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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wahoo! Grandparents!


I love having my parents with us. It makes me want to move closer to them all the time. I would love for the boys to know them better and for Butterfly to have someone who would like to read books to her all day long. The same book. All day long. Mommy gets very bored but Nana doesn't! Or Grandpa! Love having my parents around. Just love it.

Since they are around and since I intend to spend all my time with them, posting will be sporadic and short. Sorry! I only get to see them twice a year (if that) so these 10 days are important to me. Hey, when you only get to see each other 20 days a year, it's a big thing!

Tomorrow we are off to gain our title of Ultimate Tourists as my Mom has trained me to be. Which reminds me, I really should print off directions.




  1. Haha! I just printed off directions! It looks like we're on for tomorrow, without my injured girl. She wants to stay with her friend and see a movie. :)

  2. May you have no problem, may you not get lost and may you create many many happy memories and take lots of pictures to brag about.

  3. I am happy your have your parents there. It will be great for everyone :)

    Have fun and I hope you get an afternoon or more just for you!


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