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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sharing is Hard


Sharing is hard for everyone in this house lately. I have labeled myself the toy police and am constantly telling small people to stop taking toys! From your siblings! Arg!


Anyway, one thing that the boys are not doing well right now is taking turns. Specifically taking turns with their medicine. Man they see that little dropper in my hand and come to me as fast as their little hands and knees can go. Pirate trips over himself in his rush to get to me. This morning I sat on the floor between them to give them their medicine. Here's how it went:

Me, cross legged on the floor (in my pjs still because we all wear pjs in this house until a) at least 10am or b) we have to go somewhere...it's just how it is) and I call the boys over to me with their bottles of medicine and the dropper that I am sharing between them. They barrel over. Professor gets to me first smiling and moving his jaw up and down. He climbs into my lap and sits down patting my legs and looking up at me. Pirate has tripped on his way over and is now screaming because he didn't get their first. He pulls himself up on Professor's shoulder and tries to pull Professor out of my lap by his hair. Professor doesn't like this (obviously) and turns to push Pirate off of him. Which causes Pirate to fall over and me to grab him so he won't hit his head on the hard floor. He uses this to his advantage and climbs up my arm. Professor thinks this is a great idea and launches himself at my other arm.

Um, boys? I do have to have my hands to do this. So I put Professor down who complains and is trying to climb up my shirt. Okay, I'll stand up. Both boys are hanging on my crying and I get the dropper ready. I turn to give it to Pirate (he just happened to be the bottle I opened first) and stick it in his bird-like mouth. Professor is unhappy that he is not being fed and tries to rip the dropper out of Pirate's mouth. Pink stuff goes everywhere. Sigh...

I picked up Pirate and gave him the rest of his dose (and a little bit more to make up for the spilled stuff...good thing the pharmacy gave me a little extra) and then put him down. I got Professor's dose ready, and picked him up. Pirate cried, pulled, hit my legs because he saw I was giving Professor his beloved liquid!!

I think tomorrow I may strap them into their high chairs to dose them. Tonight Juice held them both and we wound up doing a walk around the kitchen trying to keep hands from grabbing the dropper.

Butterfly also has to be in on it and desperately wants to give the boys the dropper but I won't let her. I do let her squeeze the top and fill the dropper with meds, but that's as far as I'm going with that one.

Pirate's nose is still pouring out green gunk and he still has an off and on fever. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow. Until then, I am marveling at the amount and color of his snot. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anything so green come out of a nose before. Professor is totally on the mend and is happier than I've seen him in awhile. A month or more. Hopefully they will both sleep well tonight and wake up feeling even better.



  1. I know it wasn't suppose to be funny -- but your storytelling makes me laugh! I can imagine the scene! Hope the sickies will be gone soon and you won't have to battle with the medicine much longer!

  2. Well at least they are not fighting it:-) This is a plus. I used to have to sit on Maltese to get him to take meds.


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