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Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Month Away


I know I've talked a little bit about my Ultimate Road Trip 2009 but it hit me this week that it is a month away. One month. As in 30 days. In 30 days, I will be loading 3 small children, one dog, one Grandpa, one awesome BOB stroller and a boat load of stuff into Fern Tree our van and driving to my parents house. I'm slightly petrified.

A huge shout out to my Dad who is willing to take the time to drive out with me and home with me. He's going to have to put up with a lot of crying, yelling, song singing, diapers, stops, and kid movies playing in the background. There will be messes to wipe up, snacks to pass out, and toys to find, all while traveling 65 mph on the freeway.

Unless he's driving then I imagine we'll be going a tiny bit faster.

So, stops include Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, and Moab Utah where all the sandstone arches are. I will have to be sure to pack my camera. We'll be staying at my parents' house for 4 weeks, and then making a huge push to get back to Maryland as fast as possible. Instead of the week it's going to take us to get there, we hope to get back in 3 days. Juice will be able to take 2 weeks and join us in Salt Lake.

We are really excited to see our family. I hope that Juice's sister and her family can all come from Idaho and we can get together with all of his brothers and sisters and all of Butterfly's cousins. We haven't done that since before I had Butterfly. I think it's been 4 years since I've seen his sister. I'm not sure if she's even met Butterfly, let alone the boys.

We are also excited to see our friends. My friend Mink and her little girls, Zuke and his family, and others. I'd like to take Butterfly fishing again. Maybe I can talk my dad into taking us camping one night, although he may have enough of us in the car. I am so looking forward to being close to a temple and having some one to watch the kids in the same house we are staying in. I'm looking forward to playing rock band with my brother and doing some shopping with my Mom. I'd like to spend some time with my grandparents and take pictures of the valley at night.

I am in full planning mode for this trip. Okay, I'm also in slight panic mode for it as well. The car needs to be looked at. I need to find a place to put Soot in a kennel in Moab since they don't allow dogs in the park. (We left her for a month last year...this year it'll just be easier to take her with. Hopefully.) I need to figure out what I am taking and how to fit it into my van. I'll need to stop our mail, milk delivery, and Netflix for the month. I'll need to find a sub for my Sunday School class. I need to get a few new toys and movies for the kids. I need to see if I left my sanity in the ocean last summer or what.

Anyone have any tips for making this trip as smooth as possible?


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy Today!


This morning, instead of staying home and doing laundry like a good girl should, I went out with my friend Lolli and her son AJ. I thought Butterfly could use some play time so we made plans to go to the resource center. It is so much fun there! They have play dough, paints, toys we don't have, gravel, lots of blocks, games, puzzles...you name it they have it.

Before we went to the resource center though, we stopped off at the pizza place for free pasta in a bread bowl. Yeah, it's just what it sounds like. Pasta wrapped in a pizza dough like bowl. It was pretty good. I enjoyed mine. Butterfly wouldn't touch it but I liked it.

After some good play dough play (Butterfly built a forest with animals in it, very convincing too) and some dot painting, we came home with tired kids. Butterfly's swim lessons were going to start in a little over an hour so I decided to not make her have a nap. I knew she would nap if I put her in her room and she is cross when she wakes up under 1 hour. So no nap for her.

But, she was good enough to get ready for swimming lessons and very happy to be in the pool. As I was picking her up after her class, her teacher was letting the kids "jump" in the pool. The teacher would tell the kids to get ready, and then basically lift them high and bring them down into the pool. Butterfly surprised her teacher by doing a mini cannon ball into the water all by herself. She actually went all the way under and popped back up by herself. Way to go Butterfly!

I wanted to go take advantage of baskin Robbins 31 cent ice cream today but our local baskin Robbins has closed. I couldn't think of another one close by so we went with our old stand by, Bruster's. Plus it was raining so we got our second scoop for free. Yum!

Everyone went to bed tired and happy, which is where I'm off to as well.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sharing is Hard


Sharing is hard for everyone in this house lately. I have labeled myself the toy police and am constantly telling small people to stop taking toys! From your siblings! Arg!


Anyway, one thing that the boys are not doing well right now is taking turns. Specifically taking turns with their medicine. Man they see that little dropper in my hand and come to me as fast as their little hands and knees can go. Pirate trips over himself in his rush to get to me. This morning I sat on the floor between them to give them their medicine. Here's how it went:

Me, cross legged on the floor (in my pjs still because we all wear pjs in this house until a) at least 10am or b) we have to go somewhere...it's just how it is) and I call the boys over to me with their bottles of medicine and the dropper that I am sharing between them. They barrel over. Professor gets to me first smiling and moving his jaw up and down. He climbs into my lap and sits down patting my legs and looking up at me. Pirate has tripped on his way over and is now screaming because he didn't get their first. He pulls himself up on Professor's shoulder and tries to pull Professor out of my lap by his hair. Professor doesn't like this (obviously) and turns to push Pirate off of him. Which causes Pirate to fall over and me to grab him so he won't hit his head on the hard floor. He uses this to his advantage and climbs up my arm. Professor thinks this is a great idea and launches himself at my other arm.

Um, boys? I do have to have my hands to do this. So I put Professor down who complains and is trying to climb up my shirt. Okay, I'll stand up. Both boys are hanging on my crying and I get the dropper ready. I turn to give it to Pirate (he just happened to be the bottle I opened first) and stick it in his bird-like mouth. Professor is unhappy that he is not being fed and tries to rip the dropper out of Pirate's mouth. Pink stuff goes everywhere. Sigh...

I picked up Pirate and gave him the rest of his dose (and a little bit more to make up for the spilled stuff...good thing the pharmacy gave me a little extra) and then put him down. I got Professor's dose ready, and picked him up. Pirate cried, pulled, hit my legs because he saw I was giving Professor his beloved liquid!!

I think tomorrow I may strap them into their high chairs to dose them. Tonight Juice held them both and we wound up doing a walk around the kitchen trying to keep hands from grabbing the dropper.

Butterfly also has to be in on it and desperately wants to give the boys the dropper but I won't let her. I do let her squeeze the top and fill the dropper with meds, but that's as far as I'm going with that one.

Pirate's nose is still pouring out green gunk and he still has an off and on fever. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow. Until then, I am marveling at the amount and color of his snot. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anything so green come out of a nose before. Professor is totally on the mend and is happier than I've seen him in awhile. A month or more. Hopefully they will both sleep well tonight and wake up feeling even better.


Monday, April 27, 2009

What is red, puss filled, and hurts?


Pirate woke up refusing to nurse. To anyone who knows him and our little nursing relationship knows that this is a huge deal. Huge. He was hot but it's sweltering here lately. I took him down and tried to give him breakfast. No go. He cried and only wanted to be held. When he curled up in my lap and gave a little moan, something finally kicked in.

He's sick. He's not just hot because it's hot outside, he has a fever. 103.2 to be exact.

Remember when last week all Professor wanted to do was lay in my lap and moan and not eat?

Exactly the same thing.

Except this time I called my pediatrician and they had me come in about 2pm. By the time we arrived, Pirate had had one little sip of water (before breaking down into tears) and on tiny bite of oatmeal. Professor was barely any better.

The doctor (who was the same one as last week's year old visit) checked their ears. Red, pussy, fluid filled left ear for Pirate. And residual redness in both ears and a red/swollen throat for Professor. He looked at me, broke out his prescription pad and said, "What do you want to do?" Huh? No doctor has ever asked me that. He must have seen the blank look on my face because he explained himself further by saying that if I had brought either of the boys in by themselves, he would have given antibiotics to Pirate no question and nothing to Professor. But since they seem to have gotten the same thing and since Professor STILL isn't eating well, he wanted to know if I wanted an Rx for both of them.

Yes please!

He was also VERY concerned that they hadn't eaten much all day. He suggested I go over to the smoothie place and see if I could get something cool and fruity on their throat if it would help. Butterfly was excited about the idea. So off we went. I got a medium and Butterfly had her own. The boys drank 80% of my drink, came home, nursed like champs, and went to sleep for over 2 hours. You'd think as a mom I would have caught on to their little sickness sooner. Oh well.

Boy do they love that pink liquid. They both sucked it down like it was some huge treat, not unlike the mango smoothie this afternoon. I'm hoping they will stop having running noses by tomorrow and will feel much better.

Being sick is no fun!


PS- I think this is the boys' first tastes of antibiotics. Yay for a milestone!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Pictures, take 9 Easter Egg Roll


I finally got around to uploading all of my pictures...all 299 of them. (From the week my parents were here, not 299 at the White House Easter Egg Roll.) Here are all the kids doing the roll. Straight out of the camera since it took over an hour to move the pictures from the cards to the computer. Enjoy!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot and Hijacked


Today has been hot. Sticky, sweaty, I hate humidity, hot. It makes Juice cranky and makes me hate the weather all that much more. I refuse to turn the air conditioning on in April so we will suffer. Hopefully the neighbors will be quiet and we can keep our windows open tonight.

Juice hijacked my day of cleaning our bedroom. Man does that room need to be cleaned. But he got it in his head that we must move the computer desk from the boys room into our living room TODAY. I have no idea why. Needless to say, our bedroom ended up worse than before (if you can believe that) and he finally agreed with me that we have grown out of this house.

So at least I won that argument. Still...I guess a clean room will have to wait for another week.

Did I just feel a trickle of sweat between my shoulder blades? And I hear a baby crying (always makes me think of Lady and the Tramp) so I'm off.

I hate humidity.


Friday, April 24, 2009

12 Month Update


The boys turned 1 year old last Saturday. I just can't believe it. The party was fun (more about that later) and I loved singing happy birthday twice...once for each. They smashed their cakes beautifully and the rest of us enjoyed sandwiches, cake, and chips.

On Monday they had their 1 year old doctor appointment with the evil MMR shot. I'm seriously going to delay that one for the next baby...it was awful. We had a nice doctor and my mom got to come with me and help undress and dress babies. She needs to come to every doctor visit because it's SO much easier with another person.

Professor weighs 18 lbs, 8.5 oz and is 29 3/4ths inches long. He gained 2 lbs from last check up so at least he is growing! His head is 18 and 3/8ths around. He climbed all over the room and kept trying (and succeeding) to climb onto the shelf under the exam table. He has to be moving all the time. He is still trying to stand by himself, although he doesn't stand for long. He learned how to climb onto the couch by himself while my parents were here and I find him sitting quite happily on it by himself. He also learned how to turn around and go down the stairs (thank you Cappy!) and now I don't worry about him AS much on the stairs. His dimples have stayed (yay!) and I love making him giggle. He has such a deep chuckle and those impish dimples together are just too much sometimes.

He is serious about his food and especially about his Cherrios. He loves anything that he can eat himself. Bread with jam and butter is a particular favorite. He also loves his oatmeal in the morning, and macaroni and cheese for lunch. Bananas are always welcome, as well as avocados, pizza, noodles, sweet potatoes, anything really. He eats a lot as long as you don't try to feed him. We went to our favorite ice cream place for the boys very first ice cream and he cried when he ate it because it was so cold. He can drink through a straw (yay!) so we get to start in on milk and juices. This past week with him being so sick has been unusual for me and he's been serious about snuggling. He's normally my sunshine boy, always so happy and shiny. He still has a love affair with his binky that I banish to his bed. Lately, he's been going up to his room while we are all downstairs and getting it out of his bed if he can reach it. He still loves balls and shaking his head no. He gets his feelings hurt easily and gives me the cold shoulder when I have done something wrong. He loves to play pass the baby (back and forth between someone) and is my great explorer. His skin is always so dry and sensitive but nothing that some apricot/coconut oil doesn't help. Besides, it makes him smell divine and I think he gets annoyed at me always sniffing his head. He has charm when he wants to, and still cries the loudest.

Pirate looks so much like a little boy these days. His jaw is still unhinged but his happy little kick is back sometimes. He has such an injured crying face when he is unhappy. His facial expressions really make me laugh. He said his first word on his first birthday! I was trying to put them up to bed for a nap so they would be happy for the party and Juice was holding Pirate. I held out my arms to him and he pushed my hands away and said clearly, "Daddy." We both laughed and asked ourselves if that is what we heard. I held out my hands to him again and he pushed them away and said, "Daddy" again. Juice was glowing. Butterfly was a huge momma's girl and to have the boys be interested in him makes him happy.

Pirate weighs 19 lbs, 1 oz and is 30 3/4ths inches long. His head is 18 1/4 inches around. He waves, dances, and points. He loves to push buttons. He also loves to give me things and have me give them back to him. I thought I heard him said "Out" the other day while we were standing by our storm door looking outside. He loves to eat and cries when it takes too long between spoonfuls. He has started to like to snuggle and will climb into my lap and put his head on my chest and suck his thumb. Just to be there. I love it. He babbles very softly, mostly trying out new sounds right after he nurses. We still call him Mr. Grabby because he grabs everything. Grocery shopping with him is entertaining because he is always grabbing at all the stuff on the shelves. We think he got Juice's skin because it rarely gets irritated whereas Professor's skin is always more sensitive.

We had friends over this weekend and they were asking who the baby was on my wall. I have a one year old picture of Butterfly up. My little fried said that she thought it was Pirate but wondered why I put him in a dress. Butterfly and Pirate look so similar. There is no doubt that those two are siblings. They remind me of each other.

Everyone said that the first year with twins was the hardest. I actually think we did pretty good. Of course, we had help for the first 5 months or so. It also could be that I'm not remembering those newborn days very well. No sleep, no time, but so much fun and love. We absolutely adore these boys. I can't imagine our lives without them. I look forward to seeing what the next year is going to bring!


PS- Thanks to my friend Lolli who took these amazing pictures of the boys!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sleep vs Blog


Another short update from me today. Professor spent another night in my arms, roasting he was so hot. I watched 2 movies last night (The Importance of Being Earnest and The Man From Snowy River) and watched the clock tick slowly by.

4am rolled around and I could finally move without him clinging to me and crying. Bed time!

Juice couldn't stay home this morning due to some work meeting (how inconsiderate of them!) so I dealt with my 2 hours of sleep and even took the kids to the resource center.

Professor actually got down and played. I was amazed.

After his nap (at least he is napping...I should have. Stupid phone.), I basically froze us out. I opened all the windows for some cool fresh air. Even then I could tell when Professor came near me because he was so dang hot. A call to the doctor (they can't do anything) and a wonderful friend bringing juice (hey look the boys can drink out of straws!) and his fever broke. He was happy, pleasant and smiling all through dinner for Daddy. Grr...

I put Butterfly to bed early too because I was cross and Juice is gone on a service project.

Now, bedtime!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coming Soon


I've been uncharacteristically absent from my blog lately. The trip with my family was so much fun! So much so that I was in bed early every day and sleep won out over blogging.

I have 3 FULL cards of pictures that I'm going to attempt to download today, so expect a lot of pictures soon.

Updates to look forward to as well: the boys 1st birthday! They are one year old! Their year old doctor visit, cousin pictures, Egg Roll pictures, and a museum review.

One little update right now: the boys got their first dose of the MMR vaccine on Monday. All day yesterday they both just laid in my arms moaning and radiating heat. It was awful! Pirate's fever broke around 4pm and he was pleasant and happy. Professor, on the other hand, was horribly sick. He cried every time I put him down and just sat in my arms not moving. Tylenol didn't help, and I figured the best thing for him was sleep. Around 2am I woke up to him screaming. When I picked him up I knew he was very sick, burning hot to the touch. Temperature read 103.4 degrees. More Tylenol, some cool water in a sippy cup and a lot of cuddling and nursing and it went down to around 101 in about an hour. I was all ready to call the on call doctor if it didn't go down because he was so miserable.

He finally went to sleep around 5am, and Pirate woke up around 6am for the day. I was BEAT. Juice was kind enough to work from home for an hour or so this morning so I sleep some. This morning he is feeling better, although his fever comes and goes. Ugh, I hate this shot. I remember it being hard on Butterfly too.

Look for pictures soon!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Feeling the Pinch


Today was the Easter Egg Roll 2009. I was so excited about going. I think I must have told my family about it several times in the last few days. It was just so much fun last time.

So. Let's start at the beginning.

We stayed in the very nice (with a very sparkly lobby...lots of chandeliers) hotel downtown. Our view was amazing. You could see the Ellipse (the grassy area outside the White House, normally where we would be camping out) from the window. The Washington Monument was standing tall. I was up early enough to watch the sun rise. (Again! That makes it 2 times this week I've been downtown for the sun rise. It's lovely.) I sat in my very quiet hotel room, sipped my very good hot chocolate and just enjoyed the moment. Refreshing.

We didn't get the boys to bed last night until around 8:30pm. That's 2 and a half hours after their normal bed time. We had them set up in the closet in our hotel room so they would be alone and actually sleep. Juice made a tent out of some extra sheets and it seemed quite cozy. If only the boys thought so too. They screamed pretty hard to sleep. Butterfly didn't get to sleep until after 10pm. She is a loud sleeper. Professor woke up around 4am screaming. I brought him to bed with me and fed him in hopes he would fall back asleep. Nope. For a good hour he crawled all over me, poked in fingers up my nose, and generally wanted to play. He finally fell back asleep on the bed and I got another half hour or so of sleep before I had to wake up for breakfast.

I am a little jealous of Juice and all the traveling (without the kids) he gets to do for business. So I figured I would treat myself just a tiny bit to room service breakfast. Boy am I glad I did! I only ate half of it, with thoughts of sharing with everyone else. Juice had a few bites, Butterfly ate the rest.

We rushed out to the Egg Roll and had to walk so far around. I kept expecting to see tents like they had 2 years ago when we went. And an outdoor concert that you don't have to have tickets to see. 2 years ago they had breakfast for everyone outside. We were anticipating that and no one else had eaten.

We walked through a ton of lines, but they weren't too terrible. We scanned those hard earned tickets and said goodbye to Juice and my parents (no luck sneaking them in and yes we did think about it). It was very crowded and I think I told my sister in law (Angel) that it seemed more crowded than last year. We had a potty break, a baby break, and a few other breaks before we actually got into the venues.

We headed right for the egg roll and I was shocked at the huge line. Last time we walked right up, no line. I think we rolled our eggs twice back then. I figured it must be the first thing everyone was going to so we headed away from the White House to find something else to do.

Butterfly was cross. She was hungry I think. I kept expecting candy at the exits of all the little things they have. Nothing. Not even raisins. Just a lot of posters. Butterfly flatly refused to make a jump rope (I wanted her too, they looked cool!) but seemed to perk up at the prospect of face painting. The line was short. She got a blue and white egg on her cheek.

We glanced at the line for the egg hunt. Way way too long. We decided to go back up to the egg roll and try our hand at that. On the way, we took a few pictures in front of the White House (other people took them) and met one of the lesser known presidents...I can't remember which one. We posed for a picture together but the photographer is obviously camera inept because the picture is not there. I don't think he pushed the button down hard enough.

Back to the egg roll. The line was worse than before. And we only had an hour or so left to hang out there before they were reportedly going to kick us out. We decided to hang out in line and do the roll since that is what we got tickets to do. Butterfly amused herself by stacking the yoga blocks into a tower and knocking them down. Several times. We waited in that line for 45 minutes. Gah.

When we got there, they were rushing around trying to get people through as fast as possible. I hauled out my boys (Pirate was so tired and sleeping in the top of my stroller and Professor had just woken up from an hour long nap) and put them down in front of an egg. They stared at it. They looked at the spoon. And then the grass. And then Pirate laid down on the grass and started sucking his thumb.

Butterfly whacked her egg pretty good but kept whacking it out of her line. Then she threw a fit because she was not the winner. Sigh. There was no candy to appease her either! I made her go back up to the top of the roll so I could get some pictures of the boys. The people told me I had to go since the next race was starting. I told them no, laid down on the grass and took some pictures of the boys. They are not good pictures. But they will have to do. We were there through another race and Butterfly didn't want to try again.

By now, they had made the announcement that we needed to clear the lawn. What?! We had been there maybe 2 hours and had done basically nothing. Juice reminds me that I waited in lines. Yes, we did. We also listened to the Imagination Movers and saw Handy Manny from the back.

I finally shoved Butterfly to the front of the line with the jump rope making and took a rope for her and an extra. I filled my pockets with beads to build the rope and they told us we had to leave. Fine. Be that way.

We joined the mass exodus out of the egg roll. I was excited for this part because last time we got a big goody bag and a book and a wooden egg. This time, we left with no goody bag. Not even an egg! I had to ask where they were doing that and they had blocked off a parking lot outside of the White House grounds to pass out eggs. Only the kids got eggs. Adults did not get one. But I think this might be the first year that you can buy eggs so I bought one for my Mom to match what the kids got. I wish she could have gone with us.

In summary, I think the Easter Egg Roll is feeling pressure from the economy too. No candy, no goody bags, no books. TONS more people, a lot more lines. More structure, less fun.

Still it was an experience. I think I will try to get tickets again next year. If it's like this, I have a few strategies. One of the reasons why everyone had to leave was that they weren't going to give you an egg unless you exited within 15 minutes of the closing time. That suggests to me that they don't MAKE you leave. If you miss out on getting your egg, you can just buy one like we did. I would stay through the exit and make sure we were able to do everything. I would only get the earliest tickets of the day because I hear from a few of my friends that went that they waited 2 hours to get in and only got to spend 45 minutes on the lawn. Not long enough to do anything. I would also feed everyone more food and get more sleep.

I really do hope that since this is the Obamas' first Egg Roll that things will improve. But this time around, kinda sucked. Too many people, too little time.

The rest of the day was spent feeding everyone and getting back home. We are all exhausted from the "fun". Still, the boys did great, and Butterfly did as expected.

More fun will be had tomorrow, and probably a lot less to say. (Anie, this post is for you.)


PS- Pictures later, I'm tired!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Off Tonight!


I'm taking a break from the computer tomorrow...hopefully this whole posting in the future will actually work out.

We're going to the Egg Roll and also to stay in a hotel just minutes away from the White House! I'm excited (sort of) to stay in a hotel with all my kids. Should be fun. :)

See you tomorrow!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Up at 4am


4am wake up call for me. For this:

Worth it?


Friday, April 10, 2009

We Came, We Walked, We Went Home

Today we went here:
To do a lot of walking.  
Up hills.  Both ways. 
We carried the stroller several times (remember that Uncle Carl?!) and we had a great time. 

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wahoo! Grandparents!


I love having my parents with us. It makes me want to move closer to them all the time. I would love for the boys to know them better and for Butterfly to have someone who would like to read books to her all day long. The same book. All day long. Mommy gets very bored but Nana doesn't! Or Grandpa! Love having my parents around. Just love it.

Since they are around and since I intend to spend all my time with them, posting will be sporadic and short. Sorry! I only get to see them twice a year (if that) so these 10 days are important to me. Hey, when you only get to see each other 20 days a year, it's a big thing!

Tomorrow we are off to gain our title of Ultimate Tourists as my Mom has trained me to be. Which reminds me, I really should print off directions.



Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Potty Woes


Just like the economy is tanking, so is our potty training. There has been no good potty trips today. Poor Butterfly has wet her panties every single bathroom trip today. Sigh...

I've done a lot of reading. Mostly on potty regression because that is what I feel like is happening. And I don't know why it's happening. Almost every thing I read is on a big change. Like a sibling or a move or a new classroom or something like that. The only thing I can think of is that the boys have become more mobile. Maybe she's afraid of loosing her toys to it?

I'm just not sure what to do for her with this. I feel like I can't deal with it and I wish she would go back to just doing it. We've talked about timers, rewards again, or something else but it just doesn't seem to encourage her to go.

Juice and I are both very tired the past couple of days. I think we're a little short with her, especially with this problem. I'm really not liking it.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random Thoughts


The mouse is dead! The mouse is dead! Icky too. Juice put it in the dirty diaper pail outside. It creeps me out every time I have to put a dirty diaper in there but there was no where else to put it until garbage day. I'm just glad it's not summer.

It is SO not summer. In fact, it snowed today! It's crazy cold for this time of year. Thanks Mom and Dad, for bringing winter back with you. :) The flowering trees do look enchanting with all the snow drifting down. Sadly, no pictures as I was driving furiously home from the park. Too cold to play today!

I am thinking of getting a few blueberry bushes to live in pots for us. Anyone have experience growing blueberries? Anyone?

I spent the afternoon on the phone with different people setting up stuff for the boys' birthday. I am so excited to celebrate one whole year! And I'm so happy we survived it.

I had to change Butterfly's clothes 4 times today. That girl is pushing the potty limits. She obviously doesn't know where the potty limits are since she went over them 4 times today. She is also pushing MY limits because this is driving me crazy!

Even though the conformation email says that my White House Easter Egg Roll Tickets will be emailed to me April 6-8th, they have not come yet. I am slightly worried. I guess they still have about 28 hours left to email me. I will probably call the company tomorrow and check because that would suck if I didn't actually get any tickets. Especially since I have a conformation email and number.

Only 52 hours until my parents get here! (Give or take a few hours...I kind of got side tracked around hour #40.) I'm excited to see them again and have a week of fun filled exploration. Weather permitting, the airplane park, the cherry blossoms, the zoo, and the Lincoln Paper display are all on the list. Weather not permitting includes a few museums and probably the mall.

I have been so wrapped up in Operation Destroy Mouse and All Available Entrances To Warm House for Rodents that I haven't done any cleaning. Mostly I am cleaning to find my metro pass. It's around here somewhere...I'm just not sure where.

More on ODM&AAETWHR later, including cement. This should be fun. (Know what else would be fun? Playing godfather with the mice...putting their little feet in tiny cement blocks and pushing them off the pier of the local lake. Too cruel?)


Monday, April 06, 2009

Late Night


It's so very late tonight so this will be short. The mouse is back. Juice and I have spent the last two hours pulling the washer/dryer and the oven away from the wall. (Since my washer/dryer is in my kitchen.) We have pulled all of the food out of the cupboards and put it into big plastic bins with snapping lids. This is what we used to to at camp when the mice were bad.

We have set 7 traps around the kitchen as well as the huge hole behind the washer/dryer. They are set with peanut butter although we haven't caught anything with the peanut butter yet.

We have bleached down the counters, the stove, the floor and the microwave (because we were cleaning and we might as well). The boys have been banned from the kitchen until we have caught the mouse and boarded up all the holes into the house. Tomorrow we will buy some heavy duty traps as well as steel wool to plug up the holes.

The goal also tomorrow is to find some natural mice deterrents. Because at this point, poison is back on the list. I hate to put it in the house house the dog and the kids, but we CAN NOT have mice.

I hate rodents.


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Pictures, take 8


I love spring!


Saturday, April 04, 2009



It's been 11 days since the boys got another cold. Today, I watch Professor crawl towards a toy, stop, rub his ear, go back to crawling, go back to ear rubbing, and finally get to the toy. He rubbed his ear all through lunch and dinner. He woke up from his nap screaming (but not touching his ear). His appetite is down. His nose is not always running. It seems like that might be clearing up. He has no fever and only the ear rubbing is stopping him. A trip to the doctor seems like a good idea, huh?

Pirate has major snot but I can always count on his nose to produce enough snot to lubricate a squeaky wheel. Too bad I don't have one of those! Anyone know how to stop the kid from shredding the tissue before you make it to their nose? Anyone?

Juice went painting again this morning (a friend of ours is trying to paint her house to put it on the market) so I had the kids by myself. The morning flew by and in no time it was time for Conference. (Our church has a world wide church conference every 6 months, first weekend in April, the first weekend in October.) I have to say that I missed most of the morning session because the MOUSE is back. Ooohhh...I hate that mouse. No luck in catching it either. Juice got home just in time for it to reappear and he crawled under the house, pulled out the oven and the washer/dryer, and checked for holes under the house. He even took the dog in there to see if she would point out where this mouse is coming from. No luck. There was no nest, no droppings, no holes, no nothing! We have all kinds of traps and are just not getting anything. I am at my wits end with this. Any suggestions?

Ack...I just realized that the boys party is a short 2 weeks away! Off to take care of plans!


Friday, April 03, 2009

Photo Friday


This is why I hate baby food.

But also why I love my new flash. No touch ups to these photos today! Straight out of the camera.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Things To Do


This is going to be one boring list of things that I need to do in the next few days. Feel free to skip it if you want.

  • Finalize the food for the boys birthday in about 2 weeks!
  • I have over 600 emails in my inbox. Maybe I should go through that.
  • Get started on Professor's video. Poor third child is missing out!
  • Do the dishes. We have several days worth due to Juice being gone almost every night this week. He normally does them. I leave them for him most days because he likes to feel like he's a part of the household. Totally fine by me! But today there are several loads to run so I thought I'd help him out.
  • Laundry. Ever present laundry.
  • Bank and mailbox. I finally managed to see Twilight the movie. With Juice even! I convinced him that we should buy the books! Hmm...maybe I can head over to the used book store while I'm out.
  • Address, stamp, and send invites to the party. Curse the fact that Butterfly lost my address book over a year ago and email everyone who needs an invite for their address.
  • In between all of this, look after the kids, 2 dogs and try not to be freaked out over every little movement in the corner of my eye. I hate having this mouse around. At least the last one we found Soot killed!
  • Talk to my mom and sister in law about their trip next week! I can't believe they will be here in 7 short days.
  • Sigh...I guess I need to add house cleaning to this list.
So, one more busy day in our life. Do you ever get bored of reading what I do every day? I do sometimes. I'm amazed anyone besides my parents and grandparents still read.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Late Night Check List


One late night for me and Juice.
Two midnight snacks.
One anxious dog.
One removal of the oven drawer.
One MOUSE under the oven.
One freaked out Mommy.
One very excited dog who did NOT get said mouse.
One mouse under our washing machine.
One actual move of the oven.
Two traps set out.
Two empty traps this morning.
One seriously freaked out Mommy.
One developing burning loathing of rodents.
One developing burning loathing of dirty neighbors.
One developing burning desire to live in car.

Sigh...send help, again!