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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Our Little Druid


Did I ever say that Butterfly hates her baths? I'm not sure if it was common knowledge before. So, anyway, Butterfly used to scream through her baths. No amount of toys or me being there would help. Then all of a sudden, about 2 weeks ago, she decided this was a great thing! Now she tries to climb into the tub when it's not bath time to play. Which is fine, but she's learned to turn on the water. This kid is going to make me old one heart attack at a time.

Other dangerous things she likes to do: play in the toilet water (ew!), climb into the fridge, climb on the kitchen table, the counters, chairs, pretty much climb.

She has decided that it's time to shut all the doors in the house when she goes past them. She shuts herself in a lot.

Until next time,

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Not again.


What is it with this house and creepy crawlies?! Since we put our new front door in and new windows, it has cut down on the amount of ickies that get in. But we still get the odd alien looking cricket. But remember our worst creepy crawly? Well, ack spider take two!

Yes, people, we have had another sighting. Honestly I don't mind big spiders outside. That is where they are supposed to be. But one of these in my house? UGH!!!!!

This time we were smart and took pictures before we sucked it up with the shop vac. This spider almost didn't make it into the shop vac. It ran AWAY from the suction people. It was inches from it's body and it was able to skitter a few steps away. Then it turned to attack Juice and lost.

Ew ew ew ew!!!

*EDITED TO ADD* PS- Turns out this is a dark fishing spider. Not harmful but icky icky. It makes sense since we live so close to a few ponds and streams. Look here if you want more info.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Home Improvements


It seems like every time I sit down to write an entry, either Blogger or Butterfly conspire against me and it doesn't get done. I've got 3 or 4 entries in my head...Frequent updates ahead.

The oldest update is our home improvement projects. As you all know, we got new windows in March and our front door was long in coming. Big saga, the Big Orange Home Improvement Store sent the paperwork to the contractors, the contractors sent it back because it wasn't right, HD sent it back, contractors never got it, HD sent it again, again contractors never got it...it goes on and on. Needless to say, Juice spent 2 hours on the phone with a supervisor from each place trying to get it sorted out. We will never have HD put something in our house again. My friend Laura had similar woes with them and a door. NEVER AGAIN.

But it sure does look pretty!

The other home improvement is a new toilet. This is a big thing because our HOA paid for it, sent someone to install it and fix all of our leaks. Our HOA actually pays our water bill so I suppose it's in their best interest to keep things up to date. And this toilet needed to be replaced. It was the original commode (house was built in the early 1970s) and plastic. And rusty. I'm very happy about the new porcelain one. :) And they put in a new shower head for us which is really nice too! Ahh...new things.

16 more days till we leave for Hawaii!


Monday, July 17, 2006

So smart, So funny


Butterfly is so smart and so funny. Last week, Juice and I were sitting on the couch trying to talk each other into taking Soot for a walk. We were both exhausted and Soot was staring at us expectantly. Butterfly was just toddling around having a grand ol' time walking from the living room to the kitchen and back. Jokingly, Juice said, "Hey Butterfly! Why don't you take Soot for a walk and Mommy and I can stay here. Don't be gone too long." She immediately turned around and walked out of the room. We chuckled a little and were still trying to decide who was going out in the heat.

In walks Butterfly, carrying Soot's leash. "Walk?" She put the leash near Soot, and walked to the door. "Out!" Now how can you resist that? We all went.

This morning we went to the park to try and get some outside time before it turned 100 degrees and soupy. We met up with a few other moms in my group, and the other town's mom group. It was fun, but oh so hot. We were both sweating, and now my clothes are clamily stuck to me. Yuck. I also took Soot with because there is no way I'm taking her out in the evening with the heat how it is. She did very good with all the other kids, enjoyed the dog park and drank tons of water. It was a good morning but man, is it hot.

I want to say a big congrats to my old college roommates who just had babies! Tanya, my first college roommate, just had her 3rd baby, a boy named Joseph. And Julia, my second college roommate, just had her 1st baby, a girl named Audrey. Congrats to you both!!

Until next time,

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Butterfly at 14 Months

4 of July 06 028
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Butterfly turned 14 months old yesterday. She is such a busy girl! She has decided that walking is great, and she must walk everywhere. Too bad she doesn't quiet have the walking thing down yet. She can take a few steps, fall down, get back up, take a few steps...you get the picture. It is completely adorable to see her trying to stand up with her cute little tushy waving in the air. When we go on our nightly walk with Soot, she absolutly must get out and wander around the field while we throw balls for Soot. And she must push her stroller when we are not throwing balls for Soot. And she must go down the slide at the park at least 100 times. She is a child of "MUST" lately.

She throws huge temper tantrums, flinging herself to the ground and sobbing like her heart is broken. She does these mostly if we are at the park and I don't want to climb through the incredibly small hole designed just for kids with her. Or if she is talking on the phone to the operator (because she now picks up the phone, hits the talk button and starts to dial) and I take the phone away from her. Or if I am on the computer and she wants books to be read. Mostly I ignore the tantrum but those tears are so big and sad! I wish I could give her everything but I don't want a little Empress on my hands. (So maybe I already do...don't pop my bubble.)

She eats everything and anything we give her. Lemon slices in our water at resturants, spicy nachoes, apple sauce, cheese, you name it, she eats it. Makes me wonder if she has taste buds sometimes because she eats stuff I won't touch. Juice thinks it's great she loves spicy. Her favorites are guacamole, black beans, honey dew melon, sugar free popcicles, chicken, cheese, and banannas. Basically she will eat anything that I am eating, and will eat A LOT. She can eat half a box of macaroni and cheese herself. For lunch today she had a yougert, half a chicken breast, a piece of string cheese, 3/4 of a plum, and 2 handfuls of cherrios. She has a serious empty leg problem. :) She besides breakfast, lunch, and dinner, she gets 2 snacks a day (mid morning and mid afternoon), and she is still nursing around 4 times a day.

Speaking of the nursing, I am making a serious push to wean her. I have dropped out 2 of her nursing sessions in the last 2 weeks, and replaced them with snacks or trips outside. I wonder if she nurses because she is bored, and not because she is hungry. Either way, it's on the way out and she is fighting it. Which is why we're still at 4 times a day...I'd like it to be around 2.

She is also talking up a storm, and will say Soot, duck, book, Mama, Dada, dog, woof woof, done, yes, no, up, ball and I believe she has said her first sentance. I have a book I read her every night that has pictures from Greg Olsen and talks about being a child of God. She was flipping through the pages fast so all I could get in was "I am a child of God" about 10 times. We finished the book, she looked up at me and said "I chil f God." No joke people. It was the sweetest thing. (And if you want to know, this is her favorite picture in the book.)

She is busy, messy, loud, fun, giggle, happy, and determined. She is just so darn cute!!!


Monday, July 03, 2006

Good time with friends on the Internet...

I died in the Dungeon of Ely Chan

I was killed in an abandoned chamber by Isauraoktobre the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Sword of Aishuu, a Figurine of Leggsrobbins, the Amulet of Babies, the Sceptre of Riah Chan and 23 gold pieces.

Score: 61

Explore the Dungeon of Ely Chan and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

I want a dungeon too!!! ;)


Butterfly Wins!


On Friday morning, my favorite radio station was giving out free pancakes and prizes at the local diner. Free food! Of course we went! I had pecan pancakes (okay...not great), Juice had some buttermilk pancakes and Butterfly had blueberry pancakes. Besides not enough syrup, it was a great free breakfast. Butterfly also rolled some prize dice and won! They gave her a Lady and the Tramp 2 DVD, and she went wild over it. "Da! Da! Oof! Oof!" (dog dog woof woof) She wouldn't put it down and insisted on carrying it for over 2 hours at home. The radio people thought she was so funny they took her picture. I haven't seen them post the pictures on the website yet but when they do, I'll let you know.

In other news, Soot caught a RAT this morning. Yes, A RAT! It was on our deck and was wandering our front yard when we went to take Juice to work this morning. Soot pounced, shook, and no more rat. It was pretty icky, but I'm glad the dog took care of it and we didn't have to try and trap and kill it ourselves. Needless to say, we're putting our rodent traps back out. We can't have rats!!!!

And for your viewing pleasure: Butterfly walks!

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