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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Goals


I've thought of a list of a few goals I would like to do this year. I wrote them in the back of my planner as I thought them out, and now I'm annoyed because they no longer sell refills for this planner and I have to buy another one. And move all of my notes and addresses over to the other one. Stupid calender makers!

  1. Have weekly family nights. My church encourages us to have family home evening (FHE) every Monday night. While we say we're doing it (as in, "What do you want to do for family night?" "I dunno, take Soot for a walk I guess." Which is what we do every night anyway.) So last night, being the first Monday of the year, we actually had FHE. We had a prayer, a lesson, an activity and a song. We read a very short story about a boy who was sad there is no snow and then made snowflakes. We really had a good time, and Butterfly oohed and ahhed over the snowflakes. A success!
  2. Write in my paper journal more. I wrote about 20 pages last year, which is very unusual for me. I typically go through at least 300 pages a year. Of course, that was before Butterfly. But I'd like to at least get a page a day.
  3. Exercise more than once a week. My spin teacher moved back to New York so they are cancelling my spin class. In turn, I cancelled my membership and am going to try a new gym. A friend of mine goes there a few days a week with her kids so I think I may join up with her. It's always nice to have an exercise buddy.

I think that is about all I'm willing to share. I have other personal goals but those are, well, personal. I hope that 2007 will be a good year for us.

Oh, and it looks like we are tentatively planning a trip to Utah sometime this month. Juice has a business trip to St. Louis this month and I'm not sticking it out here alone again. Being alone out here is actually pretty fun. I get to eat take out food all week and watch girly movies. But my dad offered to fly us out so he can see his granddaughter. Free plane ticket! A week with my friends and parents! Take out food and girly movies with my Mom! I'll take it! :) Juice will join us for the weekend, and then we'll all fly home together. Should be a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to it!


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