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Friday, May 16, 2008

To Professor

Dear Professor,

I know you are only 3 weeks old, but do you think you could at least sleep for longer than an hour? And when you are sleeping, do you think that you could stop grunting and squeaking long enough for me to at least get the 20 minutes of sleep at a time that I seem to be getting?

Much love,
Your Mom

PS- I think your eyes may be staying blue! You are staring up at me adoringly (and are also partially forgiven for not sleeping) and your eyes are so bright blue they remind me of the spring sky we had yesterday.


  1. Poor you -- I thought it was hard with one newborn sometimes -- Hope he listens to you and you are able to get some zzzzz's

  2. It's amazing how cuteness brings forgiveness. I hope he gets his sleep schedule all straightened out. And what a great picture too. He looks so peaceful.

  3. awww! HOw cool! blue eyes!


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