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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Stay home government Employees!

I've been bad updating this, but frankly, I've been sick and not in the mood to write. Everything seems to be taking a back seat to eating, not throwing up, and sleeping lately. It's for the greater good, and from Butterfly's kicks, things seems to be going in a good direction. For her anyway! :)

The past couple of days has brought snow to Maryland. Although everyone freaks out about it like it's a bio-terrorist act. You'd think people never saw snow. Everything shuts down for a few inches, and it's not safe to drive the roads. People don't know what they are doing in the snow and the plows they have here are patheticaly small. I know they don't get enough snow to warrant big snow plows, but they have big roads here...you'd think they met somewhere in the middle. But when you have 3-4 inches of snow on the ground and only half of the main highway is plowed, it creates a problem. When only 2 lanes are plowed, people tend to use only those 2 lanes and ignore the others like they are swamp land.

If there is snow (or even rain for that matter) falling from the sky, everyone slows to a crawl in their cars. It's like molten lava is falling from the sky. What is with people out here?

I have decided that the US Government shouldn't work any day. It makes my commute so much easier. I get home in about half an hour when they are off, rather than the hour and a half it normally takes me.

So they should all just stay home and I might be home before 6pm every night. That would be nice. :)