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Monday, January 08, 2007

Chicken and Ice Cream


Tonight's family night resulted in 2 very cute things.

1- Butterfly learned a new word and a new phrase. We talked about temples, and she kept wandering around the house saying it. "Templlll...templlll..." I was telling Juice that I thought her outfit was super cute (thanks mom!) and she piped up, "Super cute! Super cute! Templll...super cute!"

2- Since Juice was in charge of the activity part of FHE, we went to get ice cream. We were talking about it at dinner, and Butterfly kept saying "Cream!" and nodding her head vigorously. Her hair flopping around punctuating how earnest she is in having ice cream. She would not eat her chicken. She did not want her beloved green beans. We thought we shouldn't go get ice cream if she wasn't going to eat anything else. So we told her. "Butterfly, if you eat some chicken, we will go get ice cream." She instantly looked at her plate, picked out the smallest piece of chicken on it and shoved it in her mouth. She didn't even have her hand half way down when she said "Cream?" And when we didn't produce said ice cream she spit out the chicken. Monkey.

She did eat something eventually and we did get ice cream. Yum!


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