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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Went, I Cut, I Couldn't Leave


This afternoon I went and got my hair cut. I gave up a nice nap because when I left, all the kids were sleeping. But my hair had to go. It was so long. It was long enough that as I was brushing it, I couldn't brush the ends because my arm did not go that far back. It was brushing my forearms when I was standing up and my arms were straight down. It was attacking Juice at night. He was begging me to cut it. I was begging myself to cut it. So I broke down, skipped my nap, and went.

I went to the local kid's place because if I donated it to Locks of Love, they would cut my hair for free. Okay then. Free hair cut, check! They were fast. The lady put my hair in a pony tail, snipped and then braided it to send away. Once she got my hair off, I thought, "My hair!" Although I was not sad to see it go. She evened everything out and told me horror stories about working there. Like people being bit so hard by kids they had to have stitches! Does not pay to work in a kiddie salon!

I was there 10 minutes and then went back out to my car (by way of the free samples at the cinnamon roll place...was all about free stuff today).

I was all excited to be able to get back to my house in record time and I was sure that the boys needed me or something. I hopped into my car, put the key in, got a tiny "rrrr...rrrr" and then nothing. Ohhhh...I tried again. I waited a few minutes and tried again. Nothing. Sigh. I called Juice. And then I called my in laws to come and get me.

Luckily, the hair cutting place was in the mall and I parked right in front of S*ears. So they brought out their little battery check machine to my car, got it at least started and got it into the work bay area. They checked the battery: dead. New battery installed in about 30 minutes (it pays to tell the worker who is checking you in that you have 3 week old twins at home and they are pretty fast).

It was nice to have my father in law there to come and get me and to help me through the whole battery process thing. Because frankly, I hate the car stuff. If Juice could do it all the time, he would. I even hate going to get the oil changed. I will do it because it makes sense for me to do it but I still don't like it at all. So thanks New Grandpa! (This is what Butterfly calls him...my dad is Old Grandpa because they were here first visiting.)

So I did get home. Before the boys needed to eat even (although Grandma had to convince Professor to hold out with a pacifier until I got there). I'm just happy that the hair is gone. It will be much cooler in the summer!



  1. Your hair looks cute :)
    You'd think twins would be enough to keep your life full of excitement. Very adventurous of you!

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    cute haircut, and how great to be able to donate it!

  3. Yeah for you for donating your hair! Looks great too! Win win situation! Sorry you had to deal with car problems. I also hate doing car stuff -- I just feel like I don't know a thing about it.

  4. Things are never easy,are they? You look like you've lost a lot of weight. It must be hard to keep up with feeding two infants. Make sure you eat lots of chocolate to keep up your strength! :)

  5. Okay when you said you were going to cut it... i thought SHORT! that looks really GOOD ON YOU!!! It really does!!!! Way to donate!! Glad to see the boys are doing good! theyre SO CUTE!!! I cant wait to see them SUNDAY! Awww!!!

  6. Love-Love the new haircut!! Bravo!

    I'm getting the haircut-itch myself, because my hair is now so long I'm starting to feel like some kind of 30-something hippie. I'm still in the debating stage, though.....

  7. That is the shortest I have ever seen your hair. It's very cute!

  8. Cute hair. I think it looks healthy, sassy and fun. That is so awesome that you donated your hair (and cool that it was free for you) The boys are darling, I think that you are doing well, I bet it is a lot to keep up with 3.

  9. Few things are as morale-boosting as a good haircut!

    What cute babies! Twins are...challenging, yes? But fun!

  10. Love the new cut! What a way to make the day more memorable! Glad there were plenty of hands around to help you out of your predicament. Lucky parking job!


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