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Friday, July 31, 2009

Three Day Weekend for Daddy


Juice finished his work early this week and has a 3 day weekend for himself. Yay! We decided to go all out for his day off and let him sleep in until about 10am.

Juice and I were able to clean up our room a little bit and put at least 4 things in the attic and threw away one big garbage back of stuff. I am amazed at how much stuff has just gone into our room and stayed there. We dusted, straightened and de-cluttered for almost 2 hours today.

After the boys' first naps, we took everyone over to the big warehouse store for lunch and grocery shopping. It's sad when you run out of toilet paper.

As we were coming home, a HUGE rainstorm hit. We sat in the car in our parking lot feeling the car being pelted and blown around. I wished for a garage. Juice was kind enough to run inside and grab our big umbrella and took everyone inside.

Once inside, we had another round of naps. This time Butterfly actually took a nap. She woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was grouchy and cross all evening. Finally Juice gave her a kiss on the forehead and announced she was burning up. Yup, 103.4 degree fever. (She took the thermometer under he tounge and kept it there!) She went to bed early and Flower and Juice and I stayed up watching movies from Netflix.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Like A Turtle on his Back


Today we met up with my twin mommy group for a bit of park time. I'm new to the group. This was actually my first visit with them. They have been meeting every other week or so, starting the week before we left for Utah. So needless to say, this is the first time I've really been free to hang out. There were about 6 or 7 moms (I can't remember who all came...it was a park after all, and we all have multiples) all with twins 12-18 months old. A few of us have older children as well. I'd say there was between 14-17 kids there at one time. That's a lot of kids! Everyone has been taking turns doing things near their houses. I guess my turn is coming up.

Today we drove into DC to go to Turtle Park. This is one cute little park! They have what they call a "sprinkler area" which is just a big fountain in the middle of a fenced in place. It was very cute for the boys. Butterfly got a little bit bored and tried to block off all the water. She did love it when it came back up!

Pirate sat next to the fountain and tried to fill up a bucket with water...even though his bucket was upside down. Even though he got so cold he shivered. Even though he couldn't open his eyes because of the water spraying around, he still tried.

Professor walked around and around that little enclosed area. He yelled in anger or frustration every time he got remotely wet. It was really funny.

The day ended with a picnic with the other moms and Butterfly cried when we had to leave. I, for one, was so happy to go home. Even with Flower helping, parks are getting to be too crazy to go to. Unless I am the only one there.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walking Day!


Today is the day that Professor has decided that he is going to walk. There was basically no crawling done at all today. He was walking. By the end of the day he was pretty steady too. I can't believe how fast they are growing up! In no time he is going to be running!

Also today he has decided to start talking. Remember at our last doctor's appointment they thought maybe he wasn't hearing everything because he wasn't saying anything? Well he now says more than Pirate. "Wow" was his first word. Followed closely today by "bye" "woof" and "mom". Mom comes out more "maaammmm?" but it's super cute.

Here is a video of him walking...if I can get it to load. I wish our family could see this in person.

Pirate is not walking as well as Professor but he does walk some. He is still in the drunken salior mode and fall often. It's hard to get long limbs to do what you want them to! Still, he is as happy as can be. We love these boys so much. And their walking talking big sister too. Today she was jumping over Juice's basketball telling us she was the cow jumping over the moon. Too cute.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DC Museums


Today we went to DC again this time to see some of the museums. Last year Flower and I took the kids to the Natural History Museum and the Portrait Gallery. This year we decided on the American Indian Museum and the American History Museum. Mostly we went to the American Indian Museum because they have good food at the cafeteria.

After we had good food (Navajo tacos yum!) we looked around there for awhile and then left. Of course, we had to pick the two museums the farthest away from each other. Plus we had to basically run the last little bit because Butterfly refused to go to the bathroom at the American Indian Museum.

The American History Museum is newly re-done. The hallway is beautiful. The rest of it...eh. It had very small exhibits I thought. The hall connecting the wings is huge! But the exhibits were cramped and had very little displayed. We were able to see the first lady's dresses while the boys screamed...did I mention they didn't nap?! and I got a lot of dirty looks. Because the room was small and Professor has a strong set of lungs. We also saw the ruby slippers and a Dumbo ride which happened to be on the way to the ruby slippers.

One other thing we did that I thought was very cool is they had a kid's area. They had a bunch of things displayed and encouraged the kids to touch them. They also had an idea lab where you could go and play with different experiments. They also had an area for kids under 5 with little chairs and toys and blocks. The boys loved that. Professor went around with two noise makers chirping happily. Pirate had to sit in ALL 4 chairs and cried when I took him away. Butterfly cut paper, tried to wind surf and built a pinwheel powered motor.

We stopped for ice cream on the way back to the metro (because it is really hot and sticky here lately!) and the boys climbed all over the place on the train. I never noticed how dirty the floors of the trains are until my boys wanted to climb on it. Ugh!

Still, a very fun day downtown. I realized today that I have not seen every museum downtown and should probably do that. Soon.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Store Monday


Today I was on a quest. A quest for new drinking glasses. My parents are laughing at me right now because I have a perfectly good box of glasses I got for my wedding in my closet at their house. But those glasses are in Utah and we are in Maryland. The need for glasses is great since I've broken 2 since I've been back. One of the boys grabbed and pulled one out of my hand and yesterday the crock pot lid fell and hit one and broke it.

So. New glasses needed. Check.

I thought I'd try the thrift store today and see if they had anything there I needed. I needed several things. A new chair for our kitchen table because we don't have enough for our family. I don't want a new chair because we won't have this table forever. I want an old chair that looks like our chairs. No luck though. With the chairs or the glasses. We were only a few minutes from Ike*a so we went there. We had a yummy lunch and bought glasses. And kid plates. And kid bowls. And kid silverware. And meatballs. Yum!

On the way home, 2 of the glasses broke! Seriously I can't catch a break with glasses lately.

Then off to the grocery store.

Then off to Tarjay for storage.

I am trying to clean my room. I just spent 3 hours cleaning my book case. I think I may have too many books.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday


I slept in today. We were very late for church. I gave the boys to Juice during the last hour and spent that time outside in the hall gabbing with friends (shhh....) although it was a spiritual gab.

At home I put the boys to bed and then slept for over 2 hours on the couch. Bliss!

We had a crock pot meal for dinner so I feel like I barely cooked anything.

And now we've spent the last hour and half or so playing the Wii. I've decided I need a new Wii game. And I have 50 dollars at Amazon thanks to a point website I'm a member of. So free game here I come!

I love days like this.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Watch Out! Wild Animals!


Guess where we were today?
I will spare you the details of how HOT it was today...92 and no breeze. I will also spare you how footsore and tired we all are.


Friday, July 24, 2009

An Adventure!


A Friday adventure downtown!

This time we stuck with monuments, although we were all hot and sweaty all day long. Nothing a little ice cream by the tidal basin couldn't fix. I love living here.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Thursday in July


Today has been fun. We all desperately needed a down day, the boys especially. They went down for their morning naps without a fuss and then I went and took one too. Professor woke up about 4 times last night and I am beat. We all woke up about 2 hours later (too soon for me...I was still tired!) and had some lunch.

After lunch everyone had another nap (Butterfly included) and I got things ready to walk to the farmer's market. Once Butterfly woke up (after having an accident on my bed...again!) and I cleaned her all up and got the boys up, we were able to go. Lala and Vinny came along. Flower pushed the boys in the stroller and Lala and I took turns pulling Butterfly and Vinny in her wagon. I bought apricots, nectarines, and green beans today. Half of the apricots didn't make it home since Butterfly and Vinny and even the boys ate at least 4 each. It was really muggy with storm rolling in so we were sweaty and hot when we got home.

We ran the last half mile or so in big fat rain drops and made it inside just as the storm hit. Once Lala and Vinny went home, I tried to get our dinner started. We are trying to learn how to cook in our dutch ovens and I thought today would be a good day to do that. Well, it's no fun to try and keep a fire going in a deluge, let alone cook in it!

Juice came home and tried to get it going again, only to create a big ball of flame and singe his eyebrows, hair, and take all the hair off of his right ear. I was watching and he looked up at me with a very surprised expression on his face, his hair smoking. Good thing it was raining and it put his hair out!

We gave up on cooking outside and cooked our dinner in our dutch oven in the regular oven. Dinner was about 2 hours late. Juice had gone by then to help one of my book clubbers move. Once dinner was done, it was very good!

The coals were still burning after dinner so we decided we should roast some marshmallows. Yummy! Butterfly had a great time and we saw the biggest slug I have ever seen. Juice came home and joined in the fun.

A great day!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Busy Day


I feel like I've been running at about 90 mph today and haven't had to stop to rest...even though I took a nap today! So here is what we did:

The blueberries are ending their season so we went back and picked some more in lots of humidity. Lala and her family joined us again. This time we picked about 7 pounds of berries and have probably eaten about 2 pounds already. My kids just adore blueberries. We got home just in time for naps.

While they were taking their naps, I went to the eye doctor. I haven't been in over 2 years because I could just never find the time. My prescription has changed in my eyes so I needed new glasses and contacts. The doctor gave me some contacts to take home and I picked out some very funky square plastic glasses. Something very very different for me. The contacts weren't all that comfortable but the doctor told me to wear them for a few days and then call about ordering them when they get comfortable. I wore them home (after a lunch out by myself..shhh...) and they still hurt. I finally had to take them out because I had a huge head ache. I'll try again tomorrow.

I cleaned my house because Jeff asked a friend from work over to dinner tonight.  Flower and I cleaned, made lemon pasta, blueberry muffins, and scones. The boys happily played in their high chairs for some of that, slept for some, and cried at our legs for awhile too. Butterfly had a very long nap in my bed this afternoon. She also had a very bad accident and so I'm washing my sheets.

We had a good time with Juice's friend and I'm glad he has one at work. His last friend moved away (hi Kelly!) so he's been a bit lonely. It was fun to meet someone from his work and finally put a name with a face.

Now Juice and Flower are playing the Wii and I'm waiting for my sheets to dry. I hope I can stay awake that long.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pictures from Today


We spent the day at Cunningham Falls State park. HOW FUN!

Monday, July 20, 2009

15 Months Old!


Wow time is flying! The boys turned 15 months old this weekend. They are such big cute fun boys. We are so lucky to have them in our family!

We were able to go to the doctor's office for their 15 month check up today. We took the whole crew (as I always do) and the nurses and doctors commented on everyone being there with me. Yep, we all come. Besides, Flower is a big help!

Pirate is doing great. He weighs 21 lbs 1 oz which is 2 pounds up from last visit. He is 31 and 3/4th inches long. One inch longer. Head is 18 1/2 inches around. He is tall and skinny, as always. He is also very curious. He had a few shy smiles for the doctor while she was poking and prodding him. He tried to grab all of the tools she used. He got 2 shots (HIB and Prevnar) and only whined a little bit at the second shot. Everyone cooed over him and his stoicism. He's so cute!

He is standing on his own and taking a few steps. He really loves to be walked around and cries for your fingers whenever you walk by. He is also a champion whiner and has started to hit just a little. Mostly he hits Professor but I think he gets frustrated with Professor. And vice versa. He loves to scribble with pens and thinks the phone is totally amazing. He says, "uh-oh!" about 300 times a day. Our little "uh-oh" bird. He loves to eat pretty much anything and is starting to master using a fork. He favorite thing to eat is any kind of fruit. Boys does he love blueberries and raspberries and bananas. Yum!

He had his first haircut in Utah and boys does he look different without his big long forelock. He looks so much like a little boy. He loves to climb up and down stairs, standing up. He hangs from handrails as much as he can. The other day we went to the park and there was a small staircase with a kid sized hand rail. He climbed up and down that about 40 times, each time jumping up and down because he was so happy. That little happy kick and developed into a happy little jump and it's completely adorable. He screams really loud. Butterfly gets him going and then he just ramps it up. His laugh is infectious, and he smiles and laughs because you do. He doesn't want to miss out on the joke, even if he has no idea what's going on.

Professor is my little lap bug. He loves to sit in your lap. If you are on the floor, your lap is his! He loves to be held, carried, or walked around. He has the most adorable little chirp when he sees something that interests. Especially if it's a ball. He loves balls. And sticks, and dirt. And his binkie. He does the toddler squat all the time and stands in the middle of the room without any help. He started taking a few steps in Utah, and seriously started walking here. He took about 24 steps in a row yesterday and he is starting to prefer walking to any other mode of transportation.

He weighs 19 lbs 11 oz and is 31 inches long. He has completely dropped off his growth curve and is now into the 1% for weight. The doctor (who was not very good...she was very distracted!) says I'm supposed to feed him more high calorie food...but what that is I have no idea. He is just a mover! He is not supposed to be forward facing in his car seat and I got yelled at over that. Seriously, he is 5 oz away. He probably drinks more than that at a meal. So I'm not going to turn him back around. (My scale puts him at over 20 pounds with his clothes on. Since he's not going to be riding in the car seat in his birthday suit (hopefully) I think we're safe.) He is the only one of my kids that likes Pedia*sure so I guess that's a good thing. He's going to be getting that for awhile.

The doctor was concerned that he is not saying anything. Yes he chirps and babbles a little bit but no words are forming. He should say at least 2-3 things. He does say, "uh-oh" a lot but it often sounds muffled or from down a long tunnel. He doesn't really respond to his name and you often have to tap him to get his attention. They are having me call First Start which is the county run physical therapists. They want him to be checked out for hearing and speech. I have yet to make the call but tomorrow that's my goal. I honestly don't think much will come from it but if there is a problem, then he'll get help early.

I am seriously loving this stage of the boys. They are so curious about everything. They fight, they help, they make messes, they love their mommy, and sleep well. What a great time of life!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Pictures, take 10 Sleeping in Hotels

So this is what I dealt with the last hotel night.  First it was Butterfly who was sharing the bed with me.  Then Pirate joined us and slept sideways.  Why do kids do that?  Then Professor about 5am because he was so cold.  But adding Professor kicked me out of bed.  I managed to snap this picture before they woke up.  So cute!
Also, getting into the hotel we were quite the spectacle.  Who wouldn't be with these cute kids though?


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleepy Day


The kids woke up at 5:30am this morning. Well, the boys did anyway. They were screaming and hungry and wanted their mommy. Juice got them out of bed for me and brought them to me so I could nurse them in our bed. I was too tired to get up. (Did I mention that we have addicted Flower to Rock Band? No? Oh. Did I also forget to mention that we were up till almost midnight last night playing Rock Band? Yeah.)

Well they thought it should be time to get up once their bellies were full. They poked me in the eyes. They shoved their fingers up my nose. They pulled all the books off of my bedside table to the ground. I finally picked them up and deposted them back into their cribs with some toys. Just as they were being put down and crying about it, Butterfly woke up screaming.

Seriously, she went from peacefully asleep to screaming her head off in about 2 seconds. I heard it ramp up even. She did NOT want it to be morning. Fine, I said. It's not morning. Then she went on and on about how the sun wasn't up and how that means it's not morning. Yep, I agree. Go back to sleep.

I went back to my bed. She kept screaming that it wasn't morning. The boys were screaming. I felt like screaming. Finally I stomped into the kids' room (everyone is in the same room while Flower is here so Flower has a place to sleep.) and pulled everyone out of their beds and stomped them downstairs to play. They were happy. I was not. Ugh, I was so tired.

Juice and Flower got up around 8:30am or so. They seemed refreshed and happy and ready to start their day. I was cross and moody and ready to go back to bed. So I did. I slept until almost 1pm and was feeling much better.

Juice and I were supposed to go on a breakfast date this morning but didn't because I was mad at him. (How dare he get to sleep in?!) And I was sleeping. So we went on a lunch date instead. We had lunch in the tiny cafe in town here and then went to buy him new work shoes. No luck in the store near the cafe. We did a little bit of geocaching but no luck with that one either.

Then we came home to a sleeping house. Butterfly is napping in our room so the boys can actually go to sleep during nap time. She locked the door and fell asleep. Good thing my husband is an engineer and can open the lock without the key.

We cleaned part of our room and had 2 big bags of garbage to take out. We are still not done but at least we have some stuff out of there.

Now Pirate is screaming so I better go check on him. And maybe go back to bed myself!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Photo Friday, road trip


I just downloaded my 117 pictures I took from the car last week. I got some pretty good ones...and some not so good ones. My favorite one is this one:

It is so beautiful and amazing that I took this looking out the back side window (Professor's window, Butterfly would say) in a car that was moving about 75 mph. This was somewhere between Indianapolis, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio. The sun started to set and we just drove past fields and fields of mist. It was very beautiful and peaceful. (Probably because the kids were asleep.) More trip pictures to come.


Until then, go visit my friend Lolli's blog for a great picture giveaway!


Thursday, July 16, 2009



I am a boring blogger! Seriously can I be any more boring? I would stop reading me if I was reading this. I chalk it up to being out of the writing groove. Utah really threw off my groove. Will you stick with me while I get back up to being semi-interesting? Pretty please?

Today we decided to stick close to home and go to the Amish market for lunch. I made Butterfly cry three times. She was a princess today and "princess twirl mom. You should know that." Well, my Miss Butterfly is not the most graceful child. Poor girl is going to be long and awkward for a long time. Anyway, twirling + awkwardness = disaster in a small shop. She was incredibly well behaved at lunch. All the kids were. Pirate was flirting with the waitresses, Professor was picking the cheese off of his grilled cheese sandwich and eating only that. And Butterfly was just eating. We bought bread and candy. We also all sat down at the table I really want to buy and I drooled over it again. I even found a china hutch that matches it with hand carved flowers and vines all over it. Beautiful.

We stopped by the farmer's market as well. Boy I missed the farmer's market here! It's small (3 booths) but the fruit is amazing. We got blueberries which are almost all gone. And the peaches are so flavorful! Yum!

Book club was tonight for me. It was the last one for a member of ours and I'm going to miss her! She is moving far away (okay, to Utah...but it is far! I just drove it. I should know.) and we just needed to have time to be with each other. I love book club.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day At Home


It seems like every time you go on vacation you come back and have to jump back into real life. I was gone for 6 weeks. I had a lot of jumping back to do. And today was the day to do it. I had a big list of 16 things to do today. I got 8 things done. They included bank, post office, going through stacks and stacks of mail, and making some doctor appointments for me and the boys. I figured since Flower is here I'll be able to go to the eye doctor by myself. Also, the boys will be 15 months old on Saturday. Can you believe it?!

We also went outside and played for awhile. Flower took Butterfly over the park behind our house. Professor walks more outside than he does inside. He took 12 steps in a row carrying a big stick yesterday. He also walked across my living room by himself this afternoon. He is so close to walking on his own.

I started up Netflix again and we're off to enjoy a movie!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back in Maryland


We made it back to Maryland safe and sound. It was a long 4 days in the road. But I'm so proud of us because we fit 6 people and our stuff into Fern Tree the van. Oh, and a dog and her stuff too. Which was bulky. Next time I'm taking the travel dog crate that is soft. If there is a next time that is.

I'm trying to get back into the habit of blogging every day so you'll have to forgive me if these posts are a little sparse/travel log-ish for awhile.

Yesterday I took my dad to the airport and got my car fixed. It squealed almost the whole way home. Apparently the new belt I had put in it before we left had bad tension and it broke one of the pullies. We also went to the library and signed everyone, including Flower, for the summer reading program.

Can I just say I love having Flower with us? Seriously, I need a nice helpful 15 year old of my own. :) Juice and I were able to go out on a date last night (to Target for soap and m&ms and then to my friend's house to fix her computer) and it was fun just to be us. We didn't have to worry about getting anyone out of the car or herd people around the store. It was nice. So yay for Flower and all her help!

Today we met up with a lot of other Maryland mommy bloggers in a park about 40 minutes from here. My friend Lolli and her son AJ came along. It was fun to see everyone in person, although I don't know if any of them read this. Mostly Lolli knows them. It was nice to have some adult conversation and Butterfly played really well at the park.

Professor has decided that he can take 4-6 steps in a row! Both the boys had their first steps in Utah but just today Professor is starting to walk more and more. It's only a matter of time before he's off running!

See ya tomorrow!


Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Road


I have stuff to talk about from my trip (lots and lots of stuff) but right now we are on the road going home.  I am sad and happy at the same time.  I loved being in Utah but I miss Juice and my house and all my friends.

We are about half way home in Missouri.  We stopped here so my Dad could get some BBQ and we could have a little bit of time outside the car.  Because yesterday, we traveled over 900 miles in one day.  We left at 7am (2 hours late...had to pack the car) and stopped in Nebraska at around 11pm.  My legs were so tired of being cramped up in the jam packed car.  This is Flower's first long road trip.  I don't think she finds it as glamorous as it is in books.  Still, she's been a big help.

Today we were able to stop in Far West and get out and walk around the temple sight.  We got there right before a huge tour bus of teenagers.  We found 2 baby birds on the ground and took some nice pictures.

We got to the hotel early tonight and took the kids swimming.  The pool was really cold but the boys loved in.  Butterfly even more.  We're off to Ohio tomorrow and then to Maryland on Sunday!