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Sunday, May 18, 2008

To Butterfly


Or Big Sister Baby Girl Honey Baby Red Bird (insert the rest of your full name here). I love that you have nick names for yourself. It's probably because for the first 10 months of your life, we only called you Baby Girl. I read in a book that you should turn in response to your name so I tried and tried it. You would not turn around! Finally, I said, "Hey Baby Girl!" and your head whipped around. Oh. I started calling you by your first name then, although I'd say we still called you Baby Girl 80% of the time. So I love that you have different names for yourself.

And even though you call yourself a lot of different things, you definitely know who you are. You have a stubborn streak a mile wide and I love that about you. I hate it when we butt heads on things like nap time or whether or not it's dinner time, but I love that you stick to your guns. I think it will serve you well in the future if you don't let it get the best of you.

I love how you are a mix of girly girl and tom boy. You love to wear dresses and dance to music and dress up. But your favorite toys are cars and tools and aren't afraid to get dirty. You can change the batteries in your music light all by yourself (with supervision of course).

I can't wait to see how the baby brothers react to you. They are going to love you! And you are going to love them, or at least love to boss them around. I know our ordered life has turned to chaos because of their arrival, but I really do think you'll have a great relationship. At least I hope you do. I feel like my brother and I are very close, and I hope for that for you 3 as well.

Thank you for going to bed when we insist. Thank you for loving your bath and saying things like "I want you because I love you and I love you because I want you to do [insert thing here]." Thank you for insisting that we say good night to everyone from me and Daddy to the Christmas Tree and asking the house to stay here.

We love you Baby Girl!

Mommy, Daddy, and the Brothers


  1. She is darling too! It is so fun to get to know their personalities through your blog and letters to them. These things will be treasures in the future as they will. What a great fam!

  2. That was the sweetest post ever :) :) :)


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