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Monday, April 06, 2009

Late Night


It's so very late tonight so this will be short. The mouse is back. Juice and I have spent the last two hours pulling the washer/dryer and the oven away from the wall. (Since my washer/dryer is in my kitchen.) We have pulled all of the food out of the cupboards and put it into big plastic bins with snapping lids. This is what we used to to at camp when the mice were bad.

We have set 7 traps around the kitchen as well as the huge hole behind the washer/dryer. They are set with peanut butter although we haven't caught anything with the peanut butter yet.

We have bleached down the counters, the stove, the floor and the microwave (because we were cleaning and we might as well). The boys have been banned from the kitchen until we have caught the mouse and boarded up all the holes into the house. Tomorrow we will buy some heavy duty traps as well as steel wool to plug up the holes.

The goal also tomorrow is to find some natural mice deterrents. Because at this point, poison is back on the list. I hate to put it in the house house the dog and the kids, but we CAN NOT have mice.

I hate rodents.



  1. I'm sorry! I've been catching mice at my mom's too. They like the bird seed in the parakeet cage. So I put it on the traps. You should get some. They also liked granola bars a lot. Good luck! I wish I knew where they were getting in here.

  2. I saw on facebook that you caught it so HOORAY! I HATE mice. I didn't mind them that much until I actually had them in my house. Hopefully you don't have more than one!

  3. YOU CAUGHT IT???????? YWAH!!!!!! THATS SO AWESOME! CONGRATS! I hope there was only ONE! AH!

  4. Well, from what I am reading here - you caught it!!! Awesome!!! I was gonna offer to drive down there to help you - because no one should have to suffer through that!

    I'm on FB, too - how do you like the new layout?

    AND - what kind of flash do you have for your camera - those highchair pics are great!


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