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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Butterfly Sayings


Butterfly has been mimicing everything anyone says lately. From, "Good Morning!" to "But I didn't want to go outside!". She has said two very cute things yesterday and today. I will be brief so she can "play game!" (Click here to see which one she is talking about.)

Yesterday I was carrying her in her room which is very dark. I tripped over something and stumbled. She said, "Careful Mommy!" She sounded just like me. It was scary. Come to think of it, she also says "I so tired." sounding just like me too. She even draws her hand across her eyes like I do. It's weird to see myself disembodied like this.

The second cute thing she says is "juice apple". She wants a juice apple! Any guesses to what that could be? An orange. Very observant.

She also asks me to sing "hot potat" and dances the monkey while I do it. She is so so cute! (And speaking in sentances 5 and 6 words long. She is a word fiend.)


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