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Friday, February 23, 2007

All better!


Finally, Butterfly is well! No cold + no cough + no puking = wonderful! She stopped throwing up on Saturday and stopped having diarrhea on Monday so it's been much better here. We've had a full week.

On Wednesday, I went down to the University of Maryland for their Infant Studies program again. This time I went to the linguistics department. They showed her a short video about talking, and she got to take a book home. No big deal. They did have a little baby face that laughed in between segments of the video and she LOVED it. The researcher said that she kind of got a sad look on her face when the baby would go away. They had me fill out what she says from a sheet of 638 words. Final tally was 304, plus she says some words that aren't on the sheet like purple. They said typically they don't see that many words until kids are 2-2 1/2. So we officially have a talker. :)

One exciting event on campus was that I almost got a ticket. I was parked in their parking space waiting for someone to come down and give me a parking sticker so I could legally park there. Butterfly was playing in a near by grassy area. The campus police pulled up, and started checking out my car. I told them it was mine and they looked at me, glanced around the car for Butterfly, and went away. I never knew having a child could save you from a parking ticket. :)

Thursday I babysat because I didn't on Monday and Tuesday (my regular days). Monday the dad stayed home, and Tuesday the Mom stayed home. She had a make up class on Thursday so I did my normally thing at her house. Butterfly was so happy to get out of the house and play with Miss Long Hair. And both girls were very good and helpful that day. It was nice.

Then today we ventured out to the Swedish box store and had a great time wandering around. We had lunch there (where she ate half of my meatballs and an entire pb&j plus half a lingon berry tart and milk and a fruit cup...think she has her appetite back?) and I only spent 60 dollars which is amazing for me. I also found the bed I want to get her for her big girl bed. (No, I didn't buy it.) It's an expandable bed and has rails that go right onto the bed itself. It's serviceable and basic looking. But we can dress it up by painting butterflies on it or something.

Well, Juice is home from work early and Butterfly is still napping so I'm going to help Juice throw the ball for Soot. Bye!


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