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Friday, January 26, 2007

Mythbusters sink car


Juice and I love to watch Mythbusters (on the Discovery Channel...no idea what time because I use the DVR with reckless abandonment). If you are familiar with Adam and Jamie, you will know that they take myths and try to prove or disprove them. This past week's myth was a sinking car. Well, I can explain it or you can just watch it for yourself. It horrified me. Just see:

Okay, so what's the problem you ask? Well, these guys are notorious for taking things, say a car, and destroying it. So they tend to get things that people don't want anymore. Or they are old. Take that car in the video for example, a 1991 Ford Taurus.

Yes, I know the year and the make and model of this car. Why? Because that's MY car. The Mythbusters sank MY car. Juice says they probably got it at a good deal and that's why they decided to destroy it. Yeah...what does that say about our car, hmmm?

That's what I thought.



  1. Julia6:17 PM

    hey, I've got a '95 Ford Taurus and I know it could and would sink. It's that bad.

  2. So, new car on the way? The Durango would sink faster!

  3. I'm sorry they destroyed your car, but in general, I have warm, fuzzy feelings about Mythbusters, particularly my Mythbusters boyfriend, Tory. Oh, he doesn't know it yet, but we have a deep, meaningful relationship. Just substituting my own reality...


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