that. So I still may end up in the OR, which is fine. I honestly don't care. I'm just trying to get a little picture of what's going to happen.

Then the big question...when?! He talked a lot about the fact that even though full term for twins is 36 weeks, the babies are often still premature. If I can, he would prefer me to go to late 37 or early 38 weeks. Even a week in the NICU can be hard on the babies. I told him I would rather have the babies in 37 weeks, just because I have help that week! Besides, I think I might cry if I have to have these babies in May. Butterfly was 10 days early. I would hate to think that these guys could go and be only 4 or 5 days early. I understand wanting to keep them in as long as possible for their health, etc. He did say we will weigh the risks of the babies against my risks, because as I go farther, my risks for high blood pressure and other problems go up.

I asked him when he would stop stopping labor should I go into it. He said that right now, he would try very hard to stop labor. At 35 weeks, he wouldn't try AS hard but he would still try. At 36 weeks, he would watch me and hydrate me and if things progressed, they would go forward. 37 weeks they would probably not stop me if I came in in labor. 38 weeks they will induce me before I get to 39 weeks. So he said I was free to start walking and going grocery shopping again in the 37th week. If I can.

He did request that I have an epidural. That way, if there is a problem with Baby B, things would be all in place to get the baby out as fast as possible. He also said it's very painful if he has to turn the baby around and I won't tense up if I have an epidural. Fine. All really solid reasons to get one. I didn't have one with Butterfly because she came SO fast, but I'm willing to do this when I get in. I'm hoping to go in dilated and just get the epidural right off before it gets too painful or they break my water.

Okay, so the birth of Baby A is pretty straight forward. Baby B's birth will be a little more complicated. He said that they will probably do an ultrasound after Baby A is born just to check and make sure that B is still head down. They will then guide his head down and either deliver him still in his sack (to prevent any cord problems) or will break his water if we are sure the cord is out of the way. He said it can take up to 20 minutes between babies, but they don't typically like to see that. If B flips over, they will try to turn him. If he resists or there are complications with his heart rate, they will just pull him out feet first. But only if they continue to stay close in weight. If Baby A drops off weight and Baby B is quite a bit bigger, they will do a c-section.

Whew, did you get all that? It's a lot of information, but I always like to have more information than not. Now, most of what we are talking about is best case scenarios and I'm well aware that things will go not as according to any sort of plan because that's just how birth goes sometimes. At least my doctor and I have some kind of plan, and I can go into this knowing a few options for me.

And because I am doing so well, I have a visit in 2 weeks instead of next week. But I still see Dr. SA next week, and after my 2 week OB visit, I go to every week. I'm still shocked that it is getting so close!

I am ready for it to be done. I am SO TIRED. I fell asleep the other afternoon and didn't wake up until 9:30pm, missing my book club! Sob! I am also starting to feel a little queasy in the mornings again which is not pleasant. I am starting to fantasize about rolling over without feeling like a crane has to hoist me over. And of course, I can't wait to eat whatever!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Visit, 32 weeks


This morning was my weekly visit with Dr. SA. First off is always my fetal fibronectin test and cervix check. If you remember from last week, my cervix was very very short and they put me on 'restricted activity' to help keep these guys in at least a few more weeks. This week, my cervix is long again (typically doesn't happen but it did this time...lots of prayers, thanks everyone!) at 2.9 or so. I am still on 'restricted activity' though so that this blessing will continue.

Once we are done with that, on to the fun part...the babies! Baby A: he is still head down and totally engaged in my pelvis. The tech said that he is not going anywhere now unless it's out! He still has his heart PACs every 8th beat or so. He is now facing my back and is in the right position for delivery (although he can still turn around and we still have a few more weeks). He is practicing his breathing a lot, and moving great.

Baby B: He is one active baby. He is just fine, looking great. No issues with him. We were able to get a few shots of his face, mostly just him laying on his side with his arm up around his head. So cute! I don't know what it is about my kids and having their hands up near their faces but Butterfly did and so does he. He is also practicing his breathing. Every time the tech would get the wand near his head, he would push back out. Boy is that uncomfortable! She said she can feel him push back and then my stomach contract a little. So not fun for me. But he is very aware of the wand and spends most of the time punching/pushing at it and trying to get at it when we are on his brother. Busy guy!

All in all, a really good report. Nothing terribly new from last time. They will scan for growth next week, and it will be my last fFN test. Apparently after 34 weeks, they don't really care if you are going to go into preterm labor or not. Huh, guess at that point it's not really preterm labor is it? Wow, crazy.

My parents are due to come stay with us in less than a month. Which (I hope) means I'm going to have these guys in about a month. Tomorrow I have my regular OB appointment and we'll talk more about birth at that time. I just can't believe it's getting this close and I've made it this far!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Managing Gestational Diabetes (for me)


I guess I'm about 3 weeks into my gestational diabetes diet and things are going well. I seriously don't know how I failed the 3 hour test twice (neither does Dr. SA) but I did and I am being a very good girl. Even with all the Easter candy around. It is my favorite candy, with those peanut butter eggs, starburst jelly beans, and cadbury cream eggs. I have had a few searches and hits on my blog about GD so I thought I'd lay out what I eat in a regular day. Everyone is different, and I think just testing your blood often and accurately will let you know what you can and can't do.

In college, my favorite professor used to make us waffles on the last Friday of the month. They were whole wheat buttermilk waffles and I used to love them. He gave us all the recipe and I used to only make them when I had time. Now, I make the time to make them and I freeze them. They have no sugar added and are so filling and tasty. I have one for breakfast (yes with butter AND syrup since my sugar levels are around 70 in the morning or below normal) and a big glass of milk. Butterfly can down two of these at a time, and prefers hers with jam or just straight up butter.

I test my blood again 2 hours later. If they are good (below 100), I will have a small snack. Mostly yogurt made with splenda and peanut granola. Or an apple with peanut butter. Or a cold hard boiled egg. Sometimes it's just too close to lunch and I won't have anything so I can have a nice big lunch.

For lunch, I have a variety of things. Frozen personal pan pizzas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (sugar free pb and j, of course), egg salad sandwiches, leftovers from the night before, egg and sausage burritos, or low sugar oatmeal. I do feel like I'm eating breakfast all the time because it's the one thing that's tasty and easy to make.

Again, 2 hours later I test my blood (if I am awake). Most of the time it's around the 105-115 range so I don't have anything to eat then. If I'm starving, I make sure I have just straight protein like another egg or some leftover meat from the night before.

Dinner has been a little bit of a hassle just because Butterfly doesn't always like what we are eating. So I haven't really changed our diet for this meal at all. I just eat a smaller portion of it than I normally would. Like last night, we had pork roast, parsley potatoes, and veggies. I loaded up my plate with veggies and pork roast, and had only a very small portion of potatoes. (It was sad because that is probably my favorite part of the meal but I want the boys to be healthy too...) The night before, we had bean and cheese burritos from a recipe I got off of a diabetic website. They were so tasty and filling!

Again, another 2 hours later and my blood gets tested again. If I'm below 100 again (last night I was at 81! Super low!) I have something to eat. Either popcorn or a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter on one side and butter and jam on the other. And another glass of milk. Or sometimes I'll have string cheese and some dried fruit. Or apples and peanut butter. Or an egg.

I have no idea if I'm getting everything I need out of this diet, but so far it's working for me and I feel like I'm actually eating good things. I have loved the menu planner at onetouchgold.com which has given me an idea of things I can and can't eat, and portion sizes for 2100 calories. They have a few really good recipes too which I've enjoyed reading through. If you search 'diabetic recipes' you get a ton of things to make and most of them are very good.

Things I stay away from because they seem to kill my numbers: cereal, pasta, crackers and white bread. Things I eat because they do nothing to my numbers: eggs, cheese, fruit, and meat.

Really, I just try to keep portion size in mind and eat smaller amounts more times a day. If I find I want, say a muffin, and my blood sugar levels are too high for me to eat it, I just wait two hours and have it then. I refuse to eat any kind of sugary stuff (candy, tarts, pies, ice cream, cereal, chocolate, etc.) and try to eat more protein and have only healthy snacks in the house.

It's been working out good for us, but I really can't wait till it's over. Still dreaming of that Something Chocolate!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am an AUNT!


My brother's very first baby, Cap (not his real name), was born last night at around 10:30pm MST. He was unknown breech so they did a c-section after about 8 hours of labor. He is 8lbs even and 21 inches long with long fingers and big blue eyes.

Check out my brother's blog for more information, or I think my Dad is going to post some information too.

Congrats to the new little family!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday Doc Appointment


Remember when I said a few posts ago that I had a standing appointment with my perinatologist on Thursday morning? Well, I do. And here's this week's update.

Baby A: His heart is still doing the PAC. Dr. SA says we will probably see it all the way through birth now. We can see it on the ultrasound and during the cord blood flow check. It's becoming just his normal, though. Everything else is doing really well. He's still head down, facing up. And because he's facing up, we get some really cute 4D shots of his face. I will try and get a few up soon. He looks SO SERIOUS in the pictures, with little frowns on his cute little face. The tech said that it looked like he was sleeping. He was also pretty still since he was sleeping. We had to wait around for him to move so they can say they saw him move.

Baby B: He is perfectly fine. He is also now head down! Yay! He was also sleeping during the scan and would not wake up, no matter how much we poked and bounced him. He had his arm flung over his eyes so no pictures of his face. The tech and I spent about 20 minutes chatting while trying to get him up to move. I wasn't worried at all since he is normally my most active guy and he's typically asleep at that time in the morning. I moved, I rolled, I got up and walked and drank water. No such luck. He plays hard, and must sleep hard too. :) When we finally did get him up enough to roll over, he rolled, kicked, punched, and then started in on his brother. Which then got Baby A moving, and my whole belly was shaking. It's so weird to see!

My cervix has shortened considerably. Down from 2.9 to around a 1. And you can see it dilating from the inside (called funneling). This is a big jump in a week. I've been having a lot of contractions and little cramps most days. Dr. SA has restricted my activity. He said that I need to be lying down 80% of my day. I'm not on bed rest, but I do need to take it very very easy. If I have any signs of preterm labor, I'm supposed to call. And if I get 3 or 4 painful contractions, I need to just head into the hospital. I don't really mind this, since it's getting really hard to get around. My belly is getting so big (pictures on the other blog for those interested parties). I've given up trying to do anything with Butterfly but let her pile toys on me on the couch and watch tv. I am 32 weeks now, and only about a month to go!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby Shower


About 2 weeks ago, my church gave me a baby shower. They were so generous, and it was so wonderful to just hang out with my friends and talk baby stuff. They were even sweet enough to make most of the food diabetic friendly so I could have some. What thoughtful sisters I have!

We played a really fun memory game (which I won right out of the box with 4 and 13, my 2 favorite numbers).

And then came the presents! Like I said, everyone was so generous. These boys now don't have to sleep under pink and purple blankets (since that all I had). I have so many blankets and clothes and layette stuff that I am set for the first few months of their lives. Yay! My mom even sent a few things for me to open from aunts and my Nana. I am so excited to see them in some of these cute outfits. Thanks everyone!

I took off all the tags and have spent most of today washing it all (along with all of our clothes). It took 3 loads of wash to go through everything.

I am amazed at how small everything is. I pulled out a few of Butterfly's things that could be used on boys and I remember when she wore them. Was she ever that small? Really? And how can it be that we'll have 2 very small people joining our household in a few weeks? What am I going to do with 2?!

Here's the whole loot. Plus some money for my super awesome stroller. It's expensive, yes, but I'm hoping it's so totally worth it. I am about half way to my goal.

I am feeling closer to being ready. Now to get another car seat, some diapers, and all the clothes folded and put away. Well, that and thank you notes and to go through my mom's group shower presents as well. I am about 2 days away from being 32 weeks, my first goal. Yay!

Next goal, 34 weeks. And then 36, and then delivery. Wish me luck!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Last Baby-ness


We finally caved and cut Butterfly's hair. I wasn't going to cut it originally. I have no idea why. Mostly because she had cute little curls at the end. But the past few months I have noticed that she is looking a little ragged. Shaggy. Unkempt.

I have been saying we should cut her hair for about a month now. We have just never really gotten around to it. But I feel the impending birth of 2 baby brothers. And who knows when or if I'm going to go on bed rest. I just want everything in place. And having everything in place included getting her hair cut.

She sat as still as a stone through the whole thing. Of course, it helps that we went to the kiddie cut place where they let you watch a movie. They had some Barbie movie which riveted her. She even kept trying to watch around the lady if she got in her line of sight. It took the stylist about 2 minutes to do. She got a sucker for her 'trouble' and a cute little certificate. I also bought her a new bow to match her new Easter dress.

We then went to the shoe store to buy her new Sunday shoes. The shoe store had floor to ceiling mirrors every few feet. She would one to run, stop, look, smile, and then run to the next. And stop, look, and smile. I think she really likes her new hair cut. I must admit, it's very cute. But all that baby look is finally gone. She really is growing up!




After:I don't think she quite knew what was going on when we finished. I think she really likes it though.


Friday, March 07, 2008

Dr. SA Visit, 30 weeks 5 days


Yesterday I went to the perinatologist office for my bi-weekly scan of the boys and my cervix. They were actually on time today, and I went in shortly after I arrived. They did the fFN on me first thing, and then looked at my cervix. There's some definite change from last time. I went from 3.6 to a 2.9. Still a good number, but things are starting to get closer to labor. I am about 7 weeks away so really, things should be changing some. If my test comes back positive, then I will be put on bed rest. But Dr. SA said he doesn't anticipate it coming back positive and no news is good news. Well, I haven't heard anything (24 hours later) so I'm assuming I'm in the clear for this test until next time.

Baby A update: He is head down! Yay! Go Baby A! He is also engaged in my pelvis (I'm assuming his head is now stuck between my pelvic bones?) and will probably not move out of this position. His head is also probably the reason my cervix is changing. He was being very cooperative and let us get a 4D ultrasound of his face. His cheeks are cute and chubby already! All parts of his anatomy are doing well (kidneys, stomach, bladder, etc.) and he is measuring about 3 lbs, 9 oz. Which is what a normal singleton baby should be measuring at this point. If he continues to grow, I am on track to have 2 8 lbs + babies. Ugh...I am going to be miserable, aren't I?

(An aside: Last peri visit the boys were measuring about 18% difference, with Baby A being smaller by almost a pound. Looks like he grew!)

They always take their time with his heart just to make sure that the issues he's had before don't come back. But this time, they did. I could hear the instances of PAC right off the bat. I was hoping that was gone for good, but no such luck. Instead of being every 3rd beat, though, it's every 8th or 9th beat, sometimes every 16th beat. Dr. SA wanted to know what I did differently. Honestly, the only thing that has changed has been the gestational diabetes. He said he did see more instances of this with his diabetic patients and wonders if there is a connection. Maybe. Dr. SA said that we know his heart is well formed. We know it can work normally for longer periods of time. He's not too worried, although at this point they may continue into birth and we will be referred back to Dr. Cardio at Children's Hospital downtown when they are born. I am still being asked to stay away from chocolate (not too hard because really, can I have chocolate with GD? I think not...) and all forms of caffeine.

Dr. SA said that I am close enough to my weekly visits to go ahead and make that jump so we can keep a closer eye on Baby A's heart. So now I have a standing appointment with him on Thursday mornings. Hopefully his heart will figure itself out and go back to beating normally.

Updated on Baby B: What an active guy! He kept twisting and turning and kicking and trying to move in on Baby A's space (and his ultrasounds...so many times we had to wait for him to get his bottom/feet/hands/whatever away from his brother to get a clear shot at what we are looking at). And as soon as we started scanning him, he flipped around and refused to do anything but squirm away. He is breech, with instances of frank breech happening more often than not (his feet up by his head).

Baby A is head down, facing my right, and Baby B is head up, facing my left. Kind of like 69.

All of Baby B's anatomy is doing just fine, including his heart. He is a perfectly normal baby with a head FULL of hair. Yes, you read right. We couldn't see his face today, but we saw tons of long hair waving around his head. Now I was very bald when I was born. And I believe Juice was too. But Butterfly had some hair (not much). Maybe he will loose some of this hair before he is born, otherwise I may have to have the nurses give him his first haircut in the nursery. :)

Dr. SA said that I'd have to talk to my OB but this is a suitable position for a vaginal delivery. If Baby A's heart will take the strain. I am still thinking we will have a c-section unless Baby B flips over and stays over. I really do not want to have one vaginally and then have an emergency c-section for Baby B. We will see, though. I still have a few weeks to figure out what is happening.

Oh, and Dr. SA said from here on out, 1 thing a day. Period. That means, if I go to the doctor that day, that's it. No running to the store, no stopping for lunch, etc. I am getting slightly sick of the inside of my house, but I really have no desire to go anywhere. I always end up in pain for several days later and to me, that's just not worth it.

I may actually be starting into nesting because I'm itching to get things all set up for these guys and have their sleeping spaces all set up and ready. Hopefully I can convince Juice to bring everything down from the attic this weekend, and I can wash everything and get it all settled.

Now to convince Butterfly that the bassinet in her room holding all of her blankets is really for the babies to sleep in. Wish me luck with that.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Food Cravings


My friend Liz asked me what I was craving the most and it has gotten me thinking a lot about food lately. So since I almost wrote a novel answering her, I thought I'd turn it into a regular post. (Went to the peri doc today...update tomorrow when I finish typing it all out.)

My first thought when she asked what I was craving the most was a big, gooey, cheesy burrito with steak and guacamole and black beans. But looking at it, I probably could have this, I just wouldn't be able to eat the whole thing. I suppose it would be okay to only eat a 3rd of it and continue to eat it in small amounts, but I'm getting a little tired of being hungry all the time. I guess with this burrito fantasy, I'm dreaming more about eating A TON rather than eating the burrito.

The next thing that came to mind was of course, ice cream. I really want a double scoop of white chocolate raspberry from Brusters or really anything chocolate from there. Even their vanilla is heavenly, or the one with all the cherries in it. Yum! Sadly, I am still banned from chocolate so this will have to wait till after. I am thinking of going there and getting a small cone of sugar free sorbets that they have just because my numbers have been so excellent I think I could probably handle one.

The last thing I am dreaming about is called "Something Chocolate" at the RedRock Canyon Grill. (If you watch all of their little food pictures, it's the really tall desert dripping chocolate.) This is one of our favorite places to eat, and everyone we take there loves it. Just thinking about the something chocolate makes my mouth water though...all that whipped cream! And the nutmeg! And the ice cream with warm chocolate sauce! And the little crunchy bottom thing! Okay, I have to stop thinking about it now.

My intent is to go to the RedRock Canyon Grill after the twins are born and order one of those something chocolates for myself. Because the chance to eat it all by myself (without Juice or Butterfly eating half, because they do, Butterfly would probably eat one herself if we let her) is part of the treat.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Doctor Visit, Feeling Crabby


This morning I had a doctor's visit. It's a regular visit, one that happens every 2 weeks. Weird that I'm already at the 2 week visit mark. It's getting close!

My visit today was incredibly low key. I've been having small contractions on and off for the past couple of days but they are nothing really. Just a matter of being big and very pregnant. I met with the new doctor today. She did not do an ultrasound like every single visit I've had. It was strange. She just used the hand held doppler and found both babies' heart beats. She measured me (34 weeks, at 30 weeks) and asked if I had registered at the hospital. That was it. Nothing else. I told her about the contractions. She said to take it easy. I told her that my hips were aching so bad, and my ligaments in my hips and pelvic area feel like they are going to give out sometimes. She says it's normal and to take it easy. Ooookay. Easy. Right.

I'm not sure why but today I am just feeling crabby. I'm a little crabby at my doctor's office. I think they are fine doctors and I think I will be in good hands with them. But I worry that they aren't taking the whole twin thing more seriously. I suppose I don't give them reason to worry most of the time. But I would like maybe something more than take it easy. Although there is nothing else to say. Just being crabby. I go to my peri doctor on Thursday and will know more about the babies and about me.

My blood pressure is normal. I gained one whole pound. My blood sugar levels are beautiful and I'm doing a great job. Okay then. I just need more rest apparently.

Butterfly has a cold and has been super crabby today. Everything makes her cry, which does not improve my mood any. I hate this stage when she asks for something, I give it to her and she just bursts out crying because she doesn't want that anymore! Like at lunch. She wanted a banana. I got her one. I started the peal for her. And suddenly, she did not want it anymore! She wanted MY banana. Okay, fine, we can trade. But Mommy's banana had a bite out of it! The horror! I told her she can eat her banana or we can go to bed. She started sobbing harder. Fine, up to bed we go. As I started getting up, she started into her banana (although not happily). She ate, was happier, and went down for a nap crying because "I have no toys! I have no toys!"

Arg...Mommy needs a break, a good meal, and a good nights sleep.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Preparing for Twins: Emotionally


I know I have been promising this post for awhile. It takes me awhile to think about this, and mostly when I think about it I become overwhelmed. So I just don't think about it. So this doesn't get written. But I do want to write it out and just bare with me and all the 'holy cow' phrases.

When we first found out we were pregnant, the nurse warned us that it could be multiples. Frankly, we didn't care. We were so thrilled to be pregnant again that the fact that there could be more than one didn't phase us at all. I actually expected Butterfly to be a twin, or the pregnancy after. It just seemed like it was in the cards for us.

At our first ultrasound, both babies showed up right away. I was just happy it wasn't more than 2. The doctor turned to us after the ultrasound showed the 2 little sacs and 2 little heartbeats and said, "You know I have twin boys right? All I can say is GET HELP." Juice and I laughed, Butterfly laughed too because she's a social laughter, and the doctor stopped us. "No, I'm serious. Get help."

I think we were riding the wave of how-cool-are-twins?! The wave, I think, came crashing down when we started letting everyone else know we were having twins. And everyone kept asking if we were prepared. There is a couple at our church that has 12 year old twin boys and she asked me if I had help lined up. Huh, maybe there was something to this whole needing help issue. So I started thinking about it. Enter overwhelming melt down #1.

Who was going to help? Who could help? How could we afford to have this help? Are you sure we need help? And why can't people just drop everything and come and help us!!??

It was short lived. My mom has been a great help with it and working through every one's schedule with me and figuring out what help can come when. In the perfect world.

It wasn't until I got farther along and I realized that my chances of bringing home 2 boys is good that I started feeling, "Oh no...2 babies?!" So I'm going to have 2 babies, 2 little boys to feed, change, take care of. Plus there's Butterfly to think of as well. And then what happens when they get older? 2 toddlers. 2 little boys. 3 sets of homework. 2 teenage boys driving. 2 missionaries.

Yes, I know that people have twins and survive all the time. But the whole package freaks me out. I guess because I just don't know what to expect. It's like having a first baby all over again. Except I do kind of know what to expect because I've had one. And I can't imagine having 2 to deal with. Yes, we'll get 2 times the smiles, 2 times the love, all that great stuff. And if they are anything like Butterfly in her sweet personality, it will be great. But hard.

I was at church yesterday watching all the little kids, wiggle, crawl, squirm around. Having 3 so close together is going to be a challenge. Our days are going to be full of diapers and jam hands. But all young families are filled with the same kind of things. Just thinking of them growing up together makes me smile. (Even if I do feel like my sanity is going to fly out the window at any moment.)

I guess because I'm only about 7 weeks away from having these guys and we're starting to line up our help, that I'm starting to think about about my recovery process with Butterfly and her birth. Since these guys are breech, I am looking at a c-section for me. And what that recovery entails.

My ward was wonderful and threw me an awesome shower this weekend. (More later.) People have been sending us stuff and good wishes. I am feeling more prepared. I think if the babies came early, we could handle it. Except for the help thing. Hopefully things will all work out with help coming and I won't be feeling so overwhelmed.

I know this entry is really disjointed but I can't quite put my feelings into words of how happy and overwhelmed and nervous and excited and scared and happy and anxious I feel.