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Monday, May 19, 2008

One Month Old


The boys were one month old yesterday. I wanted to wait until I had their official stats to do an update on them. We went to the doctor this afternoon (no accidents on us this time! we are getting better!) and here you go.

Pirate- 21 inches long, head circumference: 14 1/4 inches, and weight: 8 lbs, 1 oz. You read it right, 8 pounds! He has gained almost 2 pounds since birth in just one short month. I just can't believe how big he's getting. He has also grown an inch and a half. He also got a shot for hepatitis B which he cried over. He doesn't typically cry much but he was not happy about this activity. Poor little guy. I hate getting shots too! Right now he is in the 25th percentile for everything, which is a good size. He is doing all the stuff he should be of eating, making nose, tracking, focusing on faces, peeing, pooping.

Professor- 21 inches long, head circumference 14 5/8 inches, and weight: 8 lbs, 3.5 oz. This boy has gained 2 whole pounds since birth in one month. My dad says that's right around a 30% growth rate. I just can't believe how big he is getting too! All those feedings late at night are really paying off. He is doing all of the developmental things like making noise, eating, peeing, pooping, and starting to track just a little. He is also in the 25th percentile for everything. He got his Hepatitis B shot today. Poor little guy cried so hard he gave himself the hiccoughs.

They are doing fantastic! I can't believe how good they are doing, and that it's been a whole month since they came into the world. I still am amazed that we are a family of 6 (including the dog) and that we are surviving. Honestly, when I thought of the first month of twins at home, I thought of just surviving and not doing much else. And that's what happening. I am starting to get a little bit of my life into a new kind of normal. Things don't seem to be as frantic as the first couple of weeks. But it's still kind of crazy here. Although I think with 3 kids, crazy is the new normal.

Check out my dad's blog for a cute little video of the boys.



  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    They are soooo cute! I can't believe it's been a month either, and I'm not even living through it. :) Go you, you're an awesome mom. I love the idea that pooping and peeing is "development"...must be nice to be a baby! :)

  2. Adorable! I love the new pic, they are too cute together. I remember that one of the boys had a little heart issue, has that resolved itself since birth?

  3. They're already a month old??!! Wow!! They are growing great!! Good job momma! And I'm glad to hear you say that life with 3 is crazy -- I would be worried if you didn't ;)

  4. I can't believe that they are already a month old!!! (but I am sleeping through the night more than you). They are darling and I am glad that things are going well...even if it is crazy. Cute family!

  5. What amazing growth! They (and you!) are doing great!

  6. Wow. Your boys are just adorable! seriously! they ARE SO CUTE! I love this picture!!!! Glad you are doing good! I was WONDERING! Sorry. I think i ask all the same annoying questions everyone else does. ILL THINK UP SOME NEW ONES!!! haha!


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