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Friday, December 22, 2006

Answers to your questions...


Part of the counter I have at the bottom of the page is the ability to see who is coming to my page and what they are looking at. Or for. I thought I would address some of these queries, and we can all wonder how they got to this blog.

1. girls in white keds pics (AOL search). Hmmm...why white keds? Butterfly has pink keds.

2. baby swimming class maryland (Google). This I can help with. If you are looking for a baby swimming class in Maryland, check your local YMCA. They had great classes! Or there is always your local pool, or country club. I highly recommend swim classes. Besides, the babies look so cute in those swim suits!

3. keds shoes hole in toe (Google). Not sure why we're looking for holes in the toes of keds. And who knew that Butterfly's pink pair would get me so much traffic on this site!

4. tushy video sharing (Google) Hi pervy googlers! No tushy sharing here. In fact, Butterfly screams bloody murder if you even mention her tushy lately. Poor baby has flaming diaper rash, again.

5. daylight hours - baltimore md (Google) I wonder are they looking for exactly how long Baltimore has daylight hours? Because tomorrow the sun is supposed to rise at
7:24 AM and set at 4:48 PM. The day will be 9h 24m 04s long. If you are looking for something to do in the daylight hours in Baltimore, the National Aquarium is fabulous. I believe that is open during daylight hours, and probably a few hours after (considering a quarter to 5 sunset is a little early for them to close). There is also Fort McHenry, which played a roll in the writing of our National Anthem. Francis Scott Key watched the flag wave above this fort during the 1814 Battle of Baltimore and was moved to write his tribute to the Stars and Stripes. The place is awash with history and culture. There are also a lot of things to do after daylight hours, if you're interested.

Periodically I will post a series of searches on here. At least, I hope to remember to.


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