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Friday, December 29, 2006

Photo/Video Friday


We've been a lot of fun places this week, and gotten a few cute pictures of Butterfly. I thought you'd like to see them.

Butterfly on one of her Christmas presents, Christmas morning. She got a few more things (okay, lots of things) but this was an early favorite. I like it too. I used to have one when I was her age.

She loves to pull out Juice's engineering text books and go through them when I change her diaper. I swear this girl is going to do something special with her life!We went downtown to just hang out (our second trip this week...Juice has had the whole week off!) and we went to the World War 2 Memorial. It's very nice, very peaceful. Butterfly loved running around and desperately wanted to swim in the pools. I like that right now, they have all the grassy areas fenced off. It basically makes a tunnel for Butterfly to walk down. She had a great time, and she didn't run all over the place!

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We've basically had a really great week and it's going to be hard for Juice to go back to work on Tuesday.


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