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Friday, May 30, 2008

Stroller Talk


Okay, so let's talk strollers. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I started researching strollers. I have to admit, I am a stroller-a-holic. I seriously need to go to strollers anonymous because I have 3 strollers for Butterfly. One child, 3 strollers.

Stroller #1- We got this stroller with our car seat when I was pregnant with Butterfly. It was huge and we found it was hard to push around our neighborhood with all of our stairs. We used it a few times with the car seat, but found it was easier to carry her around.

Stroller #2- We bought it to push her around the neighborhood when she got too heavy to carry on our nightly walks. Actually, I think we bought it to take with us on one of our many trips to Utah. It was cheep and if it got trashed on the airplane, no big deal. We used it every night after that to walk around the neighborhood with.

Stroller #3- A Christmas present to me from Juice. It's lightweight, has a carrying strap, and I love it. This is the stroller I take with me everywhere for Butterfly. It lives in our car. It's been hiking (easy to sling over a shoulder when the pushing gets too tough), downtown, down the street, several different states (like Hawaii), and to the beach. We have really used this stroller and it shows. It's starting to wear down.

Since that stroller is starting to wear down, I decided to get a new one with baby #2. I decided on a really nice stroller. That pregnancy didn't work out. And when we found out we were having twins, I switched to their double stroller. But then I heard some rave reviews about a different stroller. So when we went to the store to look at the strollers, I test drove a lot of strollers. And I really liked the different stroller.

I liked it so much more than my first stroller, that we decided to get a BOB dulie. I love this stroller. And the reason why we bought a BOB over a Phil and Ted's stroller? The sun flaps that come down were longer and had little windows in them to see the kids. We took it hiking around the lake by our house (and I use the term hiking loosely since the path is paved). We did push it on the grass some and up hills. It was no harder than pushing it on a paved path. Loving the stroller.

Hiking was cut short by Butterfly grabbing a thorny bush and getting a HUGE thorn in her hand. Luckily I started carrying around the kitchen sink in my diaper bag again because we were able to clean up all the blood and bandage it.

We did see this heron on the dock on the way home. The lake is a heron nesting sight and we see them around the area all the time. This guy likes to stand on the dock when the fishermen are there and steal their fish when they catch them. He must enough to have him stay on the dock so calmly. I was about an arms length away from him.

Bottom line: I love the BOB stroller. Do not touch thorny bushes. Try fishing away from the main dock.


PS- Yes, I have one more stroller. That makes a grand total of 5 strollers for 3 kids. This other stroller is a snap and go for their car seats. I'd like for it to live in the car while the boys are in their car seats. It is kind of hard to push. But I got it for free and the lady said I was the 3rd family to use it. It's nice to not have to pull them out of their car seats to get out and walk around. However, if I need to pull one out of the car seat, I can't push the snap and go with one hand and hold the other twin. (I can with the BOB.) Still, it works fine and when the boys grow out of it, I'll pass it along to another family. Honestly, I haven't been out much to actually use either stroller extensively but I hope to this summer. And of course, since the boys are in a stroller, Butterfly wants to be in hers too. That's been fun. Good thing I haven't gone out alone and needed a stroller. We'll have that fight when we're alone.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Smiling


Yesterday I got two very small half smiles from Pirate. You could tell he was thinking about it both times. Today, he gave me a HUGE toothless grin! He looked so happy and pleased to see me. Wow, it's amazing how much these smiles make everything worth it. They can't come at a more needed time!

Professor gave a small half smile to Juice yesterday too so we're hopeful that the smiley phase is coming for both of them. It's my favorite stage. I love these little smiles.

Juice played hooky today and we all went to the recourse center and showed Daddy around. We did a craft, enjoyed circle time, and played with dolls. Well, Juice did all of that with Butterfly, I sat and talked to my friend Laura while the boys slept. A fun morning!

We then stopped by a fast food place for lunch (why not make a day of it?) and as we were leaving, we saw a semi hit a bright yellow convertible in the intersection. The convertible was going very fast, and I think the semi thought the convertible was not going to go through the light so he started to go. They met right in the middle. The yellow convertible spun around, hit a van right behind the semi's trailer, and skidded to a stop. Ouch. And who should step out of the convertible but a cop in all her gear. Ooohhh...not good for the semi driver.

We are getting ready for the boys' blessing this weekend. I will be making the great chicken salad tomorrow, and we have a bunch of tables and chairs being delivered so we can have ourselves some food outside. I love having spring babies so we can have all their parties outside. It also helps that we are right next to a park! I'm excited to see these guys in their blessing outfits. And of course, pictures will be coming!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!


BBQ was eaten. Flags were flown. Babies were passed around. Swimming and summer plans were made. Popsicles were eaten. Fun times were had by all!

I love my ward.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions:

1- They are sleeping as newborns sleep...in 2 to 3 hour stretches. I am lucky at night that they get their diaper changed (thanks Daddy!), eat, and go right back to sleep. I do try to keep them up some during the day so they will be tired and sleep at night. I also try to get them to sleep the same time Butterfly takes a nap so I can nap or do whatever.

Now, our nights are far from peaceful. Mostly Professor wakes up first, screams through his diaper change, eats for about 20-30 minutes and wants to be cuddled for a few minutes or he's back to screaming the millisecond I put him down. So we cuddle (me very sleepily, he very happily and also sleepily). I wrap him up, put him down and pick up a stirring Pirate. Sometimes Pirate is not stirring. Sometimes he is screaming and Juice has to deal with him until I am done feeding Professor. (Tandem feeding is not something I do at night, I just can't yet.)

Pirate also eats for 20-30 minutes, and wants to be cuddled a little too. Oh, and he has to be burped so that takes a few minutes. I often find myself jolting awake while patting him...I'm going to actually burp him in my sleep one of these days. He goes down, I fall into whatever position I happen to fall into on the bed and am out. Repeat in about an hour, hour and a half because it's taken me over an hour to get everyone sleeping again, and Professor will wake up for his meals on time.

2- They are totally different. Their faces, their bodies, their cries, everything about them are totally different. I have never seen twins so completely different as these guys except for my second cousins. (One is tall and red headed, the other short and dark.) Maybe it's because I spend a lot of time with them, but I don't really understand when people say they look very similar. Similar in size, yes. But everything else, no!

3- We are doing fine. Yes we are sleep deprived, some times cranky and sometimes silly. But isn't every new parent? We do manage to get Juice to work at reasonable hours (you know, before 11am) and we do manage to do things like go to church or to the grocery store. We are doing fine, if only surviving. That really was my only goal for the first 3 months was to survive.

4- Butterfly is doing okay. She is doing better than she was at the beginning of the month. She has started to include her baby brothers in prayers and night time good nights which is a big deal. She does want me to do things like carry her down the stairs because I carried the baby brothers down the stairs or feed her but those are little things in my mind and I am happy to do them for her. She cries a lot, throws a lot of tantrums, and I am frankly too tired to deal with them. Ignoring them sometimes works, enforced nap time works, and distraction works.

5- We are glad grandparents are here to play with Butterfly! She is warming up to them and will actually ask them questions now. Yay!

6- Pirate's heart thing that they watched so closely in utero was gone the moment he came out. This was our best case scenario. (Granted the worst case scenario was watching it till it went away but still...)

Any other questions?


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Are Sleep Deprived and Slap Happy


Juice was changing a little diaper (not uncommon in our house) late last night. We were making comments about Pirate and his internet name. Somehow money came up.

Juice said, "Well, he doesn't have a lot of booty but he sure does make a lot of golden nuggets."

Har har har. Let's just say pirate jokes abound right now.


Monday, May 19, 2008

One Month Old


The boys were one month old yesterday. I wanted to wait until I had their official stats to do an update on them. We went to the doctor this afternoon (no accidents on us this time! we are getting better!) and here you go.

Pirate- 21 inches long, head circumference: 14 1/4 inches, and weight: 8 lbs, 1 oz. You read it right, 8 pounds! He has gained almost 2 pounds since birth in just one short month. I just can't believe how big he's getting. He has also grown an inch and a half. He also got a shot for hepatitis B which he cried over. He doesn't typically cry much but he was not happy about this activity. Poor little guy. I hate getting shots too! Right now he is in the 25th percentile for everything, which is a good size. He is doing all the stuff he should be of eating, making nose, tracking, focusing on faces, peeing, pooping.

Professor- 21 inches long, head circumference 14 5/8 inches, and weight: 8 lbs, 3.5 oz. This boy has gained 2 whole pounds since birth in one month. My dad says that's right around a 30% growth rate. I just can't believe how big he is getting too! All those feedings late at night are really paying off. He is doing all of the developmental things like making noise, eating, peeing, pooping, and starting to track just a little. He is also in the 25th percentile for everything. He got his Hepatitis B shot today. Poor little guy cried so hard he gave himself the hiccoughs.

They are doing fantastic! I can't believe how good they are doing, and that it's been a whole month since they came into the world. I still am amazed that we are a family of 6 (including the dog) and that we are surviving. Honestly, when I thought of the first month of twins at home, I thought of just surviving and not doing much else. And that's what happening. I am starting to get a little bit of my life into a new kind of normal. Things don't seem to be as frantic as the first couple of weeks. But it's still kind of crazy here. Although I think with 3 kids, crazy is the new normal.

Check out my dad's blog for a cute little video of the boys.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

To Butterfly


Or Big Sister Baby Girl Honey Baby Red Bird (insert the rest of your full name here). I love that you have nick names for yourself. It's probably because for the first 10 months of your life, we only called you Baby Girl. I read in a book that you should turn in response to your name so I tried and tried it. You would not turn around! Finally, I said, "Hey Baby Girl!" and your head whipped around. Oh. I started calling you by your first name then, although I'd say we still called you Baby Girl 80% of the time. So I love that you have different names for yourself.

And even though you call yourself a lot of different things, you definitely know who you are. You have a stubborn streak a mile wide and I love that about you. I hate it when we butt heads on things like nap time or whether or not it's dinner time, but I love that you stick to your guns. I think it will serve you well in the future if you don't let it get the best of you.

I love how you are a mix of girly girl and tom boy. You love to wear dresses and dance to music and dress up. But your favorite toys are cars and tools and aren't afraid to get dirty. You can change the batteries in your music light all by yourself (with supervision of course).

I can't wait to see how the baby brothers react to you. They are going to love you! And you are going to love them, or at least love to boss them around. I know our ordered life has turned to chaos because of their arrival, but I really do think you'll have a great relationship. At least I hope you do. I feel like my brother and I are very close, and I hope for that for you 3 as well.

Thank you for going to bed when we insist. Thank you for loving your bath and saying things like "I want you because I love you and I love you because I want you to do [insert thing here]." Thank you for insisting that we say good night to everyone from me and Daddy to the Christmas Tree and asking the house to stay here.

We love you Baby Girl!

Mommy, Daddy, and the Brothers

Saturday, May 17, 2008

To Pirate

Dear Pirate,

I can't believe how patient and pathetic you are. As loud as your brother is, you are not. But you pull the most sad pathetic faces that I just can't help but love them. I think you will probably be a lip pouter as I was. I never realized how cute that is!

You do actually sleep fairly regularly. However, you also pee all over me fairly regularly too. Like yesterday, when you peed, pooped, spit up and sneezed all over me in about an hour's time. I didn't even change my clothes because why bother? Thanks for that. I think.

And I'm still trying to figure out the mystery of your peeling forehead/eyebrow area. It's beginning to annoy me. But your cute little ear notch distracts me from your flaky skin.

Your Mom

PS- You know how Professor used to smack his lips after he nursed? Well, you do it before. It's so nice to know how happy you are to have mommy around.

Friday, May 16, 2008

To Professor

Dear Professor,

I know you are only 3 weeks old, but do you think you could at least sleep for longer than an hour? And when you are sleeping, do you think that you could stop grunting and squeaking long enough for me to at least get the 20 minutes of sleep at a time that I seem to be getting?

Much love,
Your Mom

PS- I think your eyes may be staying blue! You are staring up at me adoringly (and are also partially forgiven for not sleeping) and your eyes are so bright blue they remind me of the spring sky we had yesterday.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Went, I Cut, I Couldn't Leave


This afternoon I went and got my hair cut. I gave up a nice nap because when I left, all the kids were sleeping. But my hair had to go. It was so long. It was long enough that as I was brushing it, I couldn't brush the ends because my arm did not go that far back. It was brushing my forearms when I was standing up and my arms were straight down. It was attacking Juice at night. He was begging me to cut it. I was begging myself to cut it. So I broke down, skipped my nap, and went.

I went to the local kid's place because if I donated it to Locks of Love, they would cut my hair for free. Okay then. Free hair cut, check! They were fast. The lady put my hair in a pony tail, snipped and then braided it to send away. Once she got my hair off, I thought, "My hair!" Although I was not sad to see it go. She evened everything out and told me horror stories about working there. Like people being bit so hard by kids they had to have stitches! Does not pay to work in a kiddie salon!

I was there 10 minutes and then went back out to my car (by way of the free samples at the cinnamon roll place...was all about free stuff today).

I was all excited to be able to get back to my house in record time and I was sure that the boys needed me or something. I hopped into my car, put the key in, got a tiny "rrrr...rrrr" and then nothing. Ohhhh...I tried again. I waited a few minutes and tried again. Nothing. Sigh. I called Juice. And then I called my in laws to come and get me.

Luckily, the hair cutting place was in the mall and I parked right in front of S*ears. So they brought out their little battery check machine to my car, got it at least started and got it into the work bay area. They checked the battery: dead. New battery installed in about 30 minutes (it pays to tell the worker who is checking you in that you have 3 week old twins at home and they are pretty fast).

It was nice to have my father in law there to come and get me and to help me through the whole battery process thing. Because frankly, I hate the car stuff. If Juice could do it all the time, he would. I even hate going to get the oil changed. I will do it because it makes sense for me to do it but I still don't like it at all. So thanks New Grandpa! (This is what Butterfly calls him...my dad is Old Grandpa because they were here first visiting.)

So I did get home. Before the boys needed to eat even (although Grandma had to convince Professor to hold out with a pacifier until I got there). I'm just happy that the hair is gone. It will be much cooler in the summer!


Monday, May 12, 2008

To Jill and Everyone Who Sent Stuff


Thanks for the little gifts! They have been a lot of fun to get in the mail. The boys got these sweet little outfits from Jill (see her blog here). They also came with hats but apparently they got my big head because the hats did not fit on them. But not to worry Jill, they have your hats on in my siggy picture, even though you can't see them. :)

I actually stayed the whole time at church yesterday instead of skipping out after sacrament meeting. And I took both boys to relief society and enjoyed the lesson. Why? Because everyone at church swooped in and wanted to hold the boys. Sure! I love that our ward has been so supportive and helpful with these guys. The bishop even mentioned to Juice that he loved 'hearing' from Professor during sacrament meeting (the boy has a set of lungs on him!)


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Butterfly!


Butterfly is 3 today. 3! I can't believe it's been 3 years since she came into our lives. She has grown up so much. It's interesting to have newborns again and think that this time 3 years ago, we had another newborn. She was so small. She was so new. And we were new to parenting. While we didn't know what to expect (because what brand new parent does?) we were so ready for her to join us.

Because it took us so long to have her in the first place, I suppose it's fitting that today was our annual baby reunion with our infertility clinic. They have a big party every year for those who have had success with them. They have clowns, face painting, pictures, and balloons. Butterfly got a purple dog balloon from the clown Bubbles. Everyone oohed and ahhed over the boys, and Butterfly ran around having fun with her dog on a leash. We also had yummy lunch and I got to talk to all my old work buddies.

When we got home from the party, Juice took a nap and Butterfly and I played with her new cars and new tea set from Nana and Grandpa. Dinner happened, and then cake. We ordered her an ice cream cake and I got to enjoy some this time! Yum! She was having a hard time blowing out the candles because she was blowing over them and not on them. Very cute. We each had 2 pieces of cake (except Grandpa who only had one) and opened a few presents.

Juice and I got her a little laptop of her own. It has Cinderella on it and you can use a magic wand to make the choices, or use the glass slipper mouse to move the cursor around. It is SO CUTE and you should have seen the look on her face. Oh wait, I think I have it on camera. She loved it and I'm expecting to be annoyed with in by this time next week. Good times.

I still can't believe she is 3 years old. Where does the time go? She can count to twenty (although she thinks that 1100 is right after 20 and the end of counting), she knows most of the shapes, most of the colors, and can recognize her name. Her friend from my mom's group sent her a few little books and by the end of reading them, she could recognize the word 'woof'. She runs, she jumps, she pretends like there is no tomorrow and all she wants to do is play. She says, "aww, a baby!" every time I pick one of her brother's up. She thinks every dress she puts on is a dancing dress and has to have music. Although not the same music that she likes for every day. She likes faster songs for every day, and only likes to listen to classical music if she has a dress on. Go figure.

I think she is having a harder time adjusting to the brothers than she always lets on. The past couple of days she has not been her usual cheerful self. She is crying more often. I can tell it's a fake cry, but she is crying none the less. She also bit Juice this afternoon. We had our new stroller out with the boys at the party today and she wanted to help push it. Fine. Except it has a tendency to tip backward and she was pulling on it. I finally told her she couldn't push it if she kept pulling it down. So she stopped and started to cry. We needed to get home so Juice just picked her up and we headed out to the car. She cried she wanted to get down. He told her he would put her down when she stopped crying and would walk. Her answer to that was to bite him. Boy did she get yelled at. And then she cried harder because she was in trouble. Ugh. 3 is turning out to be harder than 2.

But it's amazing to be able to have a chance to parent someone who is 3 and a new big sister. I hope that we will be able to do a good job. Juice said that he remembers things when he was 3 years old, so I'm hoping that we are making good memories for her. I wish I could have given her a birthday party with all her friends, but it's just too hard with the boys to do that. I'm hoping a cake, some presents and then a trip to the 'pond restrant' will be a good birthday memory.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl. Oh, sorry, Big Sister. Or Baby Red Bird. Or Honey. Or one of the other terms of endearment we have for you. Because you are endearing. Very. Love you!

Safire (and Juice and the Brothers and Soot)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Diaper Changes and Doctor Visits


We really shouldn't change diapers at the doctor's office anymore. Last time, Juice got peed on by Pirate. This time, we both got peed on by both boys. Our odds are going down. We should just skip diaper changes at the doctor's office all together. (Juice didn't technically get peed on...Professor peed on his clothes and I didn't bring a change of clothes so Juice had to hold him in wet clothes which then got his shirt wet. I, however, had Pirate who peed a significant amount on the changing pad while I was changing him. Missed his clothes, got mine instead.)

This was their 2 week doctor visit. Everything looks great! Let's start with the oldest:

Pirate was a calm little baby for them because we got there a little early and I sat in the waiting room and fed him. So he just took everything in stride and stared wide eyed at the doctor while she was checking him out. He now weighs 6 lbs, 7.5 oz. He passed not only his birth weight but his brother's as well! He is 20 1/2 inches long (gained an inch from birth) and his head is 13 7/8 inches around. He got his foot pricked for the repeat PKU test that they did in the hospital. Apparently that's standard now. Poor little boy cried a little, but he was pretty calm through most of the blood testing. A good report!

Professor squalled through the whole exam. He was not lucky enough to be feed before and cried while he was poked, prodded, listened to, and put on his belly. He now weighs 6 lbs, 13 oz. A whole pound bigger than his brother at birth! He is also 20 1/2 inches long and his head is 13 7/8 inches around. So other than Professor being heavier, they are basically the same size. He got his foot pricked for the repeat PKU test from the hospital. He blood clots well because the tech had to squeeze it down his leg for drops to come out of his foot. Poor baby screamed bloody murder through the whole thing. And this was after I feed him as well. He had to put on his wet clothes to come home and fell asleep almost instantly on the way home.

One thing that happened that irritated me just slightly was the doctor. She was nice enough, but she asked me if I was breastfeeding them both. When I said yes, she asked if I was feeding them exclusively. I said yes. She looked surprised, looked at her chart, and her eyes widened a little bit when she read the weights. (I'm assuming she read the weights, that's what I would read.) She then asked me if I was getting any rest. Um, yeah. If you get them on a schedule it's not that hard. Her surprise and her assumption that I am pushing myself too hard to feed these babies the best possible food for them set me slightly on edge. Why is it that people don't feel like you can feed more than one baby and be successful at it? We are obviously doing very well. It can go great. I feed them between 8-9 times a day which will slow down as they get older and have bigger stomachs. I do spend quite a bit of my day nursing, but I find nursing relaxing. I am forced to sit down and spend some time with each boy. I do tandem feed them (feeding them both at the same time) only when they are both hungry. At night, Professor always wakes me up to eat, and then when he's done I will wake Pirate up to feed him. Otherwise, 20 minutes later, he wakes me up just as I've gone to sleep. It's a good system and it's working for us. We normally get about 3-4 hours of sleep in a block. Which is good for newborns.

They really are very good babies. Calm, easy going, easy to soothe. Loud noises don't wake them up (thank you squealing and jumping big sister) and they are just so cute.

We stopped by Dr. SA's office on the way home to show him the babies. All the techs got a kick out of seeing them. Sadly, Dr. SA only works on Mondays and Thursdays so I'll have to go back on Thursday. I forgot my camera and I wanted a picture of them with him anyway.

Butterfly came with us to the doctor and got a sucker and a sticker for being such a good big sister. And she really is. Unless it's nap/bed time or a meal time. Then she's hard to deal with. She testing her boundaries to see if they are still the same and is very frustrated to find out that they are.

The boys have a visit in 2 weeks for their month old appointments. According to the little book the office gives me, I should be starting vitamins with iron at one month, and they should sleep and eat as their milestones. Also, I shouldn't give alcoholic beverages to them. I'm glad to know I shouldn't do that. It takes a load off my mind. (Seriously, who writes these things?!)

Butterfly has her 3rd birthday on Saturday! We ordered her cake (I only want an ice cream cake Mommy. Not a regular cake and not a small break apart cake like last time [cupcakes].) She wanted a Nemo cake and so we'll have that on Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma's birthday is the next day (Mother's Day) so we are all going out to dinner on Monday to our favorite restaurant by the pond. Butterfly's name for the Red Rock Canyon Grill. Of course, we will be having Something Chocolate!

Oh, and I did go out with a few of my friends here for the Something Chocolate last week. I have pictures but I haven't loaded them from my camera. Boy that was so good! Good chocolate, good friends, good times. :)


Friday, May 02, 2008

2 Weeks Old!


The boys are now two weeks old today. Wow. I just can't imagine them not being in our family. I know I worried a lot before they were born how their birth would affect our family. I wondered how I would be able to parent/mother/love 3 children, 2 of whom were going to be very demanding for awhile. I worried if I was going to be able to bond with the twins. I guess specifically, I worried I would bond with one and not the other. But it was just like with Butterfly. The moment they came out, I was head over heals in love with them. Their entrance into our family has only improved the family dynamics. They fit in perfectly.

(See my new signature picture!)
Let's start with Professor today since he just peed all up his back and is currently being changed. And screaming his displeasure at the current situation. Professor is our loud guy. He's also the mellow one. He only cries when he's wet or hungry. But it's the loud lusty cries. He sleeps like a champ, eats like a champ, and is just an easy baby to take care of. Now, he was up for several hours last night complaining about who knows what. He is also our snuggle bug. He does not want to be alone. He loves having someone with him. It's a good thing he is a twin!

Pirate is very aware. He has this sharp little face and these big alert eyes. He does not cry so much as squawk until someone comes over to see him. Now he will ramp up the crying if you don't respond to the squawking but for the most part, he is pretty quiet. He is also very patient. If both are crying, I have to take care of Professor first and then I can take care of Pirate. And he's okay with that. He is so strong and can pick up his head already. He knows the sound of my voice and will turn his head to me when I call to him. He could care less if he's alone or not, but tolerates his brothers head whacking really well. He also tries to suck on his hands when he's hungry. Never mind his own.

My parents left yesterday afternoon and Juice's parents arrived late last night. I was alone with all 3 kids for a few hours. My very first time alone with the twins at all. I survived, but I think it hit me right then than I was the mom of 3 kids. Wow, 3. Weird.


PS- Who wants to hate me that I am back in my pre-pregnancy clothes? Nursing 2 babies!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Butterfly and the Boys


Butterfly loves her brothers. Every time one of them makes a little noise, she runs over there and says, "Don't worry! Big sister is here!" She loves to get diapers for me, get the boys their pacifiers, and hold them. After a second of holding, she will basically throw him back at you and rush off to play. Of course, she only wants to hold them when they are awake and hungry so she really doesn't care to hold them if they are squirming. Which is the only time she wants to hold them. And around in a circle we go with that.

She asks all the time, "Which baby is this?" I always ask her baby what baby she thinks he is, and she is right about 80% of the time. Of course, she insists that Pirate is Professor or Professor is Pirate to be funny.

One of the boys just sneezed and she piped up and said, "Bless you one of the babies."