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Friday, February 23, 2007

All better!


Finally, Butterfly is well! No cold + no cough + no puking = wonderful! She stopped throwing up on Saturday and stopped having diarrhea on Monday so it's been much better here. We've had a full week.

On Wednesday, I went down to the University of Maryland for their Infant Studies program again. This time I went to the linguistics department. They showed her a short video about talking, and she got to take a book home. No big deal. They did have a little baby face that laughed in between segments of the video and she LOVED it. The researcher said that she kind of got a sad look on her face when the baby would go away. They had me fill out what she says from a sheet of 638 words. Final tally was 304, plus she says some words that aren't on the sheet like purple. They said typically they don't see that many words until kids are 2-2 1/2. So we officially have a talker. :)

One exciting event on campus was that I almost got a ticket. I was parked in their parking space waiting for someone to come down and give me a parking sticker so I could legally park there. Butterfly was playing in a near by grassy area. The campus police pulled up, and started checking out my car. I told them it was mine and they looked at me, glanced around the car for Butterfly, and went away. I never knew having a child could save you from a parking ticket. :)

Thursday I babysat because I didn't on Monday and Tuesday (my regular days). Monday the dad stayed home, and Tuesday the Mom stayed home. She had a make up class on Thursday so I did my normally thing at her house. Butterfly was so happy to get out of the house and play with Miss Long Hair. And both girls were very good and helpful that day. It was nice.

Then today we ventured out to the Swedish box store and had a great time wandering around. We had lunch there (where she ate half of my meatballs and an entire pb&j plus half a lingon berry tart and milk and a fruit cup...think she has her appetite back?) and I only spent 60 dollars which is amazing for me. I also found the bed I want to get her for her big girl bed. (No, I didn't buy it.) It's an expandable bed and has rails that go right onto the bed itself. It's serviceable and basic looking. But we can dress it up by painting butterflies on it or something.

Well, Juice is home from work early and Butterfly is still napping so I'm going to help Juice throw the ball for Soot. Bye!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Still sick...


Sorry I have been MIA but Butterfly is still sick. She has finally stopped throwing up (Saturday at our friend's father's funeral was the last time) but she still has major diarrhea and is very lethargic. Doc says not to worry about her rash, it's probably just dry skin. Poor thing. And poor us! She wants to be held all day long. She is slowly starting to eat a few things, but doesn't want anything but milk to drink which I've banned her from since she's puked it up so much. She doesn't even want a Popsicle. I am drained.

So, since I have no energy, click HERE and read an article about my cousin and his business in the UK. Kind of cool to see a member of my family in print. The most I remember about him was that when he came to visit us he was so excited to eat pizza with his hands. And he loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which tells you how old we were. I am on much better terms with Ben's sister, Charlotte, because we pen pal-ed it when we were younger and saw her a few years ago when she came for a visit on her round the world trip. Still, fun to see where they are in their lives. If you don't read the article, look at the pictures at least. These are my relatives! :)


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow and Ice


I started this entry to tell you about the snow and ice that we have been blessed with for the past two days (by started I mean I typed in the title). But, bigger news!

Butterfly is puking. I am feeling very queasy. Butterfly woke up early this morning after puking all over her bed and stuffed animals. While Juice held her, I cleaned that all up and bathed Butterfly so Juice could get ready for work. Now, it's been every 20 minutes of puking and crying and screaming because I'm sticking a bowl in her face to catch the puke. I think I've changed her clothes 4 times and it's almost 11am. Hopefully she'll go down for a nap soon and be okay.

I'm slightly annoyed at the people I babysit. Miss Long Hair was telling me on Monday that she had been sick, throwing up and diarrhea. Her mom said something as she was walking out the door that she wasn't sick anymore. Yeah, not sick but still contagious. I'm annoyed that she didn't tell me when I first walked in and could have taken Butterfly home. I refuse to go to any one's house that has been graced with an intestinal bug for 48 hours.

This of course has put a major damper in our weekend plans. Juice has tomorrow off, and we were going to go big girl bed shopping for Butterfly. We were going to go to the big Swedish store and have meatballs. We were actually going to go out on a date. Now, I don't think we can do any of it. Poor thing.

Okay, it has taken me all day to write this post. Butterfly is asleep for the night (hopefully) and is holding down 8 oz of pedia-juice and 8 oz of milk. We'll see how long that lasts. She has a fever off and on, and a rash all down both of her arms and on her cheeks. After googling it, I swear she has Fiths Disease. What got me was all the pictures of kids with this rash look just like Butterfly's rash. I will be calling the doctor in the morning, just to have her checked out. And it could just be the flu. But a rash on her arms and face plus the vomiting? Time to check it out.

In other news, I'm feeling better after drinking gallons of ginger ale and resting all day with Butterfly. Also, I got a belated Christmas present in the mail today! Pictures tomorrow.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Sick and Alone


Butterfly has a cold. A cold I'm sure she got from the girls I babysit. The first day I went back, Miss Long Hair (3 years old) had a nasty cough and the older girl, Miss Wild Hair, had a runny nose. Tuesday, Butterfly started acting cranky and snuffly. I thought it was just because it was freaking cold and we had spent some time outside that day. Nope, Wednesday she woke up with a fever and huge amounts of cloudy snot. Yum.

Also on Wednesday, Juice's work decided he needed to go to St. Louis to fix a problem. So he left on Thursday and will be back tomorrow. He said his hotel is right across from the famous arch, and he's really enjoying it (minus the smoking in the bars his co-workers are taking him to). It's a short trip, but a hard one for me because Butterfly is sick.

Because she is sick, we've had to cancel all sorts of getmommyoutofthehouse plans. Like yoga on Thursday. Since I can't take her into class with me and they won't take her into the daycare (smart, I'm glad) no yoga for me. Also no spinning on Saturday because again, more snot. My mom's group was skipped so not to infect our friends, and I had to take Butterfly to my young woman's program at church last night. We didn't get home until 9pm, and Butterfly was up bright and early at 7am. Also, I may skip out on a baby shower I was planning on going to tomorrow morning as well. I'm not sure if the new mom cares to be shown how rambunctious toddlers can be.

So in a nut shell I'm feeling a little stir crazy and bored. But, I am making progress in my scrapbook. My goal is to get done with 2005 before my parents come in less than a month. I think I'm at October 2005 so I've got a ways to go.

Ah, I hear Butterfly waking up.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Butterfly Sayings


Butterfly has been mimicing everything anyone says lately. From, "Good Morning!" to "But I didn't want to go outside!". She has said two very cute things yesterday and today. I will be brief so she can "play game!" (Click here to see which one she is talking about.)

Yesterday I was carrying her in her room which is very dark. I tripped over something and stumbled. She said, "Careful Mommy!" She sounded just like me. It was scary. Come to think of it, she also says "I so tired." sounding just like me too. She even draws her hand across her eyes like I do. It's weird to see myself disembodied like this.

The second cute thing she says is "juice apple". She wants a juice apple! Any guesses to what that could be? An orange. Very observant.

She also asks me to sing "hot potat" and dances the monkey while I do it. She is so so cute! (And speaking in sentances 5 and 6 words long. She is a word fiend.)


Friday, February 02, 2007



I have started going to a yoga class on Thursdays at my new gym. It's not just a regular yoga class, it's a power yoga class. That really should have been my first clue. I have never done yoga before. And I want to do power yoga? Am I crazy?

The first time I think I was just ignorant as to what the yoga class would be like. Basically they use different yoga positions in rapid succession (for yoga) to raise your heart rate. I feel kind of silly doing things named downward dog and cobra. It also made me think of the Native Americans because a lot of the names were warrior-like or had eagles or what not in them. I actually had a pretty good time the first class. I felt very limber and figured I'd go again.

And then the day after came. My arms, my neck, my feet were so so sore. I could barely move. Juice made fun of me all day for going to power yoga.

I must have forgotten how much I was sore because I went back. Yesterday we did a lot of deep stretching in our legs and back. This morning, I can barely walk. Mostly it's my lower back, my shoulders and backs of my legs.

But I go because I feel like I am very stiff and I'd like to be a little more limber. This will either limber me up or make me more stiff. I'd like to believe all the hype about yoga so I'll try and continue to go. Now to shuffle off to the couch and nurse my back.