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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Library Adventure


So remember a few days ago how I brought Butterfly to bed with me because she wouldn't sleep and I was just so tired? Yeah, should have sucked it up, been tired, and made her sleep in her crib. Because now she won't sleep without me. Oh sure, Juice is fine after 15-20 minutes of screaming for Mamamamama! But she WILL NOT sleep in her crib. She goes down fine, and then within an hour, is up screaming. Juice slept in her room last night (in his clothes, didn't even knew he fell asleep till I went and woke him up this morning) and she fell asleep in my bed this morning and woke up angry. It's an angry day! I'm feeling slightly frazzled and pulled out. And all I want it the baby to SLEEP.

In an attempt to get out of the house, I took Butterfly and Miss Long Hair (the girl I babysit) to the local library for tot story time. I've been to a few of these before with my mom's group, and they sing songs, do games, read a few books out loud, play with toys, etc. It takes Butterfly awhile to warm up so by the time we are all putting things away she's ready to play! So yesterday I decided to go a little bit early and wander in the children's section and see if she wouldn't warm up a little sooner.

We were there maybe 5 minutes, enough for me to read a book to Miss Long Hair, and Butterfly had that serious "I'm pooping" face on. I wait, she says, "I change!" and tries to start pulling her diaper off. I grab her hand, and we march off to the bathroom. (Miss Long Hair along for the ride, of course.) I get to the bathroom, get all set up to change Butterfly's diaper, and put her on the changing table.

That's when I noticed it. The bright green splotch on her shoe. What the...?

Further exploring lead to a very disgusting realization. Butterfly has diarrhea. And that poopy diaper? It was more like soup which ran down her leg, coated her pants and socks, and filled her shoe.

All together now: Ewwwww.

After much cleaning up and cursing the fact that I had no other clothes for Butterfly, we left. Poor Miss Long Hair was looking forward to some story time but we had to go. I'll try story time again. Maybe.


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  1. Poor Sweets!

    It's so awful, it's hilarious. I guess she takes after her maternal gramps (me)....


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