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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How cool is this?


So I got an email last night. About a month a go, I spent a few hours writing a few small stories for a website. This website got in contact with me from seeing my writing on another website (not my blog, a completely different website that if you really want to read, email me I will send you the link. Deanna, Amy, Jill, you know what site I'm talking about.) Anyway, I wrote 2 stories, sent them in and didn't really think much about it. Until last night. When I got an email from the editor. She was congratulation me that I have been chosen to be one of their freelance writers out of 1,000 applicants! I'm shocked! And thrilled! I get MONEY. Yes, you are now reading writing from a paid writer. This is my ultimate dream job and I am WAY TOO EXCITED!!!! So everyone go familiarize yourself with this website and soon you will be seeing my by-line!



Monday, March 27, 2006

Why? Why?


I was feeling ambitious and signed myself up for a spin class at the YMCA. I've only been twice because of the creeping sickness in the house. Today was my second time and I ask myself, why? Why do I insist on sitting on a really uncomfortable bike (horse saddles are much better) and pumping my legs going no where? I never liked exercising inside. Those stationary bikes just seem pointless to me. BUT, on the other hand, I went 10 miles today and my legs are killing me. And we went to a party for my mom's group on Saturday and one of the ladies that I see pretty regularly said that I looked thinner. Yay! That right there is the biggest reason to keep me going to the psycho spin class. Even if it is at 6am and Butterfly got up at 4am today. Ugh...

Another good thing about the class is that it gets me out of the house by myself for an hour. I think today was the first time I realized how attached Butterfly is to me. She was crying/whining when I came home. Juice was doing his stone cold "I'm annoyed" look. As I picked her up, she calmed right down and was calm as could be. Juice huffed a little, and went back to bed. Poor guy. Had to be up with the baby at 6:30 instead of 4am. Boo hoo.

Don't get me wrong, Butterfly loves her Daddy. When she is sick, she wants nothing to do with me. Only Daddy will do. And Juice gets the biggest laughs out of her. She loves to rough house with him more, and can't get into his arms fast enough when he comes home from work. I guess she is just used to me in the morning and Juice at night.

In other good news, I finished my scrapbook for the 2004/2005 year. It's almost 100 pages long (92 to be exact). Did I really have the time to do all of that?! I am not starting on the 2005/2006 book until I catch up with Butterfly's baby book. So far I have the baby showers, the sonograms and 2 pages of her birth in there. At least 10 more months to go. My goal is to get it caught up by the time her 1st birthday rolls around. When we have our big birthday/graduation celebration in May I want people to be able to look through the book. Only 2 more months to finish it. Wish me luck.

Juice got a congratulatory letter from his school notifying him on meeting all of his requirements to graduate. Way to go Juice! Now only commencement in May and we are finished with school for awhile. Yay!

We are almost done with our annual house fix up of the spring. New windows, check. Clean air vents, on Wednesday. New door, they come to measure on April 11th. I'm looking forward to not having to have strange people in our house weekly. This is probably the last big improvement we will do on our house now until we move. (We're not moving for a few years...)

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Funny funny...


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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh so cute


I know I always talk about how cute Butterfly is but seriously, I didn't realize how completely wonderful having your own kid around was. After years of babysitting other people's kids, and wondering how I'm going to deal with my own kid, it's really quite amazing how much you like your own kids. If that makes any sense. She is just so much fun. Right now she is blowing raspberries at Juice's computer. So silly!

Besides the raspberries, she is doing 2 very cute things lately. We have all been sick. It's been horrible. And since I was the first one to get sick, I am the first one to get better. Why is it that when I get sick I still have to take care of everyone? Juice did help out a lot but it would have been nice to be a little kid again.

Anyway, with this sickness, Butterfly lost her voice. She had the cutest little tiny cry. It was all deep and raspy and tiny. So so so cute. It's almost gone now and I never did get a video of it so you can't see but cute none the less.

The other thing that she seems to like lately is books. She will sit down with a book and read it to herself. Talking and all. Turn the pages, smile at the bears and dogs and owls. We also read a bedtime story at night and she will now snuggle into me and turn the pages when it's time to turn the pages. I love that she loves books. I hope it continues.

Another tooth has shown up on top. That makes a total of 6 teeth.

I have just discovered that my really good friend Julia has a blog too! Have been reading through it all day in between chasing down Baby Girl and getting juice and soup for Juice. How come I didn't realize this earlier Julia?! ;) Congrats on knowing that Audrey is coming soon!

Until next time,
Safire, Juice and Butterfly

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh that's just me, hacking lung out.


Butterfly and I have been sick sick sick for about a week. I first noticed how cold I was last week after swimming. And by the end of the day, I was a puddled mess of fever, cough and general grumpiness. Wednesday was bad...I had Juice stay home from work because I seriously couldn't get out of bed. Temp climbed to 102. Thursday, Juice stayed home voluntarily because I was so sick. Temp climbed to 104.5. Ouch. That day Butterfly started to act a little cranky and I knew it was only a matter of time before we were both sick. And boy did she get it. Her fevers weren't as bad as mine, but the stuff coming out of her nose was a lot more disgusting! She will throw herself back and start to scream if she sees a tissue come out of it's box. Even if it's going to my nose and not hers she flips out. Poor thing. She is also not sleeping well. She woke up one morning to her nose crusted over. I had to get a washcloth and hold it there to break up the snot so she could breath out of her nose. Let's just say I've seen more snot this week to paint my walls with it. Gross.

Yesterday we got new windows in the house. The biggest difference so far has been how quiet it is. I never knew how thin our windows were. So far, so good. Pictures to come but the office is a wreck (had to move everything 2 feet away from the walls) and I don't want to find the camera.

Also, my family is in Disneyland without me for the second year in a row. Shoulda gone...


Friday, March 10, 2006

10 Months old!


Butterfly is 10 months old today. Can you believe it? She is out of the single digit months. And I can't believe how much she has learned this month too. Besides the crawling and the dancing (which is so cute by the way), she has also learned how to stand by herself for a few seconds, point out noses (including the dog's), chins, mouth, ears, eyes, glasses, etc. She is also pulling up on everything in sight.

Also for 10 months old she seems to have caught my horrific cold. I'm hoping that she won't get as sick as I did and keeping her doped up with tylenol. So far she has missed out on the cough but has a major runny nose and a small fever. Not like my huge fever of 104!

We're just hanging out today and hopefully we'll be better in a few days. Until then,

Safire and Butterfly

Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Temperature outside: 50 degrees
Temperature inside: 70 degrees
Average Temperature of a healthy human: 98.7 degrees
Average Temperature of a healthy dog: 101 degrees
Temperature of Safire right now: 102.3 degrees

Sick with a fever and a cough. Ugh...


Friday, March 03, 2006

Movie Test #2


Another test....

Video Sharing at DropShots.com

Butterfly dancing!



I am $100 dollars richer! I just found out that I was drawn for a prize from these people and won! MP3 Player here I come!

Now if it only had another zero on the end...


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A crawling test...


This is a test of my abilities to put a video on this page. This is only a test.

Monday, February 27, 2006

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