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Monday, February 19, 2007

Still sick...


Sorry I have been MIA but Butterfly is still sick. She has finally stopped throwing up (Saturday at our friend's father's funeral was the last time) but she still has major diarrhea and is very lethargic. Doc says not to worry about her rash, it's probably just dry skin. Poor thing. And poor us! She wants to be held all day long. She is slowly starting to eat a few things, but doesn't want anything but milk to drink which I've banned her from since she's puked it up so much. She doesn't even want a Popsicle. I am drained.

So, since I have no energy, click HERE and read an article about my cousin and his business in the UK. Kind of cool to see a member of my family in print. The most I remember about him was that when he came to visit us he was so excited to eat pizza with his hands. And he loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which tells you how old we were. I am on much better terms with Ben's sister, Charlotte, because we pen pal-ed it when we were younger and saw her a few years ago when she came for a visit on her round the world trip. Still, fun to see where they are in their lives. If you don't read the article, look at the pictures at least. These are my relatives! :)


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