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Sunday, January 21, 2007

"See? I cute."


Butterfly says such cute things lately. Today alone she said 2 cute things. Cute enough to share with the internet. She was dancing and I was trying to take a video of her. When I was done, she was watching it on the camera. Juice came in and she went running over to him, camera in hand. "See? I cute!" Yes, yes Butterfly, you are. Super cute.

Juice sat down to put on his shoes. She launched at him from across the room yelling, "Daddy, hold me!" He did.

A new phrase she says all the time is "I need it." Not 'I want it' or 'please may I have it'. Oh no. She needs it. Like Juice needs snow in winter. Like Juice needs sleep when he's sick. Like she needs raisins in the morning. Uh huh. It's a need.

The last cute thing she said was when she was hanging out in the bathroom with Juice. I hear her playing and talking to him, and then I hear something fall in the bathtub. It was her dolly. "Uh oh! Mommy, I have problem." I had to save Dolly from the porcelain reaches of the tub. And then she promptly climbed into the tub herself, laid Dolly down, and got back out. You have a problem baby? Maybe it's Mommy that has the problem. When did she get so big and where have I been that I missed it?

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