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Friday, December 15, 2006



Butterfly is just so funny. She really is making connections at an amazing rate. Here are a few talking stories.

The other day we were listening to Christmas music while I folded laundry. Jingle Bell Rock came up, and she started running around the room yelling, "Rock! Rock!"
"Yes, baby! Rock! It's the jingle bell rock! Are you dancing?"
"Nooo. Rock!" And she ran out of the room. I finished the laundry and went to go find her. She was in our rocking chair, rocking away. "Rock! Rock!" So smart.

We were eating dinner and still had the blinds open to our sliding glass door. Butterfly starts pointing and babbling at the door, gets off of her chair and looks outside for awhile. Juice and I were amused, but didn't think much of it. Then Butterfly turned to me, said very clearly, "Dark outside!" and pointed. Holy cow, yes, it's dark outside. She is so smart!

She has started to voice a preference towards her clothes. Her favorite things to wear are her purple coat, and her purple shoes. She will ask for these by name. "Puple coat! Puple shoe!" It's really really cute and I love that she is starting to learn her colors and other things.

In other news, we tried to get a picture of Butterfly and Soot. No such luck. I was really frustrated last night, and pretty disappointed. We went to the local kiddie picture place and they usually are very good. The photographer we had just stood there. No noises, no peek a boo to try and get her to look at the camera, nothing. Butterfly is crying, Soot is terrified, and Juice and I are frustrated. We ended up leaving without any pictures being taken. I'm going to see if I can try again, maybe on Saturday or next week.

I'm determined to get this picture and if we have to try for weeks, we'll get it.


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