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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Diaper Changes and Doctor Visits


We really shouldn't change diapers at the doctor's office anymore. Last time, Juice got peed on by Pirate. This time, we both got peed on by both boys. Our odds are going down. We should just skip diaper changes at the doctor's office all together. (Juice didn't technically get peed on...Professor peed on his clothes and I didn't bring a change of clothes so Juice had to hold him in wet clothes which then got his shirt wet. I, however, had Pirate who peed a significant amount on the changing pad while I was changing him. Missed his clothes, got mine instead.)

This was their 2 week doctor visit. Everything looks great! Let's start with the oldest:

Pirate was a calm little baby for them because we got there a little early and I sat in the waiting room and fed him. So he just took everything in stride and stared wide eyed at the doctor while she was checking him out. He now weighs 6 lbs, 7.5 oz. He passed not only his birth weight but his brother's as well! He is 20 1/2 inches long (gained an inch from birth) and his head is 13 7/8 inches around. He got his foot pricked for the repeat PKU test that they did in the hospital. Apparently that's standard now. Poor little boy cried a little, but he was pretty calm through most of the blood testing. A good report!

Professor squalled through the whole exam. He was not lucky enough to be feed before and cried while he was poked, prodded, listened to, and put on his belly. He now weighs 6 lbs, 13 oz. A whole pound bigger than his brother at birth! He is also 20 1/2 inches long and his head is 13 7/8 inches around. So other than Professor being heavier, they are basically the same size. He got his foot pricked for the repeat PKU test from the hospital. He blood clots well because the tech had to squeeze it down his leg for drops to come out of his foot. Poor baby screamed bloody murder through the whole thing. And this was after I feed him as well. He had to put on his wet clothes to come home and fell asleep almost instantly on the way home.

One thing that happened that irritated me just slightly was the doctor. She was nice enough, but she asked me if I was breastfeeding them both. When I said yes, she asked if I was feeding them exclusively. I said yes. She looked surprised, looked at her chart, and her eyes widened a little bit when she read the weights. (I'm assuming she read the weights, that's what I would read.) She then asked me if I was getting any rest. Um, yeah. If you get them on a schedule it's not that hard. Her surprise and her assumption that I am pushing myself too hard to feed these babies the best possible food for them set me slightly on edge. Why is it that people don't feel like you can feed more than one baby and be successful at it? We are obviously doing very well. It can go great. I feed them between 8-9 times a day which will slow down as they get older and have bigger stomachs. I do spend quite a bit of my day nursing, but I find nursing relaxing. I am forced to sit down and spend some time with each boy. I do tandem feed them (feeding them both at the same time) only when they are both hungry. At night, Professor always wakes me up to eat, and then when he's done I will wake Pirate up to feed him. Otherwise, 20 minutes later, he wakes me up just as I've gone to sleep. It's a good system and it's working for us. We normally get about 3-4 hours of sleep in a block. Which is good for newborns.

They really are very good babies. Calm, easy going, easy to soothe. Loud noises don't wake them up (thank you squealing and jumping big sister) and they are just so cute.

We stopped by Dr. SA's office on the way home to show him the babies. All the techs got a kick out of seeing them. Sadly, Dr. SA only works on Mondays and Thursdays so I'll have to go back on Thursday. I forgot my camera and I wanted a picture of them with him anyway.

Butterfly came with us to the doctor and got a sucker and a sticker for being such a good big sister. And she really is. Unless it's nap/bed time or a meal time. Then she's hard to deal with. She testing her boundaries to see if they are still the same and is very frustrated to find out that they are.

The boys have a visit in 2 weeks for their month old appointments. According to the little book the office gives me, I should be starting vitamins with iron at one month, and they should sleep and eat as their milestones. Also, I shouldn't give alcoholic beverages to them. I'm glad to know I shouldn't do that. It takes a load off my mind. (Seriously, who writes these things?!)

Butterfly has her 3rd birthday on Saturday! We ordered her cake (I only want an ice cream cake Mommy. Not a regular cake and not a small break apart cake like last time [cupcakes].) She wanted a Nemo cake and so we'll have that on Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma's birthday is the next day (Mother's Day) so we are all going out to dinner on Monday to our favorite restaurant by the pond. Butterfly's name for the Red Rock Canyon Grill. Of course, we will be having Something Chocolate!

Oh, and I did go out with a few of my friends here for the Something Chocolate last week. I have pictures but I haven't loaded them from my camera. Boy that was so good! Good chocolate, good friends, good times. :)



  1. Wow! Great weight gains! Good going! Pooh on the doctor who doesn't think you can do it! I occasionally got the same attitudes, and I wasn't nursing 2! Well, you'll show them, right?

    I can't believe it's almost time for our kids to be turning 3!

    Something chocolate was amazing! I'm so glad I went. I will definitely share it next time, though!

  2. mmmm....chocolate. Yum! The boys look so cute and look like they are doing well. You are amazing and seem to be handeling 3 kids under age 3 just fine. You're pretty amazing. If you have time write a book, sign it and send it my way...I need lots of tips. :) Love the cute updates and esp. the pics.

  3. Wow!! What amazing weight gains! You're doing awsome and you're going to show that dr that it can be done!

  4. Glad to hear the boys are growing so well! You're a great mom!

  5. I'm so glad that the boys are doing well, and that Vanessa is being such a good big sister! That Something Chocolate was so good--thanks for sharing the goods!

  6. Wow! Way to go on the awesome feeding. I say do it as long as everybody is happy and healthy with the situation. I could never nurse but my one SIL could have exclusively nursed triplets!

    We sent Butterfly a B-day present along with something for the boys so nobody would be left out. Actually it's because the boy clothes were too cute to pass up!

  7. Wow, your boys are doing great. Great job on the breast feeding. I breast fed my twin boys exclusively for 6 months. Don't let the Dr. let you think otherwise.

    Great job mom!


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