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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow! Actual snow!


It actually snowed! Real, cold, white stuff fell from the sky. I honestly thought that this would be our first winter without seeing any snow at all. Juice was a little upset about it, but we got about an inch on Sunday. We of course had to take Butterfly out in it to show her the joys of snow. She was unimpressed. She kept saying, "It's cold!" and trying to get the stuff off her hands. Since the girl won't wear gloves, her hands got cold fast. But she did throw her first snowball.

While the snow was coming down, she informed us that "it's raining!". Just goes to show you what we get here. Rain, not snow.

I think we only spent a few minutes out in it because Butterfly's hands were just so cold and she broke down. I get the feeling that she doesn't like snow. That's to bad because Juice and I love the snow. I think we can turn her around. Hopefully.


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