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Monday, May 12, 2008

To Jill and Everyone Who Sent Stuff


Thanks for the little gifts! They have been a lot of fun to get in the mail. The boys got these sweet little outfits from Jill (see her blog here). They also came with hats but apparently they got my big head because the hats did not fit on them. But not to worry Jill, they have your hats on in my siggy picture, even though you can't see them. :)

I actually stayed the whole time at church yesterday instead of skipping out after sacrament meeting. And I took both boys to relief society and enjoyed the lesson. Why? Because everyone at church swooped in and wanted to hold the boys. Sure! I love that our ward has been so supportive and helpful with these guys. The bishop even mentioned to Juice that he loved 'hearing' from Professor during sacrament meeting (the boy has a set of lungs on him!)



  1. Yeah -- glad it got there!! It was the first time I have ever bought newborn stuff -- it was fun shopping, but man they don't have a huge selection in the shops near me ;)

  2. Haha! I recognized a "little" cry during Sac mtg and then watched all of the nearby kids look back to see who it was. :) And isn't great that so many people are willing to hold the boys so you can sit back and listen to your class? I'd be holding them too if I were there!


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