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Friday, July 31, 2009

Three Day Weekend for Daddy


Juice finished his work early this week and has a 3 day weekend for himself. Yay! We decided to go all out for his day off and let him sleep in until about 10am.

Juice and I were able to clean up our room a little bit and put at least 4 things in the attic and threw away one big garbage back of stuff. I am amazed at how much stuff has just gone into our room and stayed there. We dusted, straightened and de-cluttered for almost 2 hours today.

After the boys' first naps, we took everyone over to the big warehouse store for lunch and grocery shopping. It's sad when you run out of toilet paper.

As we were coming home, a HUGE rainstorm hit. We sat in the car in our parking lot feeling the car being pelted and blown around. I wished for a garage. Juice was kind enough to run inside and grab our big umbrella and took everyone inside.

Once inside, we had another round of naps. This time Butterfly actually took a nap. She woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was grouchy and cross all evening. Finally Juice gave her a kiss on the forehead and announced she was burning up. Yup, 103.4 degree fever. (She took the thermometer under he tounge and kept it there!) She went to bed early and Flower and Juice and I stayed up watching movies from Netflix.


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