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Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am an AUNT!


My brother's very first baby, Cap (not his real name), was born last night at around 10:30pm MST. He was unknown breech so they did a c-section after about 8 hours of labor. He is 8lbs even and 21 inches long with long fingers and big blue eyes.

Check out my brother's blog for more information, or I think my Dad is going to post some information too.

Congrats to the new little family!



  1. Congrats!! Are you a first-time Aunt? I was a 4-time mom before I was an aunt. :)

  2. YEAH!! Congrats on your new little nephew! How fun for your boys to have cousins their age!

  3. Congrats Auntie!! There are going to be a lot of babies in your family this year!!

  4. Congrats! Did she have him on her due date? It's so cool that your boys and their cousin will be so close in age!

  5. hi Cat. Congrats being an aunt is fun!!! Congrats to you as well. You will have to let me know when the twins are born. I got your blog from your parents and thought that it might be a fun way to keep in touch as I started blogging recently myself. Hope you are doing well. www.raineysbrain.blogspot.com

  6. Laura- This is my first time being an aunt on my side of the family...does that count?

    Anie, Rainsplats- Thanks!

    Jill- Yes, we are baby central this year!

    Flower- No, she had him a few days after. 3 days I think? And yes, so cool that they will have cousins close in age!

    Charayne- You live! Thanks for giving me the link to your blog. I've already put it up here, put it on my reader list and read through it. Keep it up! I love hearing about what everyone is doing. And I will let you know when the twins are born...probably through this blog!


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