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Thursday, July 16, 2009



I am a boring blogger! Seriously can I be any more boring? I would stop reading me if I was reading this. I chalk it up to being out of the writing groove. Utah really threw off my groove. Will you stick with me while I get back up to being semi-interesting? Pretty please?

Today we decided to stick close to home and go to the Amish market for lunch. I made Butterfly cry three times. She was a princess today and "princess twirl mom. You should know that." Well, my Miss Butterfly is not the most graceful child. Poor girl is going to be long and awkward for a long time. Anyway, twirling + awkwardness = disaster in a small shop. She was incredibly well behaved at lunch. All the kids were. Pirate was flirting with the waitresses, Professor was picking the cheese off of his grilled cheese sandwich and eating only that. And Butterfly was just eating. We bought bread and candy. We also all sat down at the table I really want to buy and I drooled over it again. I even found a china hutch that matches it with hand carved flowers and vines all over it. Beautiful.

We stopped by the farmer's market as well. Boy I missed the farmer's market here! It's small (3 booths) but the fruit is amazing. We got blueberries which are almost all gone. And the peaches are so flavorful! Yum!

Book club was tonight for me. It was the last one for a member of ours and I'm going to miss her! She is moving far away (okay, to Utah...but it is far! I just drove it. I should know.) and we just needed to have time to be with each other. I love book club.



  1. I'll stick with you no matter what. :)

  2. Believe me you are not boring. How can a person with twin sons, a daughter a husband, a dog and a visiter be boring...No way. We must talk. Maybe next time You can get me some fruit as well. Can't wait to see you again.

  3. I'm always gonna be out here, following along! :-) You better know I'm not going anywhere.


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