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Friday, February 09, 2007

Sick and Alone


Butterfly has a cold. A cold I'm sure she got from the girls I babysit. The first day I went back, Miss Long Hair (3 years old) had a nasty cough and the older girl, Miss Wild Hair, had a runny nose. Tuesday, Butterfly started acting cranky and snuffly. I thought it was just because it was freaking cold and we had spent some time outside that day. Nope, Wednesday she woke up with a fever and huge amounts of cloudy snot. Yum.

Also on Wednesday, Juice's work decided he needed to go to St. Louis to fix a problem. So he left on Thursday and will be back tomorrow. He said his hotel is right across from the famous arch, and he's really enjoying it (minus the smoking in the bars his co-workers are taking him to). It's a short trip, but a hard one for me because Butterfly is sick.

Because she is sick, we've had to cancel all sorts of getmommyoutofthehouse plans. Like yoga on Thursday. Since I can't take her into class with me and they won't take her into the daycare (smart, I'm glad) no yoga for me. Also no spinning on Saturday because again, more snot. My mom's group was skipped so not to infect our friends, and I had to take Butterfly to my young woman's program at church last night. We didn't get home until 9pm, and Butterfly was up bright and early at 7am. Also, I may skip out on a baby shower I was planning on going to tomorrow morning as well. I'm not sure if the new mom cares to be shown how rambunctious toddlers can be.

So in a nut shell I'm feeling a little stir crazy and bored. But, I am making progress in my scrapbook. My goal is to get done with 2005 before my parents come in less than a month. I think I'm at October 2005 so I've got a ways to go.

Ah, I hear Butterfly waking up.


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