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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DC Museums


Today we went to DC again this time to see some of the museums. Last year Flower and I took the kids to the Natural History Museum and the Portrait Gallery. This year we decided on the American Indian Museum and the American History Museum. Mostly we went to the American Indian Museum because they have good food at the cafeteria.

After we had good food (Navajo tacos yum!) we looked around there for awhile and then left. Of course, we had to pick the two museums the farthest away from each other. Plus we had to basically run the last little bit because Butterfly refused to go to the bathroom at the American Indian Museum.

The American History Museum is newly re-done. The hallway is beautiful. The rest of it...eh. It had very small exhibits I thought. The hall connecting the wings is huge! But the exhibits were cramped and had very little displayed. We were able to see the first lady's dresses while the boys screamed...did I mention they didn't nap?! and I got a lot of dirty looks. Because the room was small and Professor has a strong set of lungs. We also saw the ruby slippers and a Dumbo ride which happened to be on the way to the ruby slippers.

One other thing we did that I thought was very cool is they had a kid's area. They had a bunch of things displayed and encouraged the kids to touch them. They also had an idea lab where you could go and play with different experiments. They also had an area for kids under 5 with little chairs and toys and blocks. The boys loved that. Professor went around with two noise makers chirping happily. Pirate had to sit in ALL 4 chairs and cried when I took him away. Butterfly cut paper, tried to wind surf and built a pinwheel powered motor.

We stopped for ice cream on the way back to the metro (because it is really hot and sticky here lately!) and the boys climbed all over the place on the train. I never noticed how dirty the floors of the trains are until my boys wanted to climb on it. Ugh!

Still, a very fun day downtown. I realized today that I have not seen every museum downtown and should probably do that. Soon.


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  1. Sounds like fun! Why do you need to see the museums soon though?


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