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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Busy Day


I feel like I've been running at about 90 mph today and haven't had to stop to rest...even though I took a nap today! So here is what we did:

The blueberries are ending their season so we went back and picked some more in lots of humidity. Lala and her family joined us again. This time we picked about 7 pounds of berries and have probably eaten about 2 pounds already. My kids just adore blueberries. We got home just in time for naps.

While they were taking their naps, I went to the eye doctor. I haven't been in over 2 years because I could just never find the time. My prescription has changed in my eyes so I needed new glasses and contacts. The doctor gave me some contacts to take home and I picked out some very funky square plastic glasses. Something very very different for me. The contacts weren't all that comfortable but the doctor told me to wear them for a few days and then call about ordering them when they get comfortable. I wore them home (after a lunch out by myself..shhh...) and they still hurt. I finally had to take them out because I had a huge head ache. I'll try again tomorrow.

I cleaned my house because Jeff asked a friend from work over to dinner tonight.  Flower and I cleaned, made lemon pasta, blueberry muffins, and scones. The boys happily played in their high chairs for some of that, slept for some, and cried at our legs for awhile too. Butterfly had a very long nap in my bed this afternoon. She also had a very bad accident and so I'm washing my sheets.

We had a good time with Juice's friend and I'm glad he has one at work. His last friend moved away (hi Kelly!) so he's been a bit lonely. It was fun to meet someone from his work and finally put a name with a face.

Now Juice and Flower are playing the Wii and I'm waiting for my sheets to dry. I hope I can stay awake that long.



  1. I;m tired after reading that post. That's a lot to do in one day. Woof! Glad Juice has found someone to hang out with at work. It always makes work more fun. :) If your contacts aren't comfortable tomorrow, tell the doc. I didn't say anything and mine aren't very comfy. I wish I had gotten a different kind.

  2. Just and fyi....you used Flower's real name about halfway through the post, when you were talking about cleaning and cooking.


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