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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random Thoughts


The mouse is dead! The mouse is dead! Icky too. Juice put it in the dirty diaper pail outside. It creeps me out every time I have to put a dirty diaper in there but there was no where else to put it until garbage day. I'm just glad it's not summer.

It is SO not summer. In fact, it snowed today! It's crazy cold for this time of year. Thanks Mom and Dad, for bringing winter back with you. :) The flowering trees do look enchanting with all the snow drifting down. Sadly, no pictures as I was driving furiously home from the park. Too cold to play today!

I am thinking of getting a few blueberry bushes to live in pots for us. Anyone have experience growing blueberries? Anyone?

I spent the afternoon on the phone with different people setting up stuff for the boys' birthday. I am so excited to celebrate one whole year! And I'm so happy we survived it.

I had to change Butterfly's clothes 4 times today. That girl is pushing the potty limits. She obviously doesn't know where the potty limits are since she went over them 4 times today. She is also pushing MY limits because this is driving me crazy!

Even though the conformation email says that my White House Easter Egg Roll Tickets will be emailed to me April 6-8th, they have not come yet. I am slightly worried. I guess they still have about 28 hours left to email me. I will probably call the company tomorrow and check because that would suck if I didn't actually get any tickets. Especially since I have a conformation email and number.

Only 52 hours until my parents get here! (Give or take a few hours...I kind of got side tracked around hour #40.) I'm excited to see them again and have a week of fun filled exploration. Weather permitting, the airplane park, the cherry blossoms, the zoo, and the Lincoln Paper display are all on the list. Weather not permitting includes a few museums and probably the mall.

I have been so wrapped up in Operation Destroy Mouse and All Available Entrances To Warm House for Rodents that I haven't done any cleaning. Mostly I am cleaning to find my metro pass. It's around here somewhere...I'm just not sure where.

More on ODM&AAETWHR later, including cement. This should be fun. (Know what else would be fun? Playing godfather with the mice...putting their little feet in tiny cement blocks and pushing them off the pier of the local lake. Too cruel?)



  1. We've got a potty limit pusher here too, but I'm not brave to go without the diapers yet. I need to take them away, but I'm not ready to deal with accidents on the floor when I've got a near-crawler too.

  2. Yay! So glad you caught the mouse! Good luck getting everything plugged up, hopefully they never bother you again!

    We just planted our first blueberry bush, Sprout is so excited. She keeps asking if they're ready to pick.

    Sprout is also a potty limit pusher . . . it's irritating as all get out! I've been finding that a little reverse psychology is working wonders! She used to argue with me about going to the potty, not I tell her not to go and she hops up and gives me a little grin and gets on the potty. Not the best way to do it I'm sure, but at least we aren't having as many accidents during the day.

    Have fun with your parents! I hope they have a wonderful trip and the weather cooperates!

  3. So glad you got the mouse! Hmmm....do you need a 12 year old? Maybe we could come over and play a little and then leave K over there to play with Butterfly? Would that help? We need to plan some things away from our house, that's all I know! ;)

  4. rofl....Somehow I can totally picture the godfather thing.

    Ok, so I just remembered. Mice can't stand peppermint. So you get pure peppermint oil (not extract) and soak cotton balls and put them around your house - under the stove and the washer/drier, etc. Some people cut panty liners into strips and put the peppermint oil on that instead of the cotton balls--then you can 'stick' them wherever you want.

    I have tried this...and it did seem to work.

  5. Soooo happy you caught Mickey. Poopie diapers are a fitting end - he should have stayed in the field!

    Have a great visit with your family - you sound so excited!!! (Hope those tickets come, too ...)

  6. Yeah for the dead mouse!!!
    I hope you get your tickets today!


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