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Friday, March 21, 2008

OB Visit, 32 Weeks


There are weeks I feel like I am at the doctor's every single day. I have some really cute posts about Butterfly coming up, but for now, this week is devoted to her brothers. (Currently she is under our computer desk in her 'cave' eating an apple and talking to a stuffed cow. 2 years old is fun!)

So, both babies are still head down. No change from yesterday. Both heartbeats are doing well, although the OB could see the PAC's in Baby A's heart. He said that it's something he'll note in the chart to watch when we go into labor.

My blood pressure is good, although creeping up at 130/80. He said he'd be a little more worried if I wasn't at this pressure or around it because of all the fluid I have in my body now. I have not gained any weight in 2 weeks (gotta love the GD). My belly is measuring 37 weeks at 32, almost 33 weeks. So I am growing. He said he's not worried about the weight as long as the babies are still growing well. But if they are not growing well or have significantly dropped off, then we will look at my diet again and possibly put me on some medication that will allow me to eat a little more. But he did say my diet looks very healthy and he's not worried. The babies will take what they need. Dr. SA said at my last appointment "These babies will grow and grow and when they are born, you will be so skinny!" Haha...yeah right guys. Because chocolate and ice cream here I come once they come out! :)

Let's see. Next up was the birth talk. I had a bunch of questions about how this is going to go, since it's going to be so different than Butterfly's birth. I suppose each one is, but this is really different. He said because they are both head down and have stayed there for awhile, coupled with the fact that I've had one vaginal birth before, he'd strongly suggest a vaginal birth. This was before I brought up a c-section. He said there are a lot of doctors that just automatically opt for a c-section with twins but since I have 2 sacs and 2 placentas and previous stretching of Butterfly's birth, I am a good candidate for these guys coming vaginally. I asked him where I would be having these babies, OR or in the birthing rooms? He said that he'd rather do it in the birthing room as there is a little more room in there for everyone that is going to be present. (Him or associated doctor, 2 nurses, a pediatrician for each baby, and 2 nurses for each baby) He did say it's more of a doctor to doctor feeling, though and not every doctor in the practice likes to do that. So I still may end up in the OR, which is fine. I honestly don't care. I'm just trying to get a little picture of what's going to happen.

Then the big question...when?! He talked a lot about the fact that even though full term for twins is 36 weeks, the babies are often still premature. If I can, he would prefer me to go to late 37 or early 38 weeks. Even a week in the NICU can be hard on the babies. I told him I would rather have the babies in 37 weeks, just because I have help that week! Besides, I think I might cry if I have to have these babies in May. Butterfly was 10 days early. I would hate to think that these guys could go and be only 4 or 5 days early. I understand wanting to keep them in as long as possible for their health, etc. He did say we will weigh the risks of the babies against my risks, because as I go farther, my risks for high blood pressure and other problems go up.

I asked him when he would stop stopping labor should I go into it. He said that right now, he would try very hard to stop labor. At 35 weeks, he wouldn't try AS hard but he would still try. At 36 weeks, he would watch me and hydrate me and if things progressed, they would go forward. 37 weeks they would probably not stop me if I came in in labor. 38 weeks they will induce me before I get to 39 weeks. So he said I was free to start walking and going grocery shopping again in the 37th week. If I can.

He did request that I have an epidural. That way, if there is a problem with Baby B, things would be all in place to get the baby out as fast as possible. He also said it's very painful if he has to turn the baby around and I won't tense up if I have an epidural. Fine. All really solid reasons to get one. I didn't have one with Butterfly because she came SO fast, but I'm willing to do this when I get in. I'm hoping to go in dilated and just get the epidural right off before it gets too painful or they break my water.

Okay, so the birth of Baby A is pretty straight forward. Baby B's birth will be a little more complicated. He said that they will probably do an ultrasound after Baby A is born just to check and make sure that B is still head down. They will then guide his head down and either deliver him still in his sack (to prevent any cord problems) or will break his water if we are sure the cord is out of the way. He said it can take up to 20 minutes between babies, but they don't typically like to see that. If B flips over, they will try to turn him. If he resists or there are complications with his heart rate, they will just pull him out feet first. But only if they continue to stay close in weight. If Baby A drops off weight and Baby B is quite a bit bigger, they will do a c-section.

Whew, did you get all that? It's a lot of information, but I always like to have more information than not. Now, most of what we are talking about is best case scenarios and I'm well aware that things will go not as according to any sort of plan because that's just how birth goes sometimes. At least my doctor and I have some kind of plan, and I can go into this knowing a few options for me.

And because I am doing so well, I have a visit in 2 weeks instead of next week. But I still see Dr. SA next week, and after my 2 week OB visit, I go to every week. I'm still shocked that it is getting so close!

I am ready for it to be done. I am SO TIRED. I fell asleep the other afternoon and didn't wake up until 9:30pm, missing my book club! Sob! I am also starting to feel a little queasy in the mornings again which is not pleasant. I am starting to fantasize about rolling over without feeling like a crane has to hoist me over. And of course, I can't wait to eat whatever!



  1. It must be crazy to talk about the actual birth choices now that it's so close. I agree that it would be quite an odd (and frustrating!) thing to have to keep the boys in longer than Butterfly. I doubt that will happen, but i suppose you never know! Glad that everything is going SO well that you don't have to go back to this dr. next week. I'm sure you won't miss it. :)

  2. How exciting! Not much longer!

  3. Yah thats a LOT of info! WOW. I cant believe you didnt have an epidural! I was at a 6 and i thought for sure it would feel better to reomve my legs with a plastic spoon rather than have ONE MORE CONTRACTION! You are a brave girl! im excited to see youre little boys! YEY!


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