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Friday, February 02, 2007



I have started going to a yoga class on Thursdays at my new gym. It's not just a regular yoga class, it's a power yoga class. That really should have been my first clue. I have never done yoga before. And I want to do power yoga? Am I crazy?

The first time I think I was just ignorant as to what the yoga class would be like. Basically they use different yoga positions in rapid succession (for yoga) to raise your heart rate. I feel kind of silly doing things named downward dog and cobra. It also made me think of the Native Americans because a lot of the names were warrior-like or had eagles or what not in them. I actually had a pretty good time the first class. I felt very limber and figured I'd go again.

And then the day after came. My arms, my neck, my feet were so so sore. I could barely move. Juice made fun of me all day for going to power yoga.

I must have forgotten how much I was sore because I went back. Yesterday we did a lot of deep stretching in our legs and back. This morning, I can barely walk. Mostly it's my lower back, my shoulders and backs of my legs.

But I go because I feel like I am very stiff and I'd like to be a little more limber. This will either limber me up or make me more stiff. I'd like to believe all the hype about yoga so I'll try and continue to go. Now to shuffle off to the couch and nurse my back.


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