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Monday, November 28, 2005

Butterfly discovers belly laughing!


Sorry the video is so dark...I had to capture the moment. Enjoy! (we did!)


Safire, Juice, Butterfly, and Soot

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Visit from the Grandparents


My parents are in town for Thanksgiving and we've been having a really fun time! We went to see Harry Potter 4 (great) and Gettysburg (really cool and only about an hour away from here if you don't get lost on the way) and shopping. Lots of shopping. So much shopping on me and my mom's part that we totally lost the car in the parking lot and spent a good 45 minutes trying to find it! I hate rental cars sometimes...

Anyway, we're off to downtown DC today with Juice to see the campus and a museum or 2. Just thought I'd post a hello before we left.

Until next time,

PS- We moved on from cereal to squash on Sunday. Baby Girl started to cry the minute she tasted it, and proceeded to projectile vomit when she couldn't get it off her tongue. I think that's a resounding NO on squash. Anyone have any ideas of some other vegetable to try?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Solid what?


After a few days of delays, shots, and visiting friends, Juice and I finally got around to feeding Butterfly solid foods. She seemed to like it, but she didn't get the whole spoon then swallow bit. She kept trying to suck on the spoon, or grab the spoon and feed herself. It was very cute. The second night we gave her solids she was much more interested, although still trying to suck on the spoon.

It still seems like a chore to me to do this solid food thing. There are so many more things you have to plan for than nursing. I mean, when she was hungry, she'd nurse. No bottles or anything to prepare. And now there is stuff to prepare! But she seems to like it so that makes me feel a little better about it. Besides, she's so cute to take pictures of with food all over her face. And for the grandparents, a video (as promised) of her first bites...not that exciting but good for posterity. :) http://www.jusspress.com/day.php?userid=8523¤tDate=20051113&currentTime=152826

Until next time,
Safire Juice and Butterfly

Friday, November 11, 2005

Butterfly's 6 month stats


We just got back from the doctor where Butterfly got 3 shots (poor girl!) for being 6 months old. The first shot startled her, the second one made her angry and the third just plain hurt. Juice came to the appointment for the first time and I think it startled him a little too how much she cried. She whined all the way home, and is now currently dead asleep so hopefully she'll sleep some of the pain off.

She is 21 lbs, 11 oz and 28 3/4 inches tall. She is now off the charts significantly! We have such a big girl. Her head is 17 1/4th inches around which is in the 75th percentile which is exactly where it was last time. I think she got Juice's head because his is a lot smaller than mine. :)

I also went outside and took some 6 month old pictures of her in the leaves. I tried to get one of her on her belly out there but the leaves were just too darn interesting. She wouldn't look up at me. But here's a cute one.

Enjoy your weekend!
Safire and Butterfly

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Odds and Ends


I haven't posted in awhile because I have been trying to actually do chores while Butterfly is asleep. (*gasp* chores?! Did that actually come out of my head?!) I have even assigned myself a chore chart where I only do a few things every day. So since Butterfly is not the greatest napper, I only get half of the chores done on my daily list. However, after 2 nights of not sleeping, Butterfly has decided to sleep the afternoon away today. (Not in the stroller, this is a picture from our weekend out.) She went down hard at 11:30 and now it is 1:30 and she hasn't twitched. Poor thing. She got maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep yesterday (including the non existent naps) and she's paying for it today. (Read in there that I also got 4 or 5 hours of sleep and dealt with whiny baby all day...insert pat on back here.) So, since she has been a champion napper today, I got almost everything on my list done except for vacuuming (don't want to wake up baby) finishing my laundry (broken dryer, waiting for new heating element) and dusting (because I just don't want to).

The weather here has been fantastic and we took a little jaunt to the C&O Canal (Chesapeake and Ohio Canal) and hiked for 4 miles. 2 miles out, and 2 miles back. I have tons of pictures but will only show a few. It was a beautiful day...75 degrees and so nice! We took Soot and just generally enjoyed ourselves.

Butterfly is 6 months old today! She is such a big girl. I haven't taken her 6 month old shots yet since she is still napping but here is a way cute one taken of her last week. Will post more on her 6 months old and eating solid food for the first time later.

Until then,


Thursday, November 03, 2005

A post from Butterfly

Hi everyone,

My name is Butterfly and I am almost 6 months old. Do you know what? I have 2 teeth! They are my newest thing. They are on my bottom right in front. Mommy calls them my milk teeth. Milk...I love milk. I love to eat. Mommy says that next week we are going to start this thing called solid foods. Not sure what that means but as long as I get my milk, I am happy.

I am also happy with our furry person. She is so funny. She doesn't smile back when I smile at her but she makes fun burbling noises that I think are hysterical. It's also really fun to chase her around the house (with the help of Daddy). Mommy took video so you can see. http://www.jusspress.com/day.php?userid=8523¤tDate=20051030&currentTime=122036

Talking is lots of fun too. I love to talk to everyone. They are so nice and attentive! Blowing raspberries can be lots of fun too.

Oh, there goes the puppy.

Baby Butterfly