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Sunday, April 30, 2006

She is growing!


I know I always say how big she gets every day and how I'm amazed at it. Ditto...


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Butterfly need a tooth fairy


NO she is not loosing her teeth. We don't need THAT tooth fairy. We need a tooth fairy that eases the pain of babies teething. Because she was up every. single. hour. last night. Nothing but mommy love would do and so I'm exhausted. So is she. She is also sporting another incisor (bottom right) and I think a canine is coming up too. We both have matching bags under our eyes. She's begging to sleep, I'm begging her to sleep and sleep will just not come. Maybe instead of a tooth fairy we need the Sand Man. Anyone have his number or email address?

In other unrelated news, Juice shaved off his beard. He looks younger. And Butterfly doesn't know him and will look startled if she looks closely at his face. This could also be the other reason why only mommy love would do last night.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wait for it....

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She is getting so so big so so fast. This is what Juice did with her on Saturday afternoon while I was writing. Wow, she is getting big!


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

Love, The Pack

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

11 Months Old

Dear Butterfly,

You are now 11 months old. And what a busy girl you are! You keep me on my toes during the day. You love to be held, and to play either in my lap or right next to me on the floor. There are only 3 things that will let Mommy have some alone time...Juice, Soot, and books. You love books. You are also so great at cruising and pulling yourself up on things. When I am at the kitchen table I see these cute little fingers peep over the edge, followed by the top of your head and then your eyes. It doesn't matter that the kitchen table is taller than you are. You pull your whole self off the ground to see what I am doing.

When you do play with your toys, you like to have at least one toy in each hand, and the more you can pack into your hands the better. You will dance to music and you are starting to laugh because we laugh. And then we laugh because you laugh...it's a very cute circle. You are also babbling up a storm. You will seem to talk in all sentences and then wait for my answer. If I don't say anything, you will nod your head up and down and say "AH!" really loud.

You used to make the sign for nursing, but that seems to have stopped now. Although it does seem to come up during dinner a lot still. You are eating solid foods with more zeal, but still continue to prefer nursing to any other mode of eating. You love apples, stars (little toddler cereal puffs), squash, asparagus, peas, carrots, black beans, bananas, oatmeal, tofu, potatoes, chicken, and guacamole. Boy do you love anything that has a spice to it. Guacamole is your favorite! When nothing else will do, guacamole is accepted. Looks like you got your father's taste buds.

Everyone tells me that you look like me. Even little kids. And everyone admires your eyes. They are such a different color...not quite green, not quite brown, not quite blue. We are waiting to see what they end up being but they have settled into this color for a few months now.

You are growing so tall. You are already 33 inches long and weigh around 23 lbs. Not surprising since both of your parents are tall but you are just amazing how tall you are. You can already reach the door knobs on doors if you stretch. You are also learning to stand but have a tendency to fall on your head and bruise it. Poor baby. You still love swimming and are getting more and more into it every time we go.

Soon you won't be a baby anymore. I'm just starting into planning for your first birthday. I can't believe it's almost been a year. This time last year I finally felt like I could eat food again, and I was getting anxious/excited about your birth. I'm so glad that you are here, and that you have such a fun personality. I love the baby you, and now I'm looking forward to knowing the toddler you.

Your Mommy

Monday, April 10, 2006



According to my Dad, I've created quite a stir here with my last post. To answer Andrew and Stacey's questions (and anyone else who had this question but was too lazy to post it):
NO we are not moving anytime soon.
YES we are moving eventually.
YES we would like to move out of the East and back to the West so Juice can have his mountains. Our plan is somewhere in Colorado. Since that is where I was born, it's like going back home.

Basically the deal is that we've been planning a move to Colorado since Juice got his job. They have a space division there and that is what he'd like to end up doing. As I have been talking to the moms in our ward with pre-k kids to get a feel for the school, I learned that our elementary is not the greatest school. It has all day kindergarten, and it's mostly ESL. Butterfly doesn't need it and I would rather send her to a school that can challenge her. So I told Juice we have to move by the time she starts school. That won't be for another 4 years or so. There is no rush, but we are moving.



Monday, April 03, 2006

Peak Season


The cherry blossoms are out in peak right now. You can go here for a live webcam of the tidal basin. Juice and I braved the crowds this weekend and went. They are stunning. If you ever get a chance to come and see them, do! We went down early Saturday morning and missed probably the biggest rush in the mid-morning. There were crowds, but we found a little grove just behind the Jefferson Memorial and spend most of our morning there. We sat under the trees, listened to the birds (and the traffic, can't get away from traffic here in DC), and enjoyed the blue sky. It was very relaxing.

I must admit I am loving living in the DC area. I love all of the stuff that is continually going on. I just hate the traffic. But I suppose that is a big complaint from anyone who lives in a major city. With our pending move out of here, it seems like I like the area more and more. I'm excited to see Annapolis next weekend.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Safire, Juice and Butterfly